Law 1098 of 2006

Royal Decree 84/1996, dated January 26, 1996, approving the General Regulations on the registration of companies and affiliation, registration, deregistration, cancellation and variations of workers’ data in the Social Security system.

Royal Decree 1258/1987, of September 11, 1987, which regulates the registration of companies and the affiliation, registration, deregistration, cancellation and variations of workers in the Social Security system, was intended to reinforce the principles of rationalization and efficiency in the management of these Social Security functions by the Social Security General Treasury, facilitating its administrative actions and allowing the integral processing of the corresponding data, not only for the statistical exploitation of the system but also for the adequate information to the interested parties and for them to obtain the benefits established by the system itself.

Chapter III of Decree 2346/1969, of September 25, regulating the Special Social Security Scheme for Domestic Service, as well as Article 14 thereof, in the wording given by Royal Decree 2110/1994, of October 28.

Functions of the icbf to protect children’s rights

The constitution of the individual savings scheme administration entities must be subject to these instructions, and it must be taken into account that the authorization given by this Superintendency for the operation of a pension administration company, or of a pension and severance fund administration company, does not in itself imply authorization to administer the respective fund, which will be granted once the necessary technical, human and administrative capacity has been accredited and the fund’s regulations have been approved.

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It is pertinent to clarify that the currently existing severance fund management companies that wish to manage a pension fund are obliged to request and obtain previously from this Superintendency the corresponding permit, for which they must prove compliance with the requirements contained in the following items, related to minimum capital, equity capacity, feasibility study and technical, administrative and human infrastructure.

Functions of the family ombudsman

Therefore, since the publication of the aforementioned text, a new general executive regulation of the rule has yet to be issued, and the General Regulations of Administrative Mutualism, approved by Decree 843/1976, of March 18, 1976, remain in force, insofar as they do not oppose the revised text.

2.º Articles 1.º3 and 3.º of Royal Decree 383/1981, of February 27, by which rules are dictated for the execution and development of the fifth additional provision of the General State Budget Law for 1981.

The purpose of these regulations is the development and execution of the revised text of the Law on Social Security for Civil Servants of the State, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 4/2000, of June 23, 2000 (hereinafter, revised text).

The administrative mutualism, mechanism of coverage of the Special Social Security Scheme for Civil Servants of the State integrated into the Social Security System, provided for in paragraph b) of Article 2 of the consolidated text, is governed by the provisions thereof, in these regulations and in the other provisions of application and development.

ICBF may only separate children from their families in serious cases.

The purpose of this compendium is to harmonize the legal and technical guidelines that govern the actions of Family Defenders, both in the administrative and judicial spheres, in such a way that it becomes a practical tool, easy to consult and apply; however, the success of its effectiveness is linked to its permanent updating in terms of legislative, jurisprudential and doctrinal advances and the evolution of society itself.

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Likewise, we must mention the elderly, who play a fundamental role in the consolidation of the family, and for whom the recognition of their rights imposes on the State the duty to generate conditions for a dignified existence, since they are entitled to special treatment. This protection must come not only from the State, but also from society in all its spheres.

The ethnic and cultural diversity of the Colombian Nation is constitutionally recognized and protected(8). To fulfill this purpose, the Government assumes the responsibility of developing, with the participation of the peoples concerned, a coordinated and systematic action with a view to protecting their rights and guaranteeing respect for their integrity, in such a way that the ethnic groups will fully enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms(9).

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