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Prior to the assembly of the forecastle it is necessary to place the necessary elements to guide the anchor lines to the anchor winch that has been mounted on the bridge. To do this, we begin by placing two portholes, one on each side, conveniently located near the stem, through which the lines that go to hold the anchor come out. The other guy of the line penetrates through other portholes below deck, after having been wound on the anchor winch. As this has been mounted on the bridge it is necessary to guide the line from the anchor to the winch and from the winch to the porthole below which it terminates.

To accomplish this task, steps are mounted on deck below the forecastle which may consist of eyebolts that lead the lines to the portholes through which they exit to the bridge to be reeled into the winch and which are placed forward of the winch in such a way that each of the two lines of each broad reach the rode of the winch, go around the winch several times and exit through other portholes back to the main deck from where, through other portholes, they end below the main deck. These two pairs of portholes must obviously be on the same perpendicular.

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With the exception of the people of Cuyo who contemplate, day after day, that imposing wall of gigantic proportions, and hear continuously of the infinite vicissitudes and deadly accidents that take place there, very few Argentines have any idea, not even an approximate one, of what it must have cost San Martin to cross the Cordillera. The present journey, whether by train, by fast automobile or passenger bus, let alone by plane, only very slightly enables one to form some idea of what it once meant to cross that compact agglomeration of gigantic mountains.

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Colonel Leopoldo R. Ornstein has written, with good reason, that “some writers have established a comparison between the crossing of the Andes and the crossing of the Alps by Hannibal, first, and then by Napoleon. The similarity is very relative, since the dimensions and geographical characteristics of the theater of operations, as well as the means and resources by which both orographic chains were overcome in each case, differ in a very pronounced way.

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The evolution of the milling process has resulted in the improvement of the milling technique from prehistoric mills to today’s flour mills. But necessity and localism have allowed different systems to coexist at the same time, such as flour mills and flour mills. In some cases, the difference between flour mill or flour factory is more administrative than technical, and the division of labor is one of the social characteristics that differentiates flour factories from traditional mills.

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b/ – The energy system used for their operation; although most of the old mills and flour factories in our province used hydraulic energy for their operation, we also have mills moved by other energy sources such as electricity, steam and even wind power. The unusual case of Navalmanzano stands out, where a steam engine was in charge of moving two pairs of millstones. No less peculiar in an orography furrowed by a multitude of water currents is the case of the windmills that we have in our province. The most studied, the windmill of Cuellar (1).