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Whether you have launched into the online world with your ecommerce, or you are thinking of doing it, here are some guidelines that you have to take into account when strategically configuring your online store.

The analysis of digital consumer behavior has resulted in a series of basic rules on how to present your prices in the most attractive way possible for your customer to buy in your ecommerce.

Let’s continue to increase your ecommerce sales. Once you have defined your pricing strategy, another important factor to take into account is the organization of the shopping cart, the check out process and how the shipping costs of your online store should be configured.

Other important considerations are shipping costs and stock control. The shipping strategy you should choose for your online store is about finding the perfect balance with a competitive price for your product allowing you to keep shipping costs free or as low as possible.


Setting up an SME is not as simple as setting up and selling. Starting your own business brings with it a series of formalities and responsibilities that must be fulfilled to the letter. One of them (and a very important one) is tax obligations.

As of February 1, 2018, and based on Law No. 20,727, all companies are required to have an electronic invoicing system capable of issuing invoices, debit and credit notes, shipping guides, purchase invoices and other Electronic Tax Documents.

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The annual income tax return is generally due in April, using the income tax form 22, but for returns filed online and without payment, the deadline may be longer.

First of all, it is important to be clear that in Chile companies can be created as individuals and legal entities. In none of these cases the payment of taxes is a burden, especially if you have the knowledge and the correct planning of the activities involved.

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It is interesting to observe the different definitions of Quality that people have: we can talk about concepts such as reliability, durability, customer service, materials, performance, etc. But in the end we discover that we all agree: quality is based on three axes.

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But what if I am the company that has to provide this quality? Do I have to bear the cost of producing quality? Is quality expensive? And this is where everyone remains silent, not knowing exactly what to answer… Because it is logical that producing quality is expensive, isn’t it?

Well, although it may seem hard to believe, producing with quality is more efficient and economical than producing without quality. When we have to redo bad jobs, when we have excessive inventories, when we make a mistake when processing an order, when we have unproductive hours, when we are not organized, when we lose materials due to defective products,… when we have all this, we are losing a lot of money.

Therefore, by working internally on processes and products, on quality controls and on a job well done, we are contributing to reduce time and costs, and with this we become more competitive. And this means that we have a better chance of keeping our customers and surviving in the market.

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