Trainer of trainers sepe

The trainer is the solidary or institutional figure specialized in basic axes and in pedagogical models and practices, who supports the Educational Services area of the State Institute of Adult Education or INEA Delegation, in the area coordination, for the detection of training needs of advisors who develop training tasks for advisors and literacy teachers, educational counselors, multipliers, etc., and plans, organizes, develops and follows up training programs for these figures.

Where can I work as a trainer?

Universities, private or public institutes, specialty schools and much more. All of these are completely valid options for trainers today.

How long does the trainer of trainers course last?

How long does the trainer of trainers course last? This type of course usually lasts between 100 and 250 academic hours.

What is it to be a trainer?

Simply put, a trainer is a person who instructs or teaches others. However, its meaning is much deeper, since, apart from transmitting information on a subject on which it would be desirable to have great knowledge and experience, it also transmits values, feelings and attitudes.

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How to become a teacher trainer

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How much does a trainer charge for SEPE courses?

For example, the working conditions that require that nearly 40% of this subsidy be used for the salary of the trainer who, depending on his or her specialty, can charge between 40 and 60 euros per hour.

How much does a job training teacher earn?

Compare your pay. Minimum and maximum salary of a vocational teacher – from 1.222 € to 3.914 € per month – 2022. A Vocational Teacher normally earns a gross monthly salary of between 1.222 € and 2.304 € when starting on the job.

How much does it cost to teach a certificate of professionalism?

Price per hour of training: 15-25 €/hour.

Teaching of vocational training for employment

The duration of train-the-trainer programs can range from 100 to 250 hours. As many of the people who take these programs are in the workforce, flexibility is common and the program can be delivered in person as well as online.

To work as a trainer of trainers, in general, it is usually necessary to have the aforementioned official qualification and to be able to demonstrate that you have the theoretical, practical and psycho-pedagogical knowledge to help the people you have to train.

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The competencies, i.e. the skills or expertise required to do this job effectively, are mainly related to communication, teamwork and innovation. A trainer of trainers must know how to create a fluid and bidirectional communication with his trainees. In this way he/she can transmit the contents in a clear and understandable way for everyone and can open different communication channels that allow the students to participate, express their opinions, doubts, etc.

What is the name of the trainer of trainers course?

It is of special interest to note that currently the trainer of trainers course is called “Teaching of Vocational Training for Employment” (Docencia de Formación Profesional para el Empleo). Meanwhile, the CAP (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude) is a postgraduate university master’s degree.

What is a trainer of trainers program?

The Training of Trainers is a line of work of the coordination of training and innovation for teaching, focused on training and improving the performance of teachers in charge of facilitating academic training events.

What type of training qualifies people to practice a profession?

Vocational training is an education whose main purpose is to train people for the performance of a professional activity. Therefore, vocational training studies are aimed at the acquisition of professional skills that enable people to perform different jobs.

Course to be able to teach

What are the requirements to become a trainer in the Vocational Training for Employment System? Maybe you have always seen yourself as a good teacher but you don’t know if you can practice this profession. In this article we list the conditions you must meet to be a trainer, so you can check for yourself if you meet them or, if it is the case, know where to start.

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In addition to the conditions listed above, to become an e-learning trainer you must have at least 30 hours of specific training in e-learning or 60 hours of experience as an e-learning trainer. If you need the accreditation, from here you can start this course today, according to the Royal Decree 189/2013 and the fifth additional provision of the regulations published in the BOE of June 16, 2014.

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