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In a task coordinated by the San Cristobal District Municipality, the collaboration of the Government of Alto Parana and the Departmental Coordination of the REC under the direction of Abg. Maria Magdalena Riveros, and members of the Legal Clinic in charge of Abg. Brizzy Chequera, and Abg. Nelly Narvaez of the University Extension of the Law School (UCA) who assisted more than a hundred people with their registration processes.

Multidisciplinary service days organized by the Ministry of Women, through the Ciudad Mujer Mobile Program were developed with massive attendance of beneficiaries in the districts of Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia and Filadelfia in the department of Boquerón.

With the participation of officials and authorities of the Civil Status Registry, a brief and illustrative talk took place to promote the prevention and awareness of prostate cancer and nutrition in people with diabetes.

Within the framework of the Agreement signed between the General Directorate of the Civil Registry (DGREC), in charge of Mr. Ariel Centurión, and the National Secretariat of Culture (SNC), technical officials of the National Archive conducted a survey of the state of the books of births, marriages and deaths records at the Civil Registry Headquarters (REC).

Where to look for death dates?

The documentation can be requested through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, in the “Family” section included in Personal Procedures and Formalities. In addition, the request can be made in person or in writing to the civil registries.

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How to consult the Civil Registry of Death?

Go to the Registraduría’s web page to the banner “Consult here the office where your civil registry is located” located on the upper right hand side of the page.

When a corpse of an unknown person is found, who has the duty to report the death?

The director or administrator of the establishment where the death occurs. The police authority who finds the body of an unknown or unclaimed person.

Registro civil españa search for people

The content of civil registry records is very similar to that of Catholic parish records, with the added benefit that almost all persons, Catholic and non-Catholic, are registered in the civil registries. The following paragraphs discuss the birth, marriage and death records of the civil registry.

After civil registration was established, all marriages, even those performed by ecclesiastical authorities, were required to be registered by civil authorities. The performance of a civil marriage ceremony was part of the registration. Marriages or marriages were usually registered at the bride’s residence.

A marriage record contains the names of the bride and groom; their ages, residence, and places of birth; and the names and places of birth of the parents of the bride and groom.

A death certificate contains the name, age, and place of birth of the deceased, and sometimes the date of birth, marital status, occupation, cause of death, and place of burial. The names of the deceased’s parents, spouse and children are also listed.

How to know if a person is alive or dead Peru?

Citizens can also find out by accessing the “Online Services” option on the RENIEC website ( and entering the document number under “Validation of Identity Records”.

How to consult the civil registry of birth?

Citizens interested in finding out where their civil registry office is located, may access the Entity’s web page where they can find the button “Consult here the office where your civil registry office is located”, located on the upper right hand side.

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How do I check my marriage registry?

If the person wants to know if his or her marriage is registered, he or she can go to any Registrar’s Office in the country and check if his or her marriage is in the Entity’s database.

Online Death Certificate

The basic documents are birth, marriage and death certificates. They can be obtained from the civil registries, which are created in 1870 and become operational in 1871. This means that the civil registry documentation is quite modern and does not allow research beyond three or four generations.

The documentation can be requested through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, in the “Family” section included in Personal Procedures and Formalities. In addition, the request can be made in person or in writing to the civil registries.

Marriage: Date of marriage. Names and surnames of the contracting parties. Marital status, age, domicile and nationality. Dates and places of birth. Parental details. Witnesses and date of certificate.

How much does a death certificate cost?

How much does the death certificate cost

Requesting a death certificate is free of charge if it is done directly at the Civil Registry, in person, by mail or telematically on the Civil Registry website.

How to obtain a death certificate online?

First of all, you must verify that the death certificate of the person you are looking for is in the database by following these steps: access “Online Services”, then “Consultation of registry records” and, finally, enter the option “Certified copies of records/partitions”, where you will have to provide the …

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Who issues the death certificate?

The certification of the death is performed by the attending physician, the physician who verifies the death, the medical examiner who performs the autopsy, the physician appointed by the health facility.

Civil registry

But even in cases not subject to this restricted publicity regime, as has been said, there must be a legitimate interest in the applicant for certification. It is true that this interest, in general, is presumed (art. 17 RRC), but it is no less true that, as already stated by this Directive Center in its Instruction of January 9, 1987 (B.O.E. July 20, 1987), “the interest that legitimizes obtaining certifications must be directly related to the proof of the civil status of persons, or of the content of the Register. If the interest refers to other matters, the clerk can and must deny the certification.

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