How to assemble a hand fishing line

Handfishing can be done in all kinds of waters, both at sea and in rivers, lakes, reservoirs… Even so, carrying out this type of fishing at sea generates some inconveniences, since the current and the nearby rocky areas can spoil entire days. If our vafer sinks, we can end the activity, hence, it is much more favorable in port scenarios or with calm waters, although, as we say, the modality can be practiced at convenience.

The line must be suitable for this type of fishing, being of easy sliding. In addition, it should have little elasticity and be treated to perfectly resist rubbing against the rings when casting. The diameter should be between 11 and 16/100.

The species that are mainly caught are carps, bogas and barbels. In fact, any cyprinid species can be caught without too much concern. It is also a type of fishing aimed at catching bream.

We can get, at least, specimens of between 4 and 5 kilos, but, for this, it is necessary to use specific fishing equipment. In the case of larger species, it would be important to look for carpfishing equipment and combine it with the one we have just described.

How to choose a carpfishing reel?

The characteristics to take into account when buying a carpfishing reel have to do with the behavior of the brake, the strength, reliability, smoothness and quality of its materials, since in this type of fishing we are looking for big fish that will put up a good fight.

What bait is used for carp?

Carp love canned sweet corn. This may be the best bait if you are going to catch these fish. Other baits include hemp, tiger nuts, chickpeas and worms. Anglers using bait always get great results because they lure them first with all kinds of baits, such as corn, beans or worms.

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What is the best brand of fishing reels?

Among the best fishing reels of the moment we find the Daiwa Ninja model. This one has been designed with a resistant aluminum alloy and high quality components, which allow to maintain the tension and control when fishing.


there is a tica 4500 that goes very well for spinning, very fast reel, to catch tallams and other fish of medium size, excellent I have one and we have even caught 10 kilos of bacoretas, besides, it is within your budget.

It is not only a matter of line capacity, half of the line that I have almost never left the spool, the problem will be the day that you hook a permit or any other fish that pulls line and you break to remove all the meters, for having few, or lack of brake, in addition to the difference in strength between a 2500 and 4000

there is a tica 4500 that goes very well for spinning, very fast reel, to take out tallams and other medium size fish, excellent I have one and we have even taken out 10 kilos bacoretas, besides, it is within your budget.

What is the Baitrunner system?

The latter have a rear brake system called baitrunner, which is operated by a lever and gives us great comfort when placing the rods waiting for the bite, since by simply activating the mechanism by pressing the lever, we will have our reels free and ready to release the line.

What does carpfishing mean?

Carp fishing (carp fishing) is a sport fishing modality that is oriented to the capture of big carp. Its birth dates back to 1978, by Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton, in England.

What is the best time to fish for carp?

The fish will take the bait well just before dawn and just after dusk, when food is plentiful. The fish will retreat to the cooler, deeper water at midday when the sun is at its peak. Fall can be an inconsistent time, but it’s really good when the fishing is good.

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Carpfishing rods

Sea Fishing spinning reel Sea Fishing Carp Reel spinning reel spinning fishing metal spool 13BB spinning reel fish catfish reel catfish reel Surfcasting reel nylon fishing reel-foot_12000 Series

Fishing Reel Sea Fishing carp spinning reel spinning reel 13BB metal spool fishing spinning fish reel catfish reel catfish reel Surfcasting reel nylon fishing reel-foot_12000 Series

When you are looking at cat fishing reels you want a model that is durable, reliable, smooth, and strong. A high quality catfish reel should have high performance and be made of quality materials. Below we review the essential features that make the best catfish reels.

Good catfish reels will have an adjustable drag system that you can tune to help reel in a catch. When you’re hunting a big catfish, having the perfect drag setting can mean the difference between coming up empty handed or landing the catfish.

How to prepare corn as carp bait?

There is a variant that also gives very good results: instead of fermenting the corn, it is enough to simply boil it in a pot or container with water (and again, if it is river water, the better), boil the corn for a few minutes until you can pass the hook through the white part of the kernel or cuticle.

What does the numbering on fishing reels mean?

The size of a fishing reel is usually indicated in the model name itself. Numbers are included at the end of the nomenclature, for example 1,000, 2,000, 6,000 or 12,000, with the understanding that the larger the number indicated, the larger the size of the reel.

What is the name of the fishing reel?

Spinning Reel

This reel is another favorite of anglers, which is why it is widely used. Its advantage: the versatility of this reel, whether you want to fish on the seashore or if you prefer lake fishing, this may be the reel of choice.


In this article we will try to advise people interested in carpfishing, which is the equipment or material that is normally used. So that everyone, we can understand perfectly how is the fundamental equipment for the practice of carpfishing.

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They have the advantage of not having to depend on the type of ground on which we are going to fish (grass, sand, rocks…) and their legs are usually adjustable for the possible reliefs that the ground may have. Traditionally or for those people who cannot afford it, there are other tripod substitutes called pikes. The spades are quite easy to use and to transport, because they are simply bars with a point that we can stick in the ground and another one in which we can screw our alarm. It will depend on the type of ground we are going to fish, of course, that in hard ground, rocks or urban places, it is sometimes more difficult or impossible to nail the pikes. That is why we have a tripod.

Even so, I can not pass up the opportunity to tell you that if the carpet is the first thing you have to buy as far as equipment is concerned, for the tackle, the first thing you have to buy is an antiseptic, to heal the wounds that may occur due to poor handling or diseases of the fish. Remember, you have to help your friend to return home in the best conditions. If not, it is not carpfishing.

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