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Each BIM Authoring software (Revit®, ArchiCAD®, ALLPLAN®, VectorWorks®, Edificius, etc.) creates a 3D BIM model with a proprietary format (DWG, RVT, EDF, etc.). With the open and standard IFC format, it is possible to add budget related information to the 2D/3D model produced by any IFC certified software.

The main difference between the traditional approach and 5D BIM modeling is the speed with which the project cost is updated and changed. You only need to associate the costs to the 3D dimensions of the model and, with each variation of the project, you have continuous updating of the measurements and budget.

With PriMus IFC you can import and view BIM models in IFC format generated with any BIM Authoring software. The software allows you to examine the model in all its characteristics and properties; to start the measurements you just have to:

Once you have identified the line items and entity types, create the measurement rule that contains the descriptive and metric information that the BIM software will use to perform the budget.

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While the online course includes all the study materials you need, it will be helpful for students to have a copy of the IASB’s International Accounting Standards book, which can be ordered through the IASB website, listed under Related Links on the left side of this page.

You can register online at any time. Once payment is made by credit card, you will get access to the course and online assessments for a period of six months. It is estimated that it will take 20 hours for a student to complete the course.

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This means that if you are an ACCA member, you will be able to log up to 20 hours of verifiable continuing professional education (CPE). You will be able to log an additional five units after passing the assessment, as long as the study of IFRS meets your training and development needs.

If you do not pass the assessment, you will have two opportunities to retake the assessment. All opportunities to retake the assessment must be taken during the six months of access to the online course. If you fail the course after taking the assessment three times, you will be required to pay a new registration fee and will have three additional opportunities to pass the assessment.

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SIMULACROS – INSTRUCTIVEFirst Chance – All the exercises have a time limit and the methodology is the same, therefore, you must have at least one hour, they should not be performed in fragmented time, for their development you can use notes, notes, texts. Support from third parties, use of cell phones or other means of communication is not allowed. It is INDIVIDUAL!!!-Take the questionnaire and solve it in a maximum time of 50 minutes, when you reach this limit if you are missing questions to solve, leave them as they are at that time and stop the exercise.for each new simulation will be solved 5 minutes.INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA PROGRAM IN INTERNATIONAL AUDITING AND ASSURANCE STANDARDS – NIAS

Which of the following statements is best related to the risks of material misstatement:a)The income statement and statement of financial positionb)The financial statements as a whole.c)The income statement and statement of changes in financial positionad)The statement of financial position and notes to the financial statementsMark the correct answer. For case B.INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA PROGRAM IN INTERNATIONAL AUDITING AND ASSURANCE STANDARDS -IAS

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Obtaining an accounting certification in Canada can be a great way to create a career path in the accounting industry. With accounting certifications, you can gain advanced career advancement.

While undergoing the process, you will help evaluate and forecast financial data, make smart decisions and develop a sound financial strategy. In addition, you will learn how to properly read financial data and apply what you learn to make important business decisions.

As an accounting professional, you should have advanced skills and competencies in a variety of areas, from government laws to market demands. Failure to obtain certification can lead to a lack of professional growth, reduced earning potential, and ultimately reduced opportunities.

Another interesting thing is that you can easily switch from one job to another with your certification. Accounting certifications, in addition to standard degrees, demonstrate competence and skill to prospective employers. It can make your average salary increase by 22% and your total compensation increase by 29%.

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