Itv expired two days

If the inspection is negative, a maximum period of two months is granted to pass it again. The usual procedure in these cases is as follows: the person who is going to pass the ITV picks up the vehicle at the address agreed with the customer, submits it to examination at the station where the appointment was booked and delivers it back to its owner. If the result of the inspection is positive, the process ends there. However, if the vehicle fails the inspection, the customer receives the inspection report with the vehicle’s defects to be corrected.

The owner of the vehicle has a maximum period of two months to return to the same ITV station to check that the errors have been repaired. During this time the vehicle may only be driven to travel from the ITV station to the garage and vice versa. Driving with an unfavorable inspection is punishable by a fine of 200 euros.

There is an alarming increase in the number of #vehicles whose #ITV is expiring from March 2021, and do not perform the corresponding inspection. Do you have doubts about when to perform the ITV of your vehicle? We solve them: AECA-ITV (@AECA_ITV) April 6, 2021

How long can you circulate with an expired ITV?

In order to avoid these problems, the agents will not physically remove the document, but will hand over a flyer authorizing the circulation of the vehicle for a maximum period of 10 days. In the event that the owner does not pass the inspection within this period, the DGT will order the immobilization of the vehicle.

How to take the car to the ITV if it is expired?

If after 10 days you do not present a proof of passing the ITV, the vehicle will be sealed. The mechanism to pass the expired ITV is the same as when we pass the inspection on time. You have to make an appointment and go with your vehicle to the station at the agreed date and time.

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What happens if you miss your MOT date?

If you present your vehicle after the deadline, a complete inspection of the vehicle will be carried out and the corresponding fees will be paid again. In addition, if the 2 months have elapsed and the vehicle has not passed the inspection, the ITV station will inform the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico so that the vehicle can be deregistered.

Circulate without itv but with appointment

Apr92021Vehicle MaintenanceRoad SafetyThe ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection) is a test to which we have to submit our vehicle and that many motor lovers fear, among other things, because of the little freedom there is to modify your car. But we will talk about this on another occasion.

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What happens if I buy a car without an ITV?

It is allowed to transfer a car without or with an expired MOT, but until it passes the technical inspection it will not be possible to drive the vehicle in question. The new owner (or the owner before selling it) will have to pay for the inspection.

What happens if my ITV has expired but I have an appointment?

The sanctioning procedures for expired ITV will continue when the appointment has been requested after the expiration date that appears on the ITV card. … Therefore, the DGT clarifies to FACUA that driving with an expired ITV is still a reason for a fine and that there is no order to the contrary.

What happens if I have not passed the ITV for 1 year?

The fine for driving with expired ITV is 200 euros (100 euros for prompt payment). … The consequences are that the Guardia Civil de Tráfico will be able to sanction you if any of their cameras detects the license plate of your car circulating with an expired ITV or with an unfavorable or negative ITV.

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New itv

Due to lack of time, laziness or forgetfulness, many drivers have circulated on occasion without passing the ITV on the established date. With the current regulations, if the agents stop you, they will fine you 200 euros.

When you forget the date on which you have to pass the ITV, you know you can run into a problem. Letting the ITV expire and not passing it on time can mean committing a traffic infraction.

The fact that the ITV is expired does not mean that you have to pay more when you go for the inspection or that once you get there you will be fined. To avoid being fined, the best thing to do is to pass the ITV before the deadline expires. It can be done before the 30 calendar days, so our advice is to be a little alert and ask for an appointment.

How can I sell a car without an ITV?

First of all, what you will have to do to be able to sell your vehicle without ITV is to make a change of ownership of the vehicle. This change of ownership at the DGT registry is done upon payment of the corresponding fees (approximately 55 euros).

Where can I sell a car without ITV?


There is the possibility of selling the car without ITV, for which it is necessary to communicate the change of ownership in the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). With this procedure, the change of ownership is recorded in the registers.

Who pays for the ITV?

The fine for an expired ITV will always be paid by the owner of the vehicle. Not all traffic fines or fines related to a vehicle are paid by the same person and sometimes the doubt may arise. In the case of an expired ITV, must the person driving the vehicle at the time of the fine pay the fine?

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ITV Fines

From ITV-SGS we have always looked after your safety through the inspection of your vehicle. Our motto has always been “Your safety moves us” and now it is more important than ever. We solve some of the questions of our users and we give you all the current information on how is the situation of the ITV in pandemic and how we will face the new normality that starts from now on.Date: 04/11/2020Category: News

There are many questions about the situation and related to the ITV in pandemic to which we will try to give a conclusive answer so that there are no more doubts about it. The current ITV regulations are also affected by the continuous changes applied by the Government given the situation, so we will be updating the information constantly with the latest developments in this regard.

It will not be necessary in most of the ITV stations of our network, since the organization of our centers allows to attend equally to those people with appointment and to those who have stopped in some station unexpectedly. However, we recommend you to make an appointment in advance to avoid problems and to ensure a correct service.

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