How to decorate and make a hair salon functional?

Reception counters must look impeccable. The first impression is very important for the client or customer to know that they have entered the right place. It should stand out from the other reception furniture to make it clear to anyone entering that this is where they are going to be served, i.e. it should be characterized by minimalist, clear but not too obtrusive divisions. It is also important that the counter reflects the philosophy and aesthetics of the office, so depending on whether the decor is modern, the counter should be modern. Coherence with the overall aesthetics is necessary.

What do you think of these tips for choosing a good reception desk for offices? This furniture that many times we do not give importance, is essential to give a very good impression and is the image of presentation of any company or office. Therefore, it is necessary to know well if our counter fits the requirements of each one. Thank you very much for reading us and do not hesitate to leave your comment.

What is the function of the counter?

A counter is an elongated table used to support and display products within a commercial establishment. The counters are part of the commercial furniture and, originally, had the function of exposing and showing the customer the product he was requesting.

What does a counter have to have?

What to keep in mind about counters

With a good counter that helps you to show them you will have assured sales. They are ideal for branding the company, put your logo in a visible place. They must have the right space, neither too big nor too small, adapt it to the needs of your establishment.

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How long should a countertop be?

In these cases the counter must have an adequate height to rest comfortably on it without bending the back, you can help yourself with a stool or simply be behind it. The recommended height for reception counters is 120 cm.

How to make a display case?

Within the universe of furniture, the counters are a classic that serves for any type of self-respecting business. In a clothing store, to make an appointment at the dentist’s office or when we pick up that package that we have been waiting for a long time at the post office, the person who serves us is behind one of these bars.

For reception, in the food industry or from the checkout area of any store in our city, the counters have been with us for many decades and have almost always given good results. Each with its own function, we are facing a piece of furniture that not only does not go out of fashion but is completely necessary.

A good counter not only saves the company money because it will have to be changed less often, but it also gains in presence. The robustness of this element can speak to some of the characteristics of the business we are in.

The importance of good reception counters lies here, in the detail of seeing how thanks to a piece of furniture that we have bought as any other that is for sale, says if we are serious or not, if the customer will feel safe with the deal and even if it is worth going ahead when you have entered the door. What do you want to be said about you?

What is the role of a counter salesperson?

Support in the delivery of merchandise. Attend customers personally or by telephone and determine the type, quality and quantity of merchandise requested for purchase or rental. Help the customer to choose what he/she wants to buy. … Advise customers on the use and care of the merchandise.

What is counter sales?

Sales that involve a face-to-face interaction with the customer -that which takes place at the counter- are usually the most effective, since they are a successful means of persuading a sale, a circumstance that does not occur in a self-service store.

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How long should a bar be?

The measure of the standard kitchen (for the cabinet) would be about 90 centimeters high, and the measure of a kitchen bar in height or bar for drinks would be about 105 to 110 centimeters at most, that is, 15 or 20 centimeters above the mark that defines the main kitchen countertop.


In the business world, it is essential to start every business relationship in the best possible way. When a client approaches our organization, the first thing he will see is the reception, if it does not reflect the philosophy and essence of the company, he probably started off on the wrong foot.

This is extremely important because you do not want to project an image of dirt and disorder, it is necessary to remember that the first impression is the one that counts and this is what the customer is going to take engraved in his mind.

If from the beginning you want to develop a successful relationship with your client, let your office speak for itself and show its best version through the reception, thanks to this we will be able to create a welcome that will not be forgotten.

What is the ideal height for a bar counter?

If your ideal bar is continuous to the countertop, the recommended height is 92cm; if, on the other hand, you prefer to use high stools, the ideal height is 110cm.

How tall should a breakfast bar be?

As for the height, it should be up to 90 cm, as higher would complicate cooking or washing activities and would not be an ergonomic bar.

Where does the cash register go in a business?

Preferably the cash register should not face the front door for security reasons. Ideally, the cash register should be facing one of the directions favorable to the owner of the premises.

How to restore a piece of furniture

When considering the project of a new store that you have just acquired, it is likely that one of the first doubts that assail you are: how do I organize my store? What type of counter do I buy? or Why is it important that the counter has a good image? Well, to dispel all your doubts, we have written the definitive 2021 counter guide!

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The golden rule is that the sales counter is the main piece of furniture in the store, but we must not forget that the whole store is a place of sale, not just the counter. So we should not overdo it when ordering a custom counter in case we have limited space.

Making a pallet counter is fine, especially because it encourages recycling, but have you thought about all the pros and cons? Making a piece of furniture with pallets is relatively simple if you have the basic notions and the necessary tools.

Study well if the investment (because it is) to recycle the pallets (if you don’t buy them), to assemble them, to paint them and to finish them with glass, iron or wood, is profitable for you. Or if on the other hand, you can get an affordable custom countertop at an affordable price from La Antigua Viruta. Ensuring that it will be the centerpiece your store deserves.

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