Firestone or Bridgestone which is better

Once we have opted for the change, we must know the measures of our tires, data that we can obtain from the old ones or from the technical data sheet of the vehicle. We must note down the following data: Width in millimeters, height, diameter, structure and speed code. Remember that tires can be different as long as those of the same axle are identical.

The type of driving we are going to do is also a factor of great importance when choosing. A sporty driver will be looking for a tire with great grip and good cornering response, especially if he is in wet conditions and wants to avoid aquaplaning. It is also important that the tires have intelligent wear, to achieve greater durability. If, on the other hand, we are a “quiet” type of driver, we can sacrifice (always with safety in mind) some of the performance to reduce consumption and wear of our vehicle by opting for a more balanced tire.

What type of tires is best?

The following data should be noted: Width in millimeters, height, diameter, structure and speed code. Remember that tires can be different as long as those on the same axle are identical. The next factor is the climate in which the tires will work most of the time.

How many kilometers does a Pirelli tire last?

But this figure can fall below 10,000 km if the driver is constantly looking for the limits of the vehicle. Consequently, although tires are designed to last between 40 and 50,000 km, the reality hides many important surprises.

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What is the best tire brand 2021?

Michelin and Continental: by excellence (and a lot of marketing) they are the best tire brands in Mexico (according to PROFECO) and stand out for their durability.

Best tires

Each car needs its own tires, of a certain size and with certain conditions. Which are the best? Our regular tire tests have allowed us to find out which are the best models for each size… but also which are the brands that, in general, always obtain the best results.

Our tests take into account many factors: tire life, PAH content, tire noise, as well as tire performance on the road, both on dry and wet roads: handling, grip and stability and braking distance, both on straight stretches and on curves. It is also very important to evaluate the influence of the tires on the consumption of the car… Taking all this into account, and the results obtained by the different models of each brand, we can conclude which are the best brands of tires.

Which is the better Goodyear or Pirelli tire?

The best tire brands

The final conclusion of their comparisons establishes that Continental, Pirelli and Dunlop are the three tire brands that offer the best quality. They are followed by Goodyear, Nokian, Vredestein and Bridgestone tires.

What to consider when buying tires?

Choosing the right tires

You’ll need to look at the minimum requirements of your vehicle, how it drives, your tire life expectations, the climate you drive in most of the time and the surfaces you travel on. Tires do more than carry the weight of your car.

How do I know which tires I need?

Just take a look at the sidewall of the tire, where there is a series of printed codes that indicate both the performance and the characteristics of the rubber. To know, with total precision, the tire size, you must find a code that looks like this: 225/55 R 17.

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Tire Ranking 2021

Compound 2 is the most versatile of the hard spectrum of the range. It is perfectly suited for fast tracks with high temperatures and high energy demands. This tire performs perfectly over a wide range of temperature windows and has shown great adaptability to a multitude of different tracks.

Compound 3 offers an optimal compromise between performance and durability, although the balance is in favor of performance. It is a tire that can be used both as a softer option on very severe circuits and as a harder option on less demanding or urban tracks. For these reasons it is one of the most widely used tires in the entire range.

What tires should I put on my car?

How do I know which tires my car can take? On the sidewall you will find the tire parameters. There you will see several printed codes that indicate both its characteristics and performance. If you want to know the exact size, you will see it on the wheel and it will be similar to this: 195/60 R16 96 W.

What is the service life of a tire?

2- The maximum is ten years

If you have not replaced your tires 10 years after their date of manufacture, Michelin recommends that, as a precaution, you replace them with new tires. Even if they appear to be in acceptable condition for use and are not worn down to the tread wear indicator.

How long does a tire last in storage?

Tires have a maximum life of ten years. A tire that has been stored in proper conditions for one to five years will last as long as a new tire.

Tires dunlop reviews 2019

When it comes to cars and consumption levels, there is only one answer: it depends. That goes for fuel, but also for tires. While it is possible to estimate with a certain degree of accuracy how many kilometers can be driven on one liter of gasoline, diesel and gas (or one kW of electricity), determining the life of a set of tires is much more complex. Even if laboratory simulations provide us with some answers, day-to-day driving and the number of variables that characterize it will eventually disarm any prognosis.

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There are as many as five variables that can alter the final mileage of a set of tires. First of all, the type of car, where power, torque and braking system have an influence. Also the condition of the vehicle, since a well-maintained car is much less prone to tire wear. Another important factor is the weight of the car, and of course the way it has been loaded. The fourth detail that should not be underestimated is the type of road on which the vehicle is usually driven, assuming that freeway journeys are more favorable for tires than urban routes or conventional roads. And linked to this, the type of surface of all of them cannot be ignored.

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