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Phishing, malware, identity theft … how can we avoid situations of vulnerability? Knowing the available tools and following a series of recommendations will keep our data safe. Take note of these tips to keep your digital identity 100% secure.

There are many advantages to using the Internet, but do we know how we can avoid situations of vulnerability that expose our data?  By giving our information the value it deserves.  In this post we list a series of guidelines and recommendations to avoid unauthorized access to our information and prevent fraudulent use.

First of all, it is important to know that digital identity and digital reputation are not the same thing, as it is easy to confuse the two terms. Digital reputation is an assessment of individual or corporate actions carried out on the Internet, and has nothing to do with our data.

If we look for a simile to help us with its definition, digital identity would be the online equivalent of the physical identity of people and entities, both concepts sharing the purpose of becoming the set of descriptive attributes that differentiate us from the rest.  It is composed of a large amount of data that we provide on the network, beyond our email and address; photos, bank details or even our preferences as a consumer.

How do I install a certificate?

On Windows, Google Chrome uses the Internet Explorer certificate store. Download the following certificates to your hard drive. Double-click on the downloaded certificate, the certificate information will open. Click “Install certificate”, the Certificate Import wizard will open.

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When does the electronic signature become invalid?

Does the electronic signature have an expiration date? YES, the electronic signature has an expiration date established by the certifying entity. In the case of Ecuador it is established for two years, from then on it can be extended for two more years each time.

How is an electronic signature protected?

Click on Information. Click Protect Document, Protect Book or Protect Presentation. Click Add a digital signature.

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Important documents prove the occurrence of certain events and are used to document financial transactions. You may need them at various times in your life. For example, a birth certificate is used to prove age when starting school, to obtain a driver’s license or to apply for social security benefits. It is also needed by relatives to obtain a death certificate. Financial records are the key to your financial situation, are essential to help you save money on income taxes, and provide an indication of your financial progress during your lifetime.

Valuable documents can be classified into two types: those that are needed for everyday use and those that are needed occasionally. Examples of frequently used valuable documents include driver’s license, credit cards, health insurance card, bank account records, identity card, and special health documentation, such as those indicating allergies, disabling conditions, and blood type. Examples of documents that are occasionally used include birth, marriage, and death certificates; deeds; leases; contracts; insurance policies; military documents; divorce decrees; social security records; and wills.

What documents can be digitally signed?

Invoices, contracts, payroll or receipt of documents are just a few examples of documents where digital signatures can act as a secure, legal and strong method of authentication.

How do I install a Digital Certificate?

To activate the digital certificates of the electronic DNI, you will have to go to a police issuing station. It has to be one where they issue the DNI, so you can go to the one where you got yours or take advantage of it the next time you go to renew it.

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How to install Wi-Fi certificates?

Download the certificate on a computer with an Internet connection and then install it on your Android device. Using your PC’s web browser, right-click on: http://www.ua.es/certs/inal16.crt and select “Save link as …”.


A digital signature is an encrypted electronic authentication stamp on digital information, such as e-mail messages, macros or electronic documents. The signature confirms that the information comes from the signer and has not been modified.

A signature line is similar to a typical signature placeholder that may appear on a printed document. However, it works differently. When a signature line is inserted into an Office file, the author can specify information about the correct signer and instructions for the signer. When an electronic copy of the file is sent to the correct signer, that person sees the signature line and a notification requesting his or her signature. The signer can:

An invisible digital signature, such as a visible digital signature line, guarantees the authenticity, integrity, and origin of a document. You can add invisible digital signatures to Word documents, Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations.

How long does the electronic signature remain valid?

The e.signature is valid for four years.

What happens if I lose the cryptographic token device?

What happens if I lose the cryptographic Token device? You must request the revocation to the Certification Entity through the Electronic Certification Portal.

How valid is a digital signature?

A qualified electronic signature shall have the same value for data recorded in electronic form as a handwritten signature for data recorded on paper. … Thus, documents with electronic signatures shall have the value and legal effectiveness that corresponds to their respective nature.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the Digital Signature? The digital signature is a technical-legal tool that allows to identify the author of a document, ensure the integrity of its content, and make it opposable (non-repudiable). What is the Digital Signature used for? The digital signature allows the recipient of the message or document:

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The digital signature technology is based on two pillars: a method that makes it impossible to alter the signature and an infrastructure that allows certifying the identity of the signer, which gives rise to the four characteristics that make the Digital Signature completely reliable:

How do I obtain the Digital Signature.As of the agreement made with the company ENCODE SA in 2018, the National Technological University is Digital Signature Registration Authority and has trained officers and the suitable infrastructure to carry out the Digital Signature registration process.

As an alternative, any agent can approach the regulatory entities distributed throughout the country facing the corresponding costs.InstructiveWhy should you attend a mandatory face-to-face meeting? The presence of the applicant is mandatory since the Registration Officer needs to be present:

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