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The Certificate of Professionalism is a document that accredits a person in a professional qualification of the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications. That is to say, they accredit the set of professional competences that enable that person to develop a labor activity.

They are official and valid throughout the national territory and are issued by the State Employment Service and the competent bodies of the Autonomous Communities. At the Escuela Superior de Cualificaciones Profesionales you will find the certificate you are looking for.

What is a digital competence course?


It involves a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and strategies required for the use of digital media and information and communication technologies. … And it is one of the eight Key Competences required for Lifelong Learning.

Who pays for the SEPE courses?

How the courses work

INEM courses are free, i.e. they are subsidized. This means that although they are not paid for by the unemployed person who attends them, they are paid for with everyone’s taxes. That is why you should always demand quality training and make the most of them.

What are general and functional tests?

A General and Functional Competencies test. This test evaluates two components, one component of general knowledge of the entity and the civil service in general, and another component of knowledge related to the functions of the job of your choice.

Digital skills courses

Capacítate para el Empleo, is a platform where all people, regardless of their previous experience, can be trained, strengthen their labor competencies, skills for employment and entrepreneurship, in various trades and technical-operational activities in different sectors of the economy such as:

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To date, people registered in Compensar’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Agency have made more than 34 thousand registrations to complementary courses such as: Accounting Assistant, Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Digital Sales Agent, Beauty Consultant, Cook, Computer Technician (Office Automation), among others; as well as in courses associated with life skills, such as: Spelling and Writing, Leadership, Discipline at work and Basic Computing.

This platform can be accessed free of charge by all Colombians, especially the most vulnerable, who will be able to find and take the courses of their interest. Access is very easy, those interested must enter and look for the option Capacítate para el Empleo, register and comply with the study plans found there.

What is the absence of digital competencies?

The lack of digital skills is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses and societies around the world. … Companies are increasingly relying on information and communication technology equipment and a skilled technical workforce to remain productive and competitive.

How long do SEPE courses last?

It has a limit of 180 hours of training per student: a maximum of 180 hours of training in several courses (maximum 3), or in a single course if the duration of the course is longer than 180 hours.

How many SEPE courses can I take?

How many courses can I take? As many as you wish, with the only maximum limit of hours that the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) allows each participant to do according to the plan. A person can participate in several plans, and therefore add up the maximum number of hours in all of them.

Study guides for free public calls 2021

High ability students are a challenge for the school because their way of dealing with learning and the pace at which they face it breaks our structures. Emotional, personal, social, cognitive and normative aspects are intermingled and as teachers they leave us, in many cases, devoid of effective tools. What to do?

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A healthy, varied and balanced diet at school is essential to prevent diseases at this age, such as childhood overweight and obesity and other cardiovascular diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. It is important that teachers have knowledge of child nutrition and food issues in general, so that their students acquire good eating habits. This course aims to provide teachers with resources and strategies to help them improve their students’ and their own nutrition, taking into account all the agents involved in the educational environment, reviewing, analyzing and describing everything related to nutrients and dietary-nutritional characteristics of food and healthy and unhealthy eating habits. We will update the contents on nutritional guidelines for weight loss and weight gain and which foods to include in each day’s intake.

What is the prosecution’s evidence like?

What are the tests for the Prosecutor’s Office Competition? The process will include the stages of Disclosure, Registration, Verification of compliance with minimum requirements, Publication of the list of those admitted to the competition, Application of tests, Formation of lists of eligible candidates and Security study.

When are the tests of the 2021 Prosecutor’s Office?

Dates: From October 8 to 22, 2021, registration and enrollment processes may be carried out.

What are functional and behavioral core competencies?

Article 2 of Decree 2539 of 2005 defines labor competencies as: These competencies are determined by behaviors, skills, abilities, values, and attitudes that the employee must possess and demonstrate in the service of the organization. …

Functional competencies in a company

The course is focused on giving a series of tools to understand and interpret nutritional labeling, as well as identifying aspects of labels that influence us when buying food. We want to help develop critical thinking to make informed and conscious food choices and learn with real examples. On the practice day at El Encín we will work with the labels of products purchased in supermarkets.

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COORDINATED AND FINANCED BY THE SIERRA DEL RINCÓN BIOSPHERE RESERVE, as part of its Program to promote the socio-economic development of the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve. Co-financed by IMIDRA.  Aimed primarily at women residing in municipalities belonging to the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierra del Rincón.  The selection will be made by the Technical Office of the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, using as main criterion the demonstrable residence in one of these municipalities and, where appropriate, additionally, the criteria A to D indicated in the document Selection of applications and rules for implementation. The deadline for receipt of applications for this course is Tuesday, October 26th at 14:00. Maximum of 10 students.

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