Correos españa international shipments

In case you cannot pick it up personally, you must fill in an authorization form indicating who you want to pick up the shipment on your behalf. You can authorize either an individual or a legal entity.

In order for an individual to pick up shipments addressed to a company or corporation, it is necessary that the senders indicate the company name and the name and surname of the individual who is going to pick up the shipment.

In the case of Communities of Property, among which are the Communities of Property Owners, notices may be delivered without the stamping of the seal in the event that they do not have it.

How to pick up a package at Correos without notice of arrival?

You will only have to go with your ID card to the post office that we indicate and we will deliver your shipment. In case you cannot pick it up personally, you will have to fill out an authorization form indicating who you want to pick up the shipment on your behalf.

When can I pick up a package from Correos?

You can pick up your order at any time of the day at the post office in your area. WHEN WILL I KNOW I CAN PICK UP MY ORDER AT THE POST OFFICE ? The addressee will be notified by a Notice of Arrival deposited in the mailbox of your home.

How to claim a parcel from Correos?

If you prefer to use the telephone first to make your stay or to inform you about an incident of a shipment, you can call the Correos telephone number 915 197 197 197. You can also try the toll free number 900 400 004.

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Correos tracking

It is true that it may not help us to recover a lost shipment, but Correos will open an investigation process to find out what has happened (something that can take from a few days to months). In those cases, we will have to take our claim to the Consumer Office, so making the claim beforehand at Correos is necessary to continue with the process.

So, even if you think that making your complaints and claims at Correos may not help much, don’t stop making them, maybe they will even help to improve the service if enough people complain about the same thing.

As mentioned above, delays may be due to specific times when there is a higher volume of shipments, but they can also occur during periods when this is not a problem. Normally, they are just an inconvenience, but if the delay goes on for a long time, it can be a nuisance for the user, especially if what he expects to receive is urgent (sometimes there is documentation needed for paperwork that is sent by post).

How do I pick up a package that is not mine?

without any inconvenience another person can pick up your shipment, it is only necessary to present a simple power of attorney… that includes the waybill number and name of the person who will pick it up, as well as a copy of the identification of the titular destination.

What do I need to pick up a package?

7. How to pick up a package at a Post Office? You can pick it up by presenting your tracking number and an official ID.

How to write authorization for Correos?

Start with “I,” followed by your first and last name and ID number (or passport number) and also your address, if you deem it necessary. Continue with “I authorize”, add the name and ID number of the authorized person, and then indicate the specific action that person will perform on your behalf.

Authorization to pick up package

All shipments are subject to Customs criteria for classification as Door-to-Door distribution. It is possible that Customs may have doubts about the contents or value of a particular shipment. In that case, it is eligible for in-person pickup.

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Yes, in order to obtain the shipment, the Correo Argentino fee must be paid, which currently costs $140. This amount includes the classification, stocking and administrative management costs that must be paid for each of the packages arriving from abroad, regardless of their weight and value. This cost is independent of the exemption granted by AFIP for purchases abroad.

This is a provision of Customs and applies, for example, in cases where the recipient is unaware of the contents of the shipment, or any other that the agency determines. If the withdrawal must be made in person, users have 30 calendar days to pick up the shipment.

The limit per person is 12 shipments per year, with an allowance of up to u$s 50 each. If these limits are exceeded, 50% of the value of the merchandise must be paid. Any shipment of up to 20 kilos may be distributed in Door to Door circuit, always at the discretion of Customs.

What do I do if my package is delivered to someone else?

The courier company will try to locate your package, but if they are unsuccessful, they will declare it as “lost” and you will have the right to claim that the package was delivered to someone else and not to you, and request a refund.

Who can pick up a package at Correo Argentino?

The person who picks up the package must be over 16 years old. When the addressee of the shipment comes to pick it up, he/she must do so with the Notice of Visit and a valid document to prove his/her identity.

How many delivery attempts does Correos make?

Don’t worry, your Correos courier will make two attempts to deliver your order. After two unsuccessful attempts, Correos will take the package to a nearby office for you to pick it up.

Postal Authorization

The delivery period through Correos is 48-72 working hours for Peninsula and Andorra, and 4 – 5 days for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. For international destinations the delivery time is longer depending on the destination. The delivery time is always computed from the time your order has left our warehouse until it arrives at your home or post office. You will know if your order has left our warehouse when the status of your order is marked as “Shipped or Completed”, you will also receive an email notification with information about your shipment.

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Two home delivery attempts will be made, if home delivery does not take place you will be left in your mailbox the notice of arrival and you will have 15 days to pick up the shipment by your Reference Post Office. After this time, if the order has not been picked up, it will be returned to us and the customer will have to bear the cost of return and redelivery.

Yes, you can choose to pick up your order directly at the post office. This option is available on our website when choosing the shipping method during the checkout process. This option is more economical and is ideal for those who cannot stay at home all day waiting to receive their order. You can pick up your order at any time of the day at your local post office.

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