Can I sell my number plate?

Car valuation by license plate

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What do I have to do if I sell my car?

It is necessary to deliver to the buyer different documents of the vehicle: registration certificate, technical inspection card and certificate of the last ITV if the car is more than 4 years old. It is necessary to communicate the change of ownership of the car at the corresponding Traffic Headquarters within a maximum period of 10 days.

What happens if I sell a financed car?

Even if you have a reservation of title, there are several methods to be able to sell a financed car legally: The future buyer assumes the debt of the car: if the contract of the financial institution allows it, you can change the ownership of the car to the new buyer so that he assumes the debt.

How to sell a car that is financed?

The easiest way to sell a car that is still being financed is to liquidate the unit and then make an endorsement of the invoice in order to effect a change of ownership, as you would with any other vehicle for sale.

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I want to sell my car

The first thing you should know is how to sell your car in case it is being financed. There are always economic situations that can get a little complicated, we get desperate and we do not know what to do. When this happens, the first thing we think about is selling our car because of the high value it may have.

Most finance companies will deny you the transfer, but in case it is possible, it will be the agency itself who will be in charge of reviewing the buyer’s credit history to determine if he has the economic capacity to continue paying for the car.

This sounds obvious to people who routinely clean their cars, but not everyone is careful with their car. The price for washing a car is almost insignificant compared to what it can help you to make your car look great and the buyer has no choice but to take it. The most recommended is the

You can also make your own rim cleaner. Combine baking soda with water to make a paste, then use a brush to work it into your tires. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. For rims and chrome, mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray and then wipe with a sponge or rag.

How to sell a leased car?

In order to sell your leased car, you must make the payment before the end of the contract. In the same way, you can totally cancel the car to buy a new one through the same entity where the leasing was done.

What happens if I sell a car and it is not transferred?

If you have sold your car or motorcycle and the buyer does not make the transfer despite having agreed in the contract (in terms of form and deadlines), you can go to the Jefatura de Tráfico with the contract of sale signed by both parties and file a notice of sale.

What does it take to sell a car between private individuals?

A: To sell a car you need the following documents: registration certificate, MOT certificate, technical inspection card (green card), municipal road tax receipt, change of ownership and notification (we do it for you).

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How to find out how much I can sell my car for

You’ve been in Germany for a while. You’ve seen that great offer on a new car and you’ve decided to buy it. Now you just have to sell your old car, right? Well, if you’re lucky, another American will buy it. That’s a pretty easy process that only requires a “few” trips to the vehicle registry. What if you’re not so lucky or if you find a potential German buyer? The short answer is yes, you can generally sell any car you own to a German citizen. There are some additional steps included and some of them will depend on the car.

German cars (cars that were already registered in Germany) are the easiest to sell to a local. Someone probably bought that car from a local a long time ago and then sold it to them through the local lemon lot. These cars already existed in Germany, so the transaction is straightforward. In most cases, the buyer (the German local) will not have to pay the zoll or “customs” import tax on the car since it started its life in Germany. This import tax is 10% of the selling price so it can be an important factor in its sale.

How to sell my car if it has a reservation of title?

A: To sell a car with a reservation of title, you have to liquidate this reservation. You liquidate the total amount that you have agreed with the bank and apply for a note of the vehicle in the registry of movable goods. Once you get the permission, you can sell.

What happens if I sell a motorcycle that I have not finished paying for?

You should not sell it because it is not yours yet, the debt will continue and later you will be repossessed and you will also lose your bike.

How to cancel the financing of a car?

To do so, you have to contact the bank or finance company that provided the financing and request it. The total cancellation implies that the holder pays back in advance to the financial institution all the amount of the outstanding loan.

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Vehicle data by license plate

Enter your car data in the web site. We only need simple details about the condition and equipment. You can also optionally upload a photo of the car to get an even more accurate price.

With us you not only receive an approximate price, we give you the final selling price of your car directly online. So you know if you are interested in selling with us or not without leaving home and without wasting time.

You will receive your final selling price by e-mail once you have provided us with the necessary information. The price you see in the e-mail is the final selling price. At the branch office, one of our experts will confirm the information you have provided and you will be able to sell at the price indicated in the e-mail.

If at the branch office there are differences between the information provided and the actual condition of the car, there may be deviations in the price. Our employees will explain all details transparently on site.

If you have not received your final sales price after 3 days, please contact our customer service. We will examine your specific case and find a quick and easy solution.