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Art. 1º.- Inc.1) Any person who is going to build, rebuild, reform, regularize buildings, open new openings or modify the existing ones in front of them, in urban or suburban properties of the Department of Florida, shall request the corresponding permit from this Municipal Intendancy or from the respective Board, which shall be authorized or denied prior to their request.


Structures are a fundamental element to achieve the necessary safety of the constructions that support them, both in building and civil engineering, and, consequently, the safety of the users that use them.

Among the different materials used in their construction, concrete and steel are the most common, so the design and construction of concrete, steel and mixed (concrete and steel) structures is of special relevance in order to achieve such safety.

The Structural Concrete Instruction (EHE-08), approved by Royal Decree 1247/2008, of July 18, 2008, has been constituting, since its entry into force, the framework in which the requirements to be taken into account in the design and execution of concrete structures, both for building and civil engineering, are established in order to achieve the safety levels appropriate to their purpose.

Likewise, the Structural Steel Instruction (EAE), approved by Royal Decree 751/2011, of May 27, constitutes the regulatory framework establishing the requirements to be met by steel structures to satisfy structural safety and fire safety requirements, in addition to environmental protection, providing procedures that allow demonstrating their compliance with sufficient technical guarantees. These requirements must be met in the design and construction of steel structures, as well as in their maintenance.

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Approve the “Directive that regulates the conditions and safety measures of storage facilities for explosives and related materials and provisions for the presentation of the application for authorization to store explosives and related materials”.

That, literal h) of Article 15° of Legislative Decree No. 1127 and literal j) of Article 11° of the Regulation of Organization and Functions – ROF of SUCAMEC, approved by Supreme Decree No. 004-2013-IN, amended by Supreme Decree No. 017-2013-IN, establish as one of the functions of the National Superintendent, to issue directives and resolutions within the scope of its competence;

That, paragraphs a) and l) of Article 39° of the SUCAMEC’s ROF establish as functions of the Management of Explosives and Pyrotechnic Products for Civil Use, respectively, “Propose the guidelines related to the issuance, renewal, extension or cancellation of civil use of explosives and pyrotechnic products” and “Develop, propose and approve, where appropriate, the rules, directives and guidelines within the framework of its competences”;

Veracruz 2020 Building Regulations

During the winter we have surely noticed a cold sensation in our home despite having the heating on and even walls or ceilings that were cold to the touch. Now in summer, history repeats itself but in reverse. Some walls and ceilings are hot in summer and turn our house into a real oven. Walls transmit heat from the outside.

A properly insulated house can save around 30% of the energy it is consuming, both air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, because the heat is also filtered through the walls to the inside or to the outside…

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Light colors will help us to achieve greater refraction of the sun’s rays and therefore less incidence on the walls and terraces. In the image: application of the first coat of anti-thermal rubber paint.

Thermal paints or liquid ceramic paints have hollow ceramic microspheres inside. These microspheres form a virtual air cushion on the surface of the walls and ceilings, creating a thermal barrier that prevents heat or cold from the outside from being transferred to the inside of the house, while at the same time preventing heat and cold from the inside from escaping through the walls. With the Ceramic Thermal Paint you will retain the heat in your house in winter and get a cool environment in summer.

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