What is the best type of floor for agriculture?

Choosing the best ceramic floor for your home will depend on several factors to consider, both technical parameters of the type of floor (tone, caliber, resistance) and the use you are going to give it or the place where you are going to install it. Our experts give you all the keys so that you have no problem when choosing ceramic flooring.

There are three main groups that divide the ceramic material: white body, red body or porcelain. Each one has certain characteristics that make it suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Porcelain tile floors are more suitable for exteriors, since they are more resistant to climatic aggressions because they have less porosity. This makes them absorb less water and hold up better outdoors. They are also harder. White body floors have fairly similar characteristics.

On the other hand, red-body ceramic floors are designed for interiors because their composition is softer and, therefore, recommended for areas that are not going to suffer so much wear and tear.

What is the best flooring to put in your home?

Porcelain tile, the best floor for a house.

In addition, it has characteristics of hardness and resistance that make it superior to other types of products. It is a very resistant type of flooring. It requires no maintenance and is very easy to clean (simply with water and/or common detergents).

What is the best flooring for a patio?

If you are going to select a pavement for an uncovered terrace, it is better to choose porcelain tiles with low porosity, since they absorb less water, resist very well to climatic impact and have a high durability, as well as greater resistance to scratching. Thickness. The thicker the tile, the harder it is.

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Which type of floor is cleaner?

Ceramic or stoneware

They are the most durable and easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with water and mild soap, or with specific products for this type of floors, taking into account that the last rinse should be done only with water to recover the shine.

What is the best floor

There are many types of outdoor flooring that you can choose according to your tastes or the style of your garden. But there are other technical aspects that are also important, such as the qualities of the material (if it is resistant and well maintained), its aesthetic appearance or the way it harmonizes with other coverings. Each area is suited to a different type of cladding, and we can help you decide which one suits your space.

We start this list of outdoor flooring recommendations with the ARTENS terril oxide floor tile. This tile is made of red paste and has a look that mimics stone. The package contains 9 tiles of 33.3 x 33.3 x 1.3 cm covering an area of 1 m². In addition, thanks to the Artens Terril flooring collection you can enjoy the same finish (graphics, pattern and tone) in all rooms of your home, generating a sense of continuity and harmony in all floors.

With an appearance that imitates stone and its textured line, its 9 mm thick format is ideal for decorating the floor of outdoor rooms.    Like the first proposal, this floor complies with the C3 anti-slip standard and includes anti-slip and anti-frost technology. Its pieces measure 45 x 45 cm (width x length).

What kind of soils are being used now?

The newest for floors are vinyl panels, of great quality and finishes that imitate wood to perfection. Large dimensions, with super elegant patterns, resistant and with a unique warmth.

What is the most resistant soil?

Among the types of stoneware, porcelain tile is the most resistant of all, more resistant to abrasion, blows, humidity and with greater durability. PRICE: Due to the almost infinite number of tile models that can be found in the market, it is not easy to put a price on the material.

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What is the best anti-slip flooring?

If you like natural style like stone or wood, porcelain floors are slip resistant and their resemblance to natural stone or wood is amazing. In addition, they are very resistant and easy to maintain so you can place it on the floor of terraces, villas or patio floors.

Floor tiles

When we are going to put a new kitchen or reform it, we pay much attention to furniture and appliances and often do not stop to think about the importance of the floor. Perhaps it is because we think that it is going to stain a lot and that we are “only” going to walk on it.

Ceramic or stoneware floors are very durable and easy to clean with a little water and floor cleaning products. It is waterproof, so you won’t have problems when spilling liquids. It also does not scratch easily.

It is also advisable to choose large pieces so that there are fewer joints and thus the floor is more attractive. You also save on cleaning. Of course, the larger and the larger the surface to be covered, the more expensive it is per square meter.

With the necessary care, they last a long time, so it is a long-term investment. Granite and marble must be treated, as they are porous and thus prevent them from absorbing liquids. They must also be polished from time to time to recover the appearance of the first day.

What is the cheapest outdoor flooring?

-Normal stoneware: Among the stoneware options, it is the cheapest and easiest to install, but as it is thinner than porcelain tile, it is also less resistant to outdoor use.

Which type of floor is less dirty?

Dark colors are cleaner than light colors… or not. Powder is gray or light beige, so choosing colors similar to powder will make it not stand out. That’s why light gray and beige are good companions for kitchens, as well as being easily combined.

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What is the best type of soil?

Humic soils, as they are also known, are suitable for cultivation and, in fact, are the best option for this activity due to their organic matter composition.

Indoor Flooring

The arrival of good weather is an ideal time to give a new look to the house and, in this sense, changing the flooring is a fundamental decision to achieve a totally renewed appearance. But, how to choose the best floor for each space and for each specific case? Here we give you different keys that will be very useful to get it right for sure installing the best floor for a house.

To choose the perfect flooring you have to think beyond aesthetic issues or price. Criteria such as installation, maintenance and durability are of utmost importance. Therefore, we must take into account the material, finishes, tones and different formats.

But what exactly is porcelain tile? Porcelain tile is a ceramic material with very low water absorption (less than 0.5%), which gives it the property of being resistant to frost, making it the most recommended material for outdoor installation. In addition, it has characteristics of hardness and resistance that make it superior to other types of products.

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