How do I verify a degree certificate?

Title in the name of the nation institutes

Currently there is a record of almost 200,000 formats, seals and signatures in the file of the General Directorate of Professions, a situation that makes it difficult to know precisely the characteristics of the documentation issued by educational institutions.

For this reason, the SEP and the state governments agreed on the need to give total certainty to the processes of issuance, control and validation of academic documents, in order to allow the decentralization of the process in the medium term and to promote a better coordination among the educational authorities.

The SEP acknowledged that the educational authorities of the federal entities face obstacles to carry out the validation of academic documents, especially those issued by another state.

This situation, the federal agency points out, causes the authentication process of academic documents to be carried out until the end of the educational process, that is to say, when the interested party has already obtained a professional degree.

In view of this situation, the General Directorate of Professions has set up a professional license consultation service, which can be accessed through the National Registry of Professionals (RNP).

How do I know if my degree is homologated?

How do I check that a course is accredited? The answer to this question is quite simple: what you have to do is to check directly with the competent body that the qualification is accredited. It is essential that the qualification is approved or accredited.

How to verify a professional title?

To check the authenticity of professional licenses, you may access the following web page: where you must look for the link to General Directorates; then the General Directorate of Professions, where you will find the National Registry of Professionals.

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How do I know if my degree is recognized in Spain?

How to check your file

You can check the status of your homologation file online, through the websites of the Ministry of Science or the Ministry of Education. You must register or use the [email protected] system, and provide the registration number of your file.

Sunedu on line

Some time ago, the National Superintendence of Higher Education (Sunedu), offered information to all citizens through its Web portal, indicating how to verify the titles of technical study centers through the Internet.    This can be done without having to move from one place to another, and without the need to collect a large amount of documents.

Note: if for any reason you notice that the information shown by Sunedu has the wrong data, you should contact and notify the academic center so that they can send the corrections to the institution.

If you are the holder of the degree and it is registered, the system will automatically show you what it has stored. You can save the information on your computer, mobile device or even print it if you prefer.

If the technical titles are issued within the Peruvian territory, the application for the registration of the document is very simple. All you have to do is go to the school where you completed your academic training and request the competent offices to send the notification to Sunedu. Sunedu will then proceed to incorporate the title or degree in its system.

What does it mean that a degree is homologated?

The homologation of these degrees implies the recognition of the academic degree in question, enables the holder to continue studies at another Spanish educational level and, if applicable, implies the recognition of the effects inherent to the Spanish degree of reference, in the case of degrees that enable the holder to practice the profession.

What are the professional qualifications?

The Professional Degree (also called Bachelor’s Degree) does not constitute a degree certification but is associated with it, being granted exclusively by the university where the Bachelor’s Degree was obtained. 2 It is obtained by passing a thesis or professional proficiency work.

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Where can I download my professional title?

Procedure for downloading the degree and professional license online. Once the student’s degree is generated electronically, the graduate will be able to request his or her professional license in electronic format directly from the federal government’s portal, in just four steps.

Sunedu inquiries

The Senescyt Title Consultation service is provided by the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT). Report any anomaly to our technical contact.

This process is carried out exclusively by national Higher Education Educational Institutions, who directly enter the information about their graduates to the National Information System of Higher Education of Ecuador (SNIESE).

The Senescyt is the Secretariat of Higher Education, Science and Technology and is responsible for managing the computerized system of degrees, the registration of information is the responsibility of each Higher Education Educational Institution.

The Secretariat of Higher Education, Science and Technology is the guarantor of the application of the principles that govern higher education; promoter of scientific research, technological innovation and ancestral knowledge. Its work is focused on improving the capabilities and potential of citizens and is characterized by the efficient and effective use of the resources it manages, whose results are the seed for the country’s development.

What is an accredited degree in Spain?

The homologation of a degree obtained in accordance with the educational system of a country to a degree from a different educational system is the official recognition of the training completed in the country of origin as equivalent to that required to obtain a degree, in this case, a Spanish degree.

What is an accredited degree in Spain?

The homologation is a process by which the Spanish Ministry of Education equates your degree to the corresponding Spanish degree, for the purpose of performing your profession in Spain. This process can only be done at the Ministry.

How is a high school diploma verified?

log on to to download their diploma and high school validation certificate”. Said the Director of ICFES.

National registry of titles spain

The registration of the professional title is a simple and fast process that can be done online in just a few steps. And the online issuance of the cédula is also easy and, at the same time, indispensable to practice. So it is of utmost importance to know how to perform these necessary procedures.

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In order to register your professional title and issue your license, you must go to Another option is to access the web page to set a date for your appointment according to the procedure to be carried out.

Validating a higher education degree is a process that is carried out through the General Directorate of Accreditation, Revalidation and Incorporation of the SEP. It can also be authenticated through any of the corresponding offices of the Secretariat or State Education Institutions.

To do this, you need to send it to and authenticate it at the SEP. First, use a .ZIP or .XML file to upload the document to the web in the special upload section of the Electronic Title. When you access this section, you will get a section called “Consult Electronic Title Process” to verify the tracking, and you will receive a report in your email that will generate the results of the registration to access the online title. As a result, you will be ready to start using the eDegree download function.