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The International Social Security Association (ISSA) organized and held three sessions during this event: 1) Vision Zero in Motion, 2) the International Media Festival for Prevention and 3) the World Forum on Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This article presents the main conclusions of the Virtual Meeting of the World Congress, as well as of the sessions organized by ISSA.

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The self-employed and the informal sector have suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic, due to the confinement measures, which have prevented them from earning a daily income. Since these workers are often the least accessible when it comes to providing social security coverage, it has been necessary to develop special programs to assist this group. In East and Central Africa, communication strategies, using mass messaging, local radio and television programs, have proven to be the most effective way to convey information to informal sector workers and to encourage them to join the social security system and enjoy its benefits.


IEC Electropedia: available at 3.1 organization a person or group of persons having its own functions with responsibilities, authorities and relationships for the achievement of its objectives (3.16) Note 1 to entry:

Understanding the organization and its context The organization shall identify the external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and that affect its ability to achieve the intended outcomes of its OSH management system. A.4.1

OSH management system The organization shall establish, implement, maintain and continually improve an OSH management system, including the necessary processes and their interactions, in accordance with the requirements of this document. A.4.4

Roles, responsibilities and authorities in the organization Top management shall ensure that responsibilities and authorities for relevant roles within the OSH management system are assigned and communicated to all levels within the organization, and maintained as documented information. Workers at each level of the organization shall take responsibility for those aspects of the OSH management system over which they have control. NOTE

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Rev. of the Research Institute (RIIGEO), FIGMMG-UNMSM Vol. 2, No. 04 July – December 1999 ECONOMIC GEOLOGY OF THE TUMPA GOLD DEPOSITION (Nueva California) Pedro Hugo Tumialán de la Cruz (*)

General Direction of Mining Development Municipality Mineral Surface Tzitzio 86.6978 Hectares Au, Ag Explanation Capital Mining Project Main Roads Municipal Roads Municipal Division

AMALFI PROJECT Company or Mining Project Name: Amalfi Project INFORMATION TITLE No. Title: JG1-10329X Title Holder: Nancy Jiménez and Jorge Gaviria Title Area: 2,269 hectares (two thousand two hundred and sixty hectares)

The Rio Fuerte (G) watershed. Heurística Ambiental Consultoría 2003, analyzes the hydraulic balance of the Rio Fuerte basin in the southwestern part the results were the following: it rains 803 mm, from

Location Source: Dirección General de Promoción Minera Location: It is located approximately 8 km SE of the center of Batopilas, 190 km west of the city of Parral and 260 km southwest of the city of Parral.

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