Fitness and personal training instructor technician

To be a personal trainer it is not necessary to be an elite or high-level athlete and to have participated in important national or international competitions. The personal trainer is the fitness professional who is dedicated to prescribing exercises, as well as motivating and setting individualized goals for each of his clients according to their physical conditions and the objectives they are pursuing.

In this article we explain what to study to become a personal trainer – what courses or what career to study to become a personal trainer – and where to study personal trainer, among others. Keep reading this article for more information!

One of the possible options to study personal trainer is a university degree. However, this degree is not specifically designed to be a personal trainer, although among its professional opportunities is this possibility. In any case, when answering what career to study to be a personal trainer we find: Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport.

What does it take to be a personal trainer?

What to study? To train as a personal trainer it is not necessary to go to university, however there are higher degrees in physical conditioning, teaching and social and sports animation and sports or teaching, which will allow you to pursue a career as a personal trainer or in gyms.

What does it take to be a fitness instructor?

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education.

How much does it cost to become certified as a personal trainer?

Depending on your career level, a personal trainer certification can cost $400-$600, a master’s certification can cost upwards of $2,000 for study materials and the exam.

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Personal trainer gym

When it comes to being a successful personal trainer, you want to be more than just a fitness and exercise expert. You want to be seen as an authority. You want people to look up to you. But how do you get the title of personal trainer?

Today being a personal trainer, and therefore a fitness professional, is a very in-demand job. Everyone knows the health benefits of fitness, but not everyone knows the right way to get the best result, and this is where the personal trainer comes in.

A personal trainer, as a health professional, will be in charge of taking care of and guiding the people he or she works with in a healthy way, from a physical, psychological and emotional point of view. For this reason, training plays a fundamental role in the professional career.

Since people who hire the services of a personal trainer, often not only seek to achieve some goals in terms of physical refers, if not seeking a change in lifestyle, either by habits or to improve their quality of life, so it is vital to have a global and specific training on different subjects as far as health and sport is concerned, to mark a proper and completely personalized way, the right path towards achieving goals, therefore, to guide and help people in this way is necessary to have professional knowledge.

How long does a career as a personal trainer last?

Throughout eight semesters, you will have a comprehensive training in this area and with a broad field of work in the areas of teaching, sports management, health, physical activity as a tool for social intervention, among others.

What is the job of a fitness instructor?

Fitness instructors provide exercise instruction to help improve people’s physical fitness. They typically specialize in one of the following areas: maintenance gymnastics, aerobics, water aerobics, weight training or circuit training.

What do you study to become a personal trainer?

The most complete career to become a personal trainer is the Pedagogy of Physical Education. … Physical Education Teacher: studying physical education pedagogy may be the most professional way of all to become a physical trainer.

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How to become a certified personal trainer

In a context in which physical activity has grown exponentially, the figure of the personal trainer is one of the most demanded profiles by society. In a heterogeneous environment, more and more qualified people are in demand in order to achieve the objectives with maximum efficiency and safely.

Because there is nothing like feeling that you have achieved your goals! Therefore, in order to keep customers satisfied, it is important to have qualified personnel, and here training is essential. Only those who show interest in knowledge can become a true professional. Therefore, in the following article we will help you to choose the best training to reach your next goal: to be an excellent trainer.

You’ve probably heard a lot about what requirements are needed to become a personal trainer, well, through this article we will try to clarify what you need to become a great trainer.

To become a personal trainer, you can access through two different ways; the first would be forming you through the university degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences or a FP of Sports Activities, or a second way more specialized and focused on the world of Personal Trainer forming you through a Personal Training Course that enables you to work throughout Europe and ensures you practices in sports centers, being able to complement this course with training related to Sports Nutrition or Pilates.

What is the best Personal Trainer certification?

Top fitness certifications

U.S. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) U.S. International Association of Sports Science (AISS) U.S. American Council on Exercise (ACE)

What is the salary of a fitness instructor?

The average gym instructor salary in Mexico is $72,000 per year or $36.92 per hour. Entry-level positions start at an income of $48,000 a year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $97,872 a year.

What are the jobs in a gym?

Personal trainers, fitness and other sports instructors, administrative staff, maintenance, customer service, lifeguards, nutritionists, cleaning staff, etc. are some of the professionals that sports centers normally look for.

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Personal trainer in Spain

One of the most important tasks of the Federation is to be in contact with the training institutions in order to adapt and regulate the training that the different training entities carry out in terms of contents and time load that future fitness technician qualifications must have in order to adapt them to the law of sport in the section of sports qualifications and validations.

This registry is created to bring together the professionals of the sector whatever the entity where they were formed and their specific discipline/as of the fitness collective in its different areas.

The love of sport, healthy living and proper nutrition are aspects present in our society that have gone from being a fad that seemed to be passing, to be something practically implemented and have come to stay.

Many of us enjoy working our body, seeing how we improve day by day with the improvement of our marks and times, or with the visual results at a physical level that are produced in our body and that we have longed to achieve.