Which tiles are costly?

Difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile

The main difference between ceramic and porcelain tile is that ceramic is made from a less refined clay mixture; porcelain, on the other hand, is made from a more refined clay mixture.

Ceramic is a tile that is made from a less refined clay mixture by heating it to a higher temperature in a kiln. The clay for making ceramic tile is naturally red, brown or white. Porcelain is another type of tile made from a more refined mixture of clay by heating it to extremely high temperatures in a kiln. The clay used to make porcelain stoneware is peculiar in that finely ground sand is added to the mixture along with feldspar. Because of the difference in the refining of its clay, the ceramic tile is less dense and more porous. Porcelain tiles are denser, therefore less porous, which makes them more durable.

Ceramic is one of the inorganic materials made from clay that solidifies. It is used in ceramics and large-scale construction. Pottery is a tile that is made from a less refined clay mixture by heating it to higher temperatures in a kiln. The term ceramic derives from the Greek word “Keramikos”, meaning “of or for pottery”. The clay for making ceramic tiles is naturally red, brown or white. Ceramic tiles are suitable for use in hot climates because it is naturally cool. But at the same time, it is not suitable for cold regions or in the winter season.

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What is the best brand of ceramic floor tile?

Ceramic tile is more porous than porcelain tile, so it absorbs more water. Therefore, porcelain tile is recommended for outdoor patios and terraces. Especially in areas with very cold climates, because it is resistant to frost and sudden changes in temperature.

What type of material is the tile?

A tile is a manufactured slab or tile, manufactured in different types and techniques of ceramics, as well as in stone, rubber, cork, glass, metal, plastic, etc.

How to know if a ceramic tile is high traffic?

The high traffic ceramic tile is located on the PEI scale with numbers 4 and 5. This means a floor that is resistant to constant and strong movements, with the possibility of dust or dirt accumulating and being dragged with footwear.

Porcelain or ceramic tile for bathrooms

When it is time to cover the floor or wall of a room in your home, you will be faced with a big decision: porcelain or ceramic tile. Know the difference between ceramic and porcelain to decide which is the ideal material for your home or project you want to undertake.

So, in floors for patios and terraces that are outdoors, it is recommended to place porcelain tile. Especially in areas with very cold climates, because it is resistant to frost and sudden changes in temperature.

As a result, a more resistant and durable product is obtained, ideal for areas with heavy traffic or with a high probability of receiving impacts. While, for bedrooms, for example, ceramic tile would be a very good option in terms of durability.

As for colors, in both types of tiles you will find excellent options. At the time of purchase, it should be taken into account that they are of the same tone and caliber. This characteristic is indicated by three letters on the label of the box.

How to choose tiles?

If your place is small, it is best to choose light colors such as sky blue or even white. If, on the contrary, it is large you can choose darker colors and mix it with some light tiles.

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How is a tile made?

Ceramic tiles are first manufactured by grinding, followed by sieving, kneading and wetting. They are then molded by pressing, extrusion, casting or other processes, usually at room temperature.

What is the raw material of the tiles?

Ceramic tiles are mainly made from loamy clays or loamy clay, moist or mixed with water to undergo a molding and firing process. raw materials.

Porcelain tile floors

They require hard work to be laid. They are much more aesthetic and durable. They are divided into two-layer granite mosaics, polished or rough and of shorter durability; or calcareous mosaics that are more sensitive to wear and tear but more versatile in their finishes.

It is laid over existing floors or smoothed subfloors. It can be installed in rolls or in large tiles. They are adhesive and can be cut to size. It is an economical option, but sensitive to shocks and falls of sharp elements.

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How do you know if a tile is porous?

From the speed at which the drop seeps into the tile (if it seeps), we can deduce how absorbent the material is. Thus, if the drop disappears in a few seconds, it means that the tile is very porous and it will be necessary to use a primer before applying the grout.

How do you know if the ceramic is of good quality?

The quality of ceramic products is defined by giving a grade A, B or C. Grade A ceramic quality: if none of the 24 defects are present on the product. In this case the product is considered excellent. Ceramic quality Grade B: is classified between Grade A and Grade C.

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How do you know if the ceramic is first class?

A material is considered first quality when at least 95% of the pieces in the lot have no superficial or structural defects and the tone and measurements of the plates respond to the expected variation.

Sodimac Porcelain Tile

Look in your own shower for failing grout lines or cracking tiles. You can also see if water has made its way behind the grout lines if you can see black mold growing on them. There is nothing one can do to fix a shower in this condition. It must be demolished and a new tile shower built in its place.

If the water ingress has destroyed the grout, tile adhesive and/or tile backing, a repair project like this will cost you thousands of dollars. So please heed the following tips for maintaining your shower, as such maintenance requires very little time and money.