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“…The granting of driver’s licenses in violation of the provisions of this Law and its regulations, shall make the issuing officer liable to the administrative criminal and civil liabilities arising from the fact…”. (Art. 24 National Traffic and Road Safety Law).

It unifies the database of the National Registry of Driver’s Licenses and Traffic Records, which will allow in a short term the implementation of the points system and the effective sanctioning of offenders.

The change of the License will take place gradually, when it is issued for the first time, or when the expiration or renewal of the Licenses already issued occurs. Likewise, any new request for a License due to deterioration, loss, theft or robbery of the same, and which is requested after the entry into force of the Unified License Issuance Model, shall imply the issuance of the new License model.

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What happens after passing the driving test?

The provisional license is a document issued to the student after passing the practical test, and allows him/her to drive and circulate on the roads of Spain while waiting for his/her definitive license to arrive in the mail.

What is the percentage to pass the driving test?

DGT Theoretical Exam.

Those who exceed 10% of errors will not pass the exam.

How to obtain a provisional driver’s license?

Enter the Electronic Headquarters of the DGT, in the section Consult your exam grade and fill in the requested fields. Check that you have passed all the tests and that you are fit to drive. Click on the tab below ‘Obtain authorization’ to generate the document in pdf and print it on paper.

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Legalizing foreign transcripts

Some states go a little further, as they require taking a driving and road culture course, as well as passing a medical examination that certifies that the driver is physically fit to drive. Photo: Cuartoscuro / File

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MEXICO CITY – The first thing you should know is that it is a simple process, you just need to have an official ID, proof of address, pay the processing fee and, except for the CDMX, pass a basic theoretical and/or practical test that proves that the applicant can drive.

Some states go a little further, requiring a driving and road culture course, as well as passing a medical examination to prove that the driver is physically fit to drive a car safely, but even with this, the standards for granting the license fall short compared to other countries where it is literally an odyssey to get one.

How can I get my driver’s license without taking a test?

The requirements to obtain a driver’s license in the State of Mexico are basically five documents: certified birth certificate, CURP, valid official identification with photograph, proof of address no more than two months old and receipt of payment.

How long does it take to receive the score of the practical driving test?

How long does it take to publish the results of the practical test? Normally, the scores of the theoretical test at the DGT will be available on the same day from 18h and those of the practical test at the DGT the day after the exam from 12h.

How long does it take the DGT to send the license?

As for how long it takes to receive the definitive driver’s license, we must take into account that the estimated delivery time of the license is usually one month, although as in the previous case, it may be delayed for a couple of months.

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Test results

We all know how important it is to have a driver’s license and the investment that this requires. This doubt about the necessary hours usually arises due to the rush of our times and the need to establish a clear budget for this project.

If you are thinking of getting your driving license and you want to know how much time and money you will have to invest in it, from our driving school in Cordoba we provide you with all the information you need.

After all, each person has their own learning rhythms and you cannot force all students to go through a rigid training process. In fact, it will not even be necessary to have a teacher as such, but we can learn with whoever we want as long as some requirements imposed by law are met.

For our part, we believe that it is extremely important that you find your own pace and maintain it throughout your training process. One of the most relevant points in the time needed to achieve the necessary progress has to do with the confidence and security you have in your abilities.

How many questions are on the driving test?

The theoretical exam to obtain the B driving license consists of 30 multiple-choice questions (generally with three possible answers) that must be answered in a maximum of 30 minutes. In order for the DGT to consider the exam passed, a maximum of three mistakes are allowed. With four errors, the theoretical test is failed.

How many questions can you fail the driving test?

The 35 questions that make up the exam must be answered in a maximum time of 45 minutes.

What happens if I fail the 2021 driving test 3 times?

However, if you fail three times, you will have to pay the exam fee and registration fee again. These three attempts, either the driving test or the knowledge test, can be taken within a period of three months from the date you pass.

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Requirements to obtain a driver’s license in chile

There are different kinds of permits and licenses depending on the category and the vehicle you need to drive: mopeds, motorcycles, cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles… each of them requires specific tests.

To obtain a new license, you must apply to take the tests. Although it is usual to prepare for the test at a driving school, you can also apply on your own. Once you have passed the aptitude tests, you will obtain your driving license.  During the preparation and the presentation to the tests to obtain your driving license you have at your disposal several procedures that can be useful to you.

As soon as you pass, we will give you a provisional driving license, with which you will be able to drive while the definitive license arrives at your home. For this it is important to always have your address updated in Traffic. You can verify and change it yourself online.

If because of your religion you wear your hair covered, photographs with a veil will be accepted, but the oval of your face must be completely uncovered from the hairline to the chin, so that it does not prevent or hinder your identification.