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In this certificate the terms of the marriage contract are detailed, as well as the most important data for the case (names of the contracting parties, of the witnesses and of the judge and, in addition, the date and place of the marriage).

It is the document by means of which equal rights, obligations, responsibilities and authority in a home are conferred to a couple that decides to unite voluntarily and, indissolubly, before the law with the purpose of having a life together, to procreate and to mutually help each other.

If, previously, you had contracted another marriage, it will be necessary that you provide a certified copy of the nullity sentence. If one of the contracting parties is a widower, a copy of the death certificate or widow’s certificate is required.

For registration, the couple must submit an application to the registry office closest to the municipality mentioned and, in addition, a certified copy of the marriage certificate. After 10 working days, the document will be delivered to the same office. Remember that this procedure is free of charge.

How to order a marriage certificate online?

Online: Documentation: Family book or date and place of celebration of the marriage. Amount: Free of charge. Delivery time: At present, they are sent by ordinary mail to the address indicated by the applicant.

How do I view my marriage certificate?

You can request a certified copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate online, in the corresponding online service, or in person at any of the Reniec Registry Offices, at the Multi-Service Virtual Platform (PVM) in Lima and Callao or at the MAC Centers.

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How do I know if my marriage is registered in the RENIEC?

To find out if a record is in the possession of RENIEC, just go to its web page (, choose “Online Services” and then, “Consultation of registry records”. Once the confirmation is received, the request is processed through the option “Certified copies of records/partitions”.

Marriage certificate online

The marriage certificate is a document issued by the Registrar of the corresponding Civil Registry, which has the purpose of certifying the act of marriage, as well as the date, time and place where it takes place.

In addition to this document, it is important to take into account that in the Argentine legislation there is an instrument of registry publicity, known as Family Book. This document contains information on the economic regime of the marriage, birth of common children, adopted children, if any, annulment, separation or divorce, and even the death of one of the spouses.

The registration of the matrimonial union serves to have full legal effects of the marriage recognized. It consists of the identifying data of both spouses and the data of the fact: day, hour and place where it took place.

In order to celebrate the marriage before the District corresponding to the domicile of one of the spouses, an appointment must be requested 20 working days before the chosen date at the Civil Registry office, and the required forms must be picked up.

How to search for marriage registration in Colombia?

Go to the Registraduría’s web page to the banner “Consult here the office where your civil registry is located” located on the upper right hand side of the page. There you will be able to find out where your birth and marriage registry is located.

How to know if someone is married Civil Registry?

Civil registry: a more extreme case to find out is to go to the courts of the city to consult the public registry, there you can see if by name there is any marriage certificate.

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How do I know the date I got married?

Use an online agency. Visit a specialized website. The quickest and easiest way to find out when a person was married is to visit the website of a company that can perform a marriage registry search for you.

Central civil registry marriage

Likewise, electronic marriage certificates with the electronic seal of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries may be issued from the data contained in the central database of persons registered in the Civil Registries.

C) Certification with electronic seal of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries: It will serve to accredit the data contained in the computerized and digitalized registry entries of the central database that have been made as of January 1, 1950 in the Municipal Civil Registries or in the Central Civil Registry. Certifications may not be issued by this procedure when the entries were made before 1950 or were made in a delegated Civil Registry (justices of the peace) or in a Consular Civil Registry.

The authorization in these cases will be granted by the Judge in charge and only to those who justify legitimate interest and a well-founded reason to request it. The certification will express the name of the applicant, the effects for which it is issued, and the express authorization of the person in charge. The latter, in the Registry directly under his charge, shall issue the certification himself.

Where is the religious marriage certificate obtained?

Where do I obtain a religious marriage certificate? The religious marriage certificate can be obtained or processed through the parish in which the marriage was celebrated. There they will tell you in which Diocese you must obtain the respective certificate.

How to know the data of a person’s children?

In the case of wanting to know how many children a person has without consulting the RUT, there are also different ways, one of the alternatives may be to go personally to a branch of the Civil Registry. You can go to any one near your community and provide their personal data.

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How do you know if someone is married or divorced?

At the civil registry office you should request a marriage certificate. This document not only states whether a person is married, but also whether the separation or divorce is legally registered and all the details of the sentence.

Marriage certificate spain

The marriage certificate is the document issued by the Civil Registrar, which certifies the act of marriage and the date, time and place of the marriage. The certifications can be:

The authorization in these cases will be granted by the Judge in charge and only to those who justify legitimate interest and well-founded reason to request it. The certification expresses the name of the applicant, the effects for which it is released and the express authorization of the person in charge in the Registry directly in charge, he/she will issue the certification by himself/herself.

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