How do I download my SRA Practising certificate?

How to write a sample letter to the Chilean Consulate

ALL participants get an official certificate, a diploma and a poster from an English-speaking city, regardless of their result. There are additional prizes for more than half of the participants and great prizes for the winners.

Payment of the registration fee is made by bank transfer. All the necessary information for payment can be found on the registration form which can be accessed on this page, and will also be provided in the acknowledgement of receipt of your registration.

Ministry of Labor Online Consultations

Yes, online courses do not require participants to have previous experience in this modality. The Institute of Practical Education has several video tutorials that can help you become familiar with this new course modality.

Yes, you can take the course from any smart phone. We recommend that you make temporary adjustments to your device so that it does not lock up while the course is being streamed. If your device locks up you will most likely have to reconnect to the course.

Verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements and has one of the required operating systems. If you have an Internet connection, check the connection speed by visiting: Remember that you must have a minimum internet speed of 2 MBPS.

If you do not have the correct code or you have closed the screen, you must view the module, wait for a new numerical code to appear and enter it at the end of the module.    This time you will be able to rewind and forward the video.

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Letter for Spanish Consulate

There are also Academic Centers in San José, Alajuela, San Carlos and Limón. You can consult the contact information of the different branches and academic centers in the following directory.

What is the process to find out if courses taken at other universities can be recognized? What does the process for recognition and equivalency of courses involve? On this page you will find all the information, regulations and contacts you need.

What is the procedure to graduate, once my internship or graduation project has been submitted and approved? On this page you will find all the necessary information about the procedure, costs and regulations.

What are the requirements to apply for the Student Residency Program? In this link you can find the guide to apply for a residency scholarship. Also, here you can download the necessary forms.

What are the hours of the medical office? The office hours are from 7 a.m. to 8:15 p.m. The procedure is done in person at the offices, either in the Cartago, San José or San Carlos centers.

House ur certificates

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