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Beyond this, many of those in this industry decide to pursue a certification to validate their knowledge and thus be able to open the doors to the expertise needed to access better projects or positions according to individual interests.

Perhaps some profiles are more in demand than others, but the important thing is that, knowing this and taking into account the interests that each one may have, knowing the different roles and certifications that exist in this sector allows planning the development of a career.    So, as part of a series of articles we are publishing in celebration of Antimalware Day, we take a look at some of the most popular certifications.

While there are a wide variety of certifications available and organizations that offer them, taking as a reference the data from the cybersecurity workforce report prepared by (ISC)² in 2019 and the ISSA 2020 report, the security certifications that have the most professionals today and the organizations that offer them are:

How many years does a career in cybersecurity last?

How long does the Cybersecurity Management Technical Career last?

Most of the NMS programs are studied in 3 years, since you have to study 6 levels, completing the subjects of the common core and those of the specialty.

What VET to study for cybersecurity?

Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Mathematics would be the careers recommended by this expert.

What do I expect from a certification?

Why you should certify your skills

Certifications can have a positive professional impact. Validation adds to your career path, allows you to stay on top of the industry you are in.

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Cybersecurity certifications in Spanish

This view is shared by Francisco Ángel Marzal, Quant Developer at Axpo Iberia, who also lists two additional fields: Regulations and Legislation and, depending on the area of cybersecurity you want to work in, Ethical Hacking, Bastioning, secure software development and Forensic Analysis.

With the boom in cybersecurity expert positions, some universities are already starting to offer degrees in Cybersecurity, in many cases as a specialization of computer science degrees. But is it necessary to have a higher degree to work in this field?

Francisco Ángel Marzal fully agrees. “Studying a degree such as Software Engineering, for example, gives you solid knowledge and is a guarantee and endorsement for companies looking for these profiles. If this degree also has a mention of cybersecurity, it positions you at a technical level with a very attractive profile to start a professional career in a sector with so much demand for profiles”. Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Mathematics would be the careers recommended by this expert.

What is CISA certification?

CISA® is the world-renowned and most popular certification for professionals working in the field of IS auditing and IT risk consulting. … The Net Security CISA manual covers all relevant exam concepts, case studies, questions and answers in the five CISA domains.

How much does a cybersecurity expert charge?

The average salary of a cybersecurity expert in Spain is between 30,000 and 60,000 euros gross per year. It is possible to earn up to 66,000 euros per year in this sector. This profile is among the ten best paid in the technology sector.

How much does a cybersecurity graduate earn?

The average national salary for a Cybersecurity Engineer is MXN$17,035 in Mexico. Filter by location to see Cybersecurity Engineer salaries in your area.

Free cybersecurity certifications

Have you ever thought about what malware, spyware, ransomware and other viruses and worms can do to your cyber and IT web system? It’s time for you to think about it now and gain enough knowledge to combat cyber attacks with our PGP certification in Cyber Security!

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In this cyber security certification, you can learn with cyber experts and mentors who have a pool of knowledge, valuable experience and practical agency. They guide you the right way – to bring together all the information, allowing you to learn, and understand the cyber data that will help you solve the toughest problems in the cyber security domain.

The Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Cyber Security course is in great demand today. This is because individuals and professionals alike want to know how cybercrimes occur, are dumbed down with influential and important data, and are therefore so capable of destroying a world that is dominated by the web and technology!

What to study to specialize in computer security?

To become an expert in computer security, you must have knowledge of systems, networks, programming, etc., which can be acquired by pursuing degrees such as vocational training (intermediate or higher), a degree in Computer Engineering or a degree in Telecommunications.

What are the advantages of becoming certified?

Quality improvement: from the outset, any company with a certification will offer its consumers the assurance that the services or products are of very good quality. Certification processes require it. Increased income: with the certification it will be possible to appear in other markets.

Why is certification important?

A certification demonstrates a commitment to superior industry standards and continuous learning. These values can help a company increase its credibility and professional standing within its own network, with existing clients and when seeking new business opportunities or projects.

Most Popular Cybersecurity Certifications

This is not to say that there is no reason to obtain the less recognized certifications. Some organizations will require their employees to become certified in something that may not be as well known as other certifications.

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However, for professionals who are new to the field and are only looking to obtain certifications that are easily recognized by any company, it is best to look for certifications offered by major organizations.

As more and more organizations move their entire infrastructure to the cloud, the need for qualified cloud security professionals continues to grow. Like the CISSP, the CCSP is not a certification for those just starting their career, but for those who have already established a firm foundation in the field.

Rather than focusing on specific areas of expertise, the EC-Council markets more toward specific roles and titles. For example, when a professional looks at the certification programs on the EC-Council website, they would see that the certifications look more like job titles: Licensed Penetration Tester, Certified Ethical Hacker, Security Analyst, Certified Information Security Manager, and the list goes on. This can make it easier for those interested in a specific job to focus on the certification they would like to pursue.

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