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The Governing Board took note that its Bureau had authorized the Director-General to invite the following intergovernmental organizations to be represented at the Global Dialogue Forum as observers:

The Governing Board, on the recommendation of its Bureau, authorized the Director-General to invite the following international non-governmental organizations to be represented at the Global Dialogue Forum as observers:

The Governing Body noted that the following intergovernmental organizations that had concluded standing mutual representation agreements with the ILO had been invited to be represented at the Meeting as observers:

The Governing Body noted that its Officers had authorized the Director-General to invite, in addition to the above-mentioned intergovernmental organizations, the following intergovernmental organizations and institutions:

The Governing Body further noted that, in accordance with past practice, the Bureau had also authorized the Director-General to invite the Secretariats of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Pacific Islands Forum.

Working in the UK

The leading certification card scheme for construction is a card required in the UK to provide proof that people working on construction sites have the training and qualifications required for their job.

There is a wide range of CSCS cards to reflect the variety of occupations within the construction industry. Before applying for it check that you have selected the correct card for the job you will be doing.

If you have already gone through the above and have obtained one of the Construction Related NVQ or SVQ or have completed a City and Guilds of London Institute Craft Certificate apprenticeship sponsored by one of your employers, you may choose to take the blue CSCS which is for a skilled worker.

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Job offers in Spanish embassies 2021

Step inside the warehouse of an independent logistics provider or, for that matter, almost any warehouse and what do you find? An environment under continuous evolution: continuous change. Warehouse managers have to be problem solvers, knowing how to plan for future change can make a big difference, mitigate many of the problems they face, and make sure operations are as safe and efficient as possible.

“You only have to look at the cost-effectiveness of safety to realize that they go hand-in-hand along with efficiency and performance,” says Roger Bibbings of RoSPA. “In times of recession it may seem counterintuitive, but a business plan when it comes to safety is more necessary than in other, more buoyant times, because you don’t have the sales and turnover to overcome the losses you suffer. You only have to avoid relatively few accidents for the safety measures to pay for themselves several times over.”

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Against this backdrop, in July 2017 Southwark Court fined NPS London £370,000 (about €400,000) after it pleaded guilty to breaching section 3.1 of the Health and Safety at Work Act for failings relating to an asbestos check during the renovation of an elementary school.

However, the judge found that it was a large organization because, “exceptionally, it can be demonstrated to the court that the resources of a related organization are available and can be properly taken into account.”

NPS London is owned by NPS Property Consultants and London Borough of Waltham Forest and at the time of sentencing, the accounts showed that the annual turnover of this parent company, the “connected organization,” was £125 million. For a large organization such as this, the starting point for the penalty is £1.1 million and a range of £550,000 to £2.9 million.

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The appeal court judges agreed and concluded, “We think it is clear that the judge was wrong to read the guidance as entitling him to treat NPS London as if it were a large organization for sentencing purposes. It is the turnover of the offending organization, not that of any related organization, which, in the second step of the guideline, should be used to identify the relevant table. This reflects the basic principle of company law that a company should be treated as a separate legal entity with assets separate from its shareholders.”