Can you get a free MOT?

Technical inspection of vehicles previous appointment

By law, you can circulate with an expired ITV, however, you are exposed to be fined and even to have your circulation license withdrawn and be obliged to pass the ITV within 10 days. If you do not comply with the deadline, the vehicle may be sealed and even deregistered.

One of the most widespread urban legends is that you can get off the hook for having requested the previous appointment, but be careful, because having requested the previous appointment for the ITV will not avoid the fine for driving with an expired ITV, this is something that will depend on the good faith of the police officer.

In addition to the expiration of the inspection, you may find that when passing the ITV you are given an unfavorable or negative inspection. Here we explain these two cases so that you know what to do to avoid being sanctioned. Remember that inspections are established for your safety.

The problem is that, in case of an accident, the insurance company may end up claiming the costs from the owner of the vehicle. In case of having a comprehensive insurance, driving with an expired ITV and having an accident, the insurer may end up claiming its own expenses and those of the third party for driving a vehicle in an irregular administrative situation.

How much is it worth to have your ITV checked?

According to the organization, the average price of the ITV in Spain is 34.82 euros for gasoline-powered passenger cars compared to 42.05 euros for diesel-powered cars. The reference price will be lower in the case of motorcycles, which are cheaper when it comes to passing the ITV.

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Who can pass my ITV?

Perhaps, there are drivers who do not know that passing the ITV is not something that can only be done by the owner of the vehicle, but that anyone can do as long as they have the proper documentation. ITV inspectors do not care about the relationship between the car and the driver who drove it there.

What happens if you have an expired ITV?

You can circulate with an expired ITV, however, you may be fined and even have your license withdrawn and be obliged to pass the ITV within 10 days. If you do not comply with the deadline, the vehicle may be sealed and even deregistered.

App itv

In Talleres Fernandez Garcia we are clear that our work with you does not end after the sale of the vehicle and we try to give all our customers a professional and personalized after-sales service so that you can count on us for whatever you need your vehicle in the future.

The process for you to have all the guarantees that your Mercedes is going to pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection could not be simpler. Make an appointment at our Mercedes-Benz Authorized Workshop and our technical staff will check all the points that are examined in the Technical Inspection.

The technicians responsible for carrying out the pre-ITV will take a good look at everything that has to do with brakes, steering, lights, bodywork, seat belts, windshields, rear-view mirrors or even the engine. An important point that should also be emphasized is the pollution indexes of the car, since it is one of the tests that is carried out in the ITV when measuring the indexes of gases that the vehicle gives off through the exhaust pipe.

How to take the car to the ITV?

What the person taking the vehicle for inspection will have to do is to identify himself/herself with his/her ID card, in addition to carrying the vehicle’s documentation: registration certificate, technical data sheet, vehicle insurance receipt and, if the vehicle is registered in the name of a company, the corresponding VAT number.

What do I need to pass the ITV of a car that is not mine?

You just have to make sure that the person who presents the vehicle for the technical vehicle inspection has the necessary papers and the required documentation, as well as receiving the keys of the vehicle in question. As long as the papers are presented, there is no problem in having someone else pass the ITV for you.

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How long do I have to pass the ITV?

How long do you have to pass the ITV once it has expired? New vehicles must pass the Vehicle Technical Inspection 4 years after their registration date. From that moment on, they must pass it every 2 years until they are 10 years old.

I don’t remember my ITV appointment

If you have taken your vehicle to pass the inspection, but it turns out that you have obtained an unfavorable ITV, you will have to present it again in the next few days. You have a specific period in which you can request a second ITV inspection after correcting the faults detected in the first technical inspection.

Otherwise, if you drive on a regular basis, you expose yourself to an unfavorable ITV fine. This penalty can be 200€ (100€ if you pay before the stipulated deadline). So we do not recommend you to take the car if it is not to take it to the workshop or bring it back to your inspection.

In these two months, you will be able to fix the defects found in the inspection and prepare your vehicle to be in perfect conditions to receive a positive result in the ITV. Generally, if you bring your vehicle within fifteen days of the first ITV, this second ITV inspection will be free of charge.

To request a second ITV, you will have to make the usual procedure of requesting an appointment at our facilities. Through our web page you will be able to make an appointment for the day that best suits you. Choose the type of vehicle you have and depending on it, the ITV by type of vehicle that corresponds.

How much does it cost to pass the ITV in Majadahonda?

Gasoline car: 40,05 €. Motorcycle or moped: 35,99 €. Industrial vehicles: 73,86 €.

Where is it easiest to pass the ITV?

10 essential tips for passing the ITV

At the opposite pole we find Navarra, La Rioja and the Valencian Community as the places where it is easiest to pass the vehicle inspection.

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How to know if your car is going to pass the ITV?

One way is to check the registration date on the registration certificate to get an idea of when that date might be. The other way is to look at the car’s license plate. The letters that appear on it give us the clue of when you must pass the first ITV with your vehicle.

Itv ourense

When you arrive at the station and the time of your scheduled appointment approaches, you will receive an SMS on your cell phone indicating the inspection line you have to access; you do not have to get out of your vehicle or go to the office. Your card will be charged at the moment you start the inspection process. If for any reason you cannot keep your appointment we will not charge you anything.

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