Can a lawful development certificate be refused?

Apostille of the Hague

This right to obtain copies and certifications and to consult the archives and registries constitutes a manifestation of the broader right to information, which has a greater profusion of means for its satisfaction, such as, for example, the publicity of agreements and resolutions provided for in art. 229.2 of the ROF. The Supreme Court takes special care to protect this right, as evidenced, for example, by the STS of December 4, 1990. Any request for information, in any of the modalities provided for in art. 70.3 LBRL 7/85, must be made in writing, and in the case of requests for certifications of resolutions and resolutions, it will not be necessary to give reasons for the request. The refusal resolution must be reasoned.

Mayors do not have the power to certify. When they provide information under the inadequate denomination of certification, they do not actually exercise a certifying power, which they lack, nor do they issue true certifications, but rather they provide mere “reports”.

What is a certificate of urban planning legality?

The certificate of non-existence of urban infraction is a document that guarantees the legality of the construction of a property. In a real estate transaction it is important to know in detail the situation of the property, in order not to have to face administrative responsibilities in the near future.

What is a municipal certificate?

It is a document that serves to accredit the persons that live in the same domicile, according to the data that appear in the corresponding census sheet of the Municipal Register of Inhabitants.

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Where is a death certificate legalized?

Going to the corresponding Civil Registry office and requesting an appointment in advance. Once the application and necessary documents have been submitted, the proof of the procedure must be kept and used to pick up the death certificate on the date and time indicated.

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Likewise, justice considers that between a leisure establishment and a possible client there is a relationship of equality, while that of the employer with his employee is one of subordination, so that the worker’s data, especially sensitive data such as those relating to health, must be specially protected.

In the case of workers, however, the employer already handles personal data of the professional, and the fact of knowing whether he is vaccinated or not can be considered an illegitimate treatment of sensitive information. In other words, the employee not only shows his certificate in a place where he occasionally goes, but he is giving compromising information to someone who already has him registered and on whom, in addition, he depends on for a living.

What is the urban situation?

Urban situation

Indicate the adequacy of its physical characteristics and uses to the current urban development regulations, if there is any type of urban development protection.

What is an urban infraction?

An urban infraction is a failure to comply with urban planning regulations. It is regulated by the Law on the Regime of Land and Urban Planning. … An urban infraction may result in the demolition of what has been built in order to restore legality.

What does the certificate of cohabitation imply?

The certificate of cohabitation is a document that certifies the fact that a couple lives together at the same address. … To obtain the certificate of cohabitation, both cohabitants must have a public relationship, a domicile where they cohabit together and a stable and lasting relationship.

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Legalize birth certificate for foreigners

With the return of the vacations, many organizations want to know the vaccination status of their employees or even their suppliers and customers in order to mitigate the risks of contagion.

Another option that many of our clients ask us is the possibility of collecting this information through the consent of the employee. However, certain considerations must be taken into account regarding employee consent in the workplace. Consent must be free and voluntary and in these cases such freedom may be questioned in the field of Human Resources given the dependence resulting from the relationship between the employer and the employee. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to opt for this way to obtain this information.

In this sense, we can see that in the field of leisure something similar to that of labor occurs. Already in July, several Autonomous Communities considered the possibility of requesting this certificate in different establishments such as stores, restaurants or gyms, and in view of this fact the AEPD sent a requirement to check the lawfulness of this treatment.

How can cohabitation be accredited?

The certificate of cohabitation is a document that justifies that two people live together for the purposes of becoming a domestic partner. In this way, the couple can be in a situation similar to that of marriage, but without the need to be united in this way.

How is a death certificate certified?

Request for certified copies of the death certificate.

It is recommended to make an appointment in advance to expedite the process of obtaining them. This can be done by telephone at the Civil Registry closest to the applicant’s location or online through the following e-mail: [email protected]

How long does it take for the Ministry of the Interior to legalize a document?

The average resolution time is 30 business days.

Legalized Marriage Certificate

Of course, just as the physician has the power and duty to issue certificates, he/she also has the right to refuse to issue them when he/she considers that the diagnosis to be recorded is detrimental to the patient, in which case he/she is covered by the provisions of article 81 of the Code of Ethics, except when it is made at the express request of the judicial or health authority; or when the professional considers that the certificate may be used for illicit purposes, in which case he/she will resort to the provisions of article 209 of the aforementioned Code.

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To this must be added the issuing data such as place and time, if applicable, as well as the identification of the patient by means of his name and surname, identity document (DNI) and age, and any other data that may be of interest.

In relation to the content of the medical certificate and given the diversity of purposes for which it may be required, which may be diagnostic, therapeutic, re-examination, work aptitude, sports aptitude, etc., the doctor will have to comply with this purpose and for this purpose he will examine the patient in the manner he deems appropriate.