How do I get a massage certificate?

Where to study body massage

Massage therapists are in great demand nowadays. Stressful situations, bad postures, muscular overloads, aesthetic reasons and other reasons make people require more and more the services of a masseur.

There is often a lot of confusion about massage therapists, but it must be clear that there is no career that turns students into professionals.  The profession of professional masseur is not regulated as such. The question is to know what a professional masseur does so as not to come into conflict with what other professionals do, for whose practice there is an official qualification, as is the case of physiotherapists.

Therefore, the first thing you should know before looking for a good training is to clarify what kind of masseur you want to be and what you want to do. In the sector of manual therapies there are many options.

The professional profile of the massage expert includes, in addition to the necessary knowledge to act on the appropriate structures and the effect of massage on each of them, a clear vocation for customer service along with good communication skills, including the ability to listen and understand the problems and needs of each client.

How to obtain a massage therapist certificate?

To obtain a Certificate of Professionalism, all the modules that comprise it must be taken in a Center approved by the Employment and Training Service. Once approved, the issuance of the Certificate is requested by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security through the State Public Employment Service….

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How much does a relaxing massage course cost?

2,000 VAT inc.

How many years do you have to study to become a masseur?

GET YOUR PROFESSIONAL MASSEUR CERTIFICATE IN ONLY 4 MONTHS AND GET A QUICK JOB! The Professional Massage Therapist Course prepares you to practice one of the most rewarding professions for the work you do.

Requirements to take a masseur course

The importance of training to become a masseur lies in the fact that they are in contact with the physical body of other people. This implies the need to have extensive knowledge of human anatomy and sustained practice over time. It is not enough just to have a degree in physiotherapy, as it is not equivalent to being a massage therapist.

Physiotherapist or massage therapist? It is very important to know the difference between one and the other. The main distinction is that the physiotherapist has a university degree, belonging to the health branch.

The masseur does not need a university degree. They focus more on the aesthetic part of the human body. Hence the importance of going to qualified people to avoid injuries. This does not detract from the work of masseurs, but their field of action is very different.

After what has been explained above, let’s see the similarities and differences between the professions of masseur and chiromassage therapist. We have already mentioned that these professions are not recognized as health professions in most countries, therefore a masseur or chiromassage therapist degree, which qualifies you to give massages, does not make you a health professional and therefore does not allow you to treat people using massage techniques for therapeutic purposes.

What is the name of the massage studio?

Chiromassage course

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This training will open the doors to work in beauty salons, massage centers, spas, hotels, gyms and sports clubs, as well as working on your own.

What do you have to study to become a masseur?

To become a chiromassage therapist there is no need to study in a specific center; nowadays you no longer need to study chiromassage in a school for chiromassage therapists, since you can learn the techniques of manual and therapeutic massage through e-learning training, in a more comfortable and less expensive way.

What do I have to study in order to perform a reductive massage?

Technician in Body Aesthetics – Malla Institute.

Massage Courses 2021

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) is an independent, private, non-profit organization founded in 1992. NCBTMB’s mission is to define and advance the highest standards in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. In support of this mission, NCBTMB serves the profession through Board Certification, Specialty Certificates, Approved Providers and Assigned Schools.

Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB) represents the highest possible credential within the massage therapy and bodywork profession. Board Certification is a separate credential beyond the entry-level massage therapy license.

Where to study for a masseur in CDMX?

If you live in Mexico City and are looking to learn how to apply therapeutic massages in a professional way, we recommend you to know the diploma course offered by the Latin American School of Education in Integrative Health, better known as ELAESI.

How much does a masseur earn in Argentina 2021?

The average masseuse salary in Argentina is $180,000 per year or $92.31 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $168,000 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $444,000 per year.

What is the difference between a masseur and a therapist?

The physiotherapist is a medical specialist trained to correct injuries, while the masseur provides wellness and relaxation. The masseur is ideal to relax and feel our body in harmony as there are draining massages that help problems such as fluid retention.

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