Preparations for a simple wedding

You can choose this option 2.0, but there are also the traditional notebooks or printed wedding planners (with books and guides) that will help you to go over every single detail of your wedding.

It is also a good idea to start thinking about your honeymoon destination. The sooner you book it, the better prices and deals you can get. It may be a good time to decide who will be your groomsmen and witnesses.

Start looking for and requesting quotes for photo and video shoots. And if the venue does not have catering included, you should also start requesting quotes and asking for references.  You should also start collecting all the necessary documentation for the ceremony, civil or religious (be careful because some documents have a six-month expiration date).  If you want a wedding list, it is time to open it.

With your dress chosen, it is time to select the accessories and accessories that go well with them. It is also good for the bride to hire the services of makeup, hairdresser and beautician for the wedding day.

What is the ideal time to organize a wedding?

How long does it take to organize the wedding? Ideally, say Lucía and Patricia, it is best to start a year and a half in advance. “Weddings are becoming so important on a social level that sometimes we can’t find the space we like a year in advance,” explain the experts.

How long before the wedding is the proposal made?

The formal proposal should take place 6 to 3 months before the wedding. If there is any other engagement party, it should be after the one held by the parents.

What do you do a month before the wedding?

From 2 months to 1 month before the wedding

Pick up the wedding rings. Choose the final music you want to play at every moment of the wedding. Buy the wedding favors that you want to give to your guests. The honeymoon trip should already be decided, check your passport and if you need vaccinations, etc.

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Ready to plan a wedding

When you start planning your wedding, it is normal that all these doubts come to your mind and you wonder how much time you will have to invest in order to take care of all the details so that everything goes perfectly.

If you want to know what are the formalities you will have to carry out both for getting married in Church or civilly, don’t miss our article “Civil or religious wedding? What formalities do I have to carry out?”

Setting a budget is always very interesting so that the wedding expenses do not skyrocket. Think about the approximate amount you want to invest in your big day and don’t lose sight of it if you don’t want to have a big surprise when you start paying the suppliers.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you celebrate the wedding in the city where you live, it is usual that 10% of the guests will fall, and if you do it outside, it is normal that 20% will fail.

Think about the place where you would like to celebrate the wedding: would you like a renowned restaurant, would you prefer a luxury hotel or would you like a place in the countryside such as a farmhouse, a country house or a farmhouse?  When it comes to venues there are lots of options: restaurants, wineries, farmhouses, castles, farmhouses, farmhouses, spaces with views or on the beach, farms or hotels … can be wonderful places for your wedding.  The style of wedding you have in mind is also another factor that will condition the space you choose: would you like a country wedding, an urban wedding, a wedding by the sea…? Every wedding has its perfect space, but you have to find it.

How long does a wedding dinner last?

Just as a daytime wedding tends to disrupt and delay the normal meal schedule, an evening wedding does not. The ceremony is usually at a time that is compatible with the guests’ normal “dinner” schedule.

How long before the wedding should the engagement ring be delivered?

Keep in mind that the delivery time for a handmade ring is at least two weeks; if you already know the date, give yourself at least a month in advance to choose, buy and decide how to surprise!

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Which comes first, the engagement ring or the proposal?

Nowadays, this tradition has changed and usually, the groom gives the engagement ring first to the bride, and then they seal the engagement with the engagement protocol in front of their families.

How to organize an economical wedding

If you didn’t read your wedding vows at the wedding, now is a good time to read them in private! The illusion of starting a marriage and embarking on a journey together will make the moment of exchanging your letters with thoughts of love all the more touching for a very long night!

Who said the party is over? Although optional for any couple, it is traditional to continue partying after the reception. Also, it is a good time for those who want to spend more time with those family and friends who traveled so as not to miss this special event.

However, having it the next day has its advantages. It will allow you to arrive earlier and less tired for your first night as spouses; it will also allow your guests to recharge their batteries to continue partying the next day. And everyone will be able to wear much more comfortable clothes.

It can be in the speech of your tornafiesta, inviting them to a day trip, on your wedding website or in a general publication in your social networks with the hashtag you have chosen in the preparations for your wedding. You can post a picture taken by the photographer or choose your favorite from the ones your guests took with their cell phones and then shared in your Wedshoots album. Your guests will love the detail!

When is the bride’s hand asked for?

Tradition dictates that, two or three months before the wedding, an official proposal of hand is held: it usually consists of a dinner (or a meal) at the bride’s parents’ house, originally intended for both families to get to know each other, where the bride and groom exchange gifts.

Who pays for the wedding expenses?

Who pays for a wedding? The tradition in each country and culture is different. In Mexico, the custom dictates that the groom’s family pays for the engagement ring, the religious ceremony, the wedding dress and the honeymoon. While the bride’s family pays for the reception (party).

What do bridesmaids do at a wedding?

The main function of the bridesmaids is none other than to help and assist the bride with the wedding preparations. They can be in charge of organizing the bachelorette party, collaborate with all the necessary steps for the organization of the event and help her dress and make up on the day of the ceremony.

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Budget for a wedding

You’re finally taking the big step! When a couple decides to get married there are many things to organize. The important thing is to think that all the effort invested will pay off so that the most important day of your lives will be special and with your most personal style.

We reveal a definitive calendar with all the tasks that you will perform in your most exciting countdown and all the most important wedding suppliers that you will need and it is normal that you are lost when you think “I’m getting married, where do I start?

Determining the aesthetics of the wedding is one of the first things that the bride and groom must decide, since all the services and details will be related to the chosen theme. Only by thinking about your tastes will you be able to define with total precision the style of wedding you wish to have.

This is one of the most worthwhile aspects of your wedding. Choosing the right photographer and videographer is key because they will be in charge of capturing the best moments of your wedding so that you can always remember them. Each professional has his personal stamp, so the best option is to discover his portfolio to choose the one that best suits your style.

By Rachel Robison

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