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– Of course I knew Armenian people but I didn’t have a special relationship. I worked with Alejandro Magnone, the director and author, who wrote the book with a lot of knowledge of all the past events in Armenia and its present as well. The community supported us, helped us a lot, a very united community, so I was learning, trying to understand, those facts in that particular character, Maró’s past makes her have such a particular character, her history forces her to keep that secret that I am not going to tell. All this makes Maró live in a way as if she had never left her town.

– Well, I’m not going to be the cook, but I was very interested in going to restaurants and asking Armenian people who cook and who know how to cook. I did my research to do it naturally, I was interested in the cooking points of the food, in the preparation of the dish, in the seasonings. The kitchen is Maró’s home.

– What can I tell you? Those canalladas of the history that are in the humanity. What happened was one of the greatest crimes of humanity and it has never been solved. There are people who were dismembered, incomplete, families dismembered, looking for members of those families.    In short, the history of Maró itself.

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One of the novelties is the course on “Salary and severance payment”. This course will be given by Mr. Fabricio Marri and consists of fourteen classes to be held on Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm at the FRSN facilities.

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The “Radiological Safety” course, taught by Eng. Enrique Botta, is also added to the proposals. This course will be held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at E.E.T. Nº 6 of Bº Somisa and will last six classes.

Likewise, the Secretariat of University Extension offers different training proposals. In the technical area, courses on Automation and Electrical Installations, Uncertainty Calculation, Process Control and Instrumentation, Instrumentation and Automatic Control, Temperature Measurement, Pneumatics and Electro-pneumatics, Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Robotics Training Program and Radiation Safety are offered.

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@tooshel: the laws are there to protect you too, or at least that’s the theory. I don’t know if there were many people who were killed or hurt or started fires through failed electrical work, but I think that’s one of the reasons given for the change.

@ChrisF The reason I say it’s to protect future homeowners is because we (as free people) should not allow laws that take away our freedom UNLESS freedom imposes someone else’s freedom. However, that’s a discussion for a different site!

Or it involves an electrician who, because of his training/qualifications/registration does not need building control and can certify the work himself. Unfortunately for me, most of the work ahead of me is notifiable, so I will contact Sparky and pay for their expertise and the certificate they give me at the end of the job. Hope this helps

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2 PROBLEM No. 1 What pressure makes the load move. What flow rate ( lpm ) is required for the load to acquire a velocity of 5 cm/sec. At what pressure will it reach the above velocity in 0.1 sec. PROBLEM Nº 2 5 ton Q2 1. Calculate the diameter of the piston to raise the load with a pressure of 100 bar. 2.

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3 PROBLEM No. 3 A cylinder of 3″ bore and 16″ stroke receives a flow rate of 18 gpm with what velocity does the piston rod exit? PROBLEM NO. 4 r Theoretically, how much torque will a hydraulic motor with a displacement of 13 in 3 /rev produce when a pressure of 240 psi is applied to it. PROBLEM NO. 5 r A cylinder with dp = 8″ dv = 4″ and stroke of 36″ must be extended in one minute: How many gpm are required. With what force is it capable of pushing, if the pressure is psi? How long does it take to make one cycle. How much power does it transmit. What are the input and output speeds of the piston rod.

4 PROBLEM Nº 6 A hydraulic motor generates a torque of rpm and 100 bar. What is the power that is being transmitted? 2. What is its displacement? 3. What flow rate does it need to rotate at that rpm. 4. What would be the displacement of the pump if it turned at rpm PROBLEM No. 7 A horizontal cylinder with a 10″ piston, 7″ rod and 24″ stroke, pushes a lb. load along its stroke in 3 sec. 1. How much power is it transmitting when it pushes. 2. 3. What is the flow rate out of the piston area when the cylinder is retracting. 4. What is the flow rate of the pump that is moving it. 5. If we use the same system to pull the load, how much power would be needed.

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