UK license plates

He told me that he was doing the paperwork through an agency, and that he had been told that while the car (right hand drive) could be homologated, it was not possible in the case of the AC.

The right hand drive, fine, but for example, the pedals, gears, …. The engine also goes the other way round? Would there be a way to change everything by hand, counting for example with the same van but with everything on the left?

And what about when if you decide to change it and put it for sale, the dealers will not want it even as a gift and individuals because I think it has a very small market if not null, by the way it sounds something of the English scam?

Be very careful with the documentation of this AC, because in England they are not so scrupulous with the registration, they can register the chassis, but the cell is not in the “title” but goes with a certificate. That is not valid for homologation.

Jajajajaj, what it takes, to have to go all the time looking backwards… although looking at it well, if you drive backwards in the left lane with an English motorhome, you go with the steering wheel to the left, no?:icon_rolleyes:

How much does it cost to register a car from England in Spain?

To register the car, you will have to present all the documentation at the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico to register the car and pay the registration fee (94.80 euros). You will be given your new registration number and the definitive documentation, with which you will be able to buy the license plates and mount them on the car.

How to homologate an English car in Spain?

The first thing to do is to request the COC (European Certificate of Conformity) from the car manufacturer. With this certificate and the original documentation of the vehicle, go to an ITV to homologate the car and have the ITV station issue the technical data sheet.

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How to take the car to England?

Bringing your car to the UK

If you decide to drive your own vehicle in England you must take into account that you must bring with you your passport or ID card, the vehicle documentation, a valid driver’s license, a European declaration of accidents, accident and breakdown cover and car insurance.

How much it costs to buy a car in england

As Certificate of Conformity is a European certificate, we guarantee its validity only in EU member countries. Sometimes it is also accepted by non-European authorities, but it is necessary to verify it in the country of the next registration.

The certificate of conformity is not available for any vehicle registered outside the EU. The vehicle was subjected to a national type-approval valid only in the country, in which the type-approval was made. Therefore, the vehicle does not necessarily meet European standards. For more information, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer.

Yes, the CoC is available for vehicles from EFTA (European Free Trade Association) member countries, such as Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, so you will get the CoC also for a Swiss vehicle.

If it is anchored in the CoC that the vehicle can be registered in the country with right-hand traffic (most EU countries) without some additional modifications, the CoC should be sufficient. Once it is anchored in the CoC that the vehicle can be registered only in the left-hand drive countries (UK, Japan), individual vehicle approval may or may not be necessary. In case no major vehicle deficiencies are detected during the roadworthiness test, individual vehicle approval is not necessary. The most important thing is that front and rear lights, speedometer and rear view mirrors meet the standards of the country of the next registration.

What does GB mean on a license plate?

How a current UK car license plate works. … The international code for the United Kingdom is GB, although from September 2021 it is necessary to show an oval with the code UK when leaving the UK.

How much does it cost to register a foreign car in Spain?

Whether you come from abroad or if your vehicle is imported, you have 6 months to register the car from the moment the vehicle arrives in Spanish territory. Fee to be paid to the DGT: 97,80 €, whether it is a rehabilitation or an application for registration.

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How long does it take to register a 2021 car?

The registration of a vehicle is a mandatory procedure that you must go through if you buy a car, because without it. It usually takes between one and three days depending on how fast all the relevant procedures are carried out.

How much does it cost to import a car from England

In I have made a simulation (Spanish car, 12 years, blah, blah) and they gave me 2 prices in two insurers (One call Insurance and The Policy Shop) to third parties 643 and 702 pounds … not bad, no?

If you have the 3 mirrors… my husband says that only when entering the traffic circles coming from the right and if you have a co-driver it can “cover” you… but come on, being careful… (well that’s what I want to think…)

I’ve been doing some research and the option suggested by @Aliso_v4.0 seems very interesting. I had no idea there was a market for left hand drive cars. Thanks again for the suggestion and forgive my ignorance.

@Aliso_v4.0, thank you very much for the tip. I have already contacted some of those dealerships you say and have found that they are trying to take advantage. Above all, what worries me most is all the paperwork, paperwork, workshops … bureaucracy, after all, that in my experience so far, here is extenuaste. Although it may seem hard to believe, I don’t have time for all that for work reasons, not even to dedicate the necessary time to the phone, because during business hours I am always working and without the possibility of calling or answering calls. And so far I have not been able to get a decent answer to my mails.

How much does it cost to change the license plate of a car?

In order to change the registration of your car you must go to the Traffic Headquarters of the province where you live and there you will be required to show: An official application form that you can download from the DGT website. Proof of payment of a fee whose price is 91,80€.

How much does it cost to import a car from the Netherlands?

Of course, as in the previous cases, the price of importing a car from Holland will vary depending on many assumptions. However, if we have to find an average it can be around 800 €.

How long can I stay with my car in England?

You can stay with it for up to six months in a one-year period, either in one visit or in several visits. In case you are going to stay more than six months or you have become a resident, you are obliged to register the car and pay the corresponding taxes.

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Owning a car in England

First of all and after speaking personally with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) they made it categorically clear to me that a UK resident CANNOT DRIVE A CAR WITH A FOREIGN REGISTRATION, these were their exact words:

– Document V55/5. This is the document sent to you by the DVLA. You have about 50 boxes where you will put a lot of information about you and your car. Let’s say it is the official document for the change of registration. Once filled in, you put it in what I will call from now on the “envelope”.

And you put the day you entered with the car. In a few hours they will tell you that everything is ok and that Customs gives permission to the DVLA to register your car (you don’t have to send anything, the administrations themselves send the information internally).

– MOT: it is like the ITV but with a big difference. The MOT can be passed in many private garages, that is to say, you will not find the typical ITV official asking for everything. To pass the MOT it is a prerequisite that the speedometer of the car indicates Miles per Hour and that the lights of your car point to the left (in a car with the steering wheel on the left the lights point to the right, and here it dazzles those who come from the front).