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It is a type of trademark used by associations of producers, manufacturers, service providers, organizations or any group of persons to inform the common characteristics of the products or services of the members of that collective body.

The trademark allows consumers to identify the product or service and remember it, so that they can differentiate it from the same or a similar one offered by another entrepreneur. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product whose brand they remember than those they cannot identify.

Likewise, the brand represents in the consumer’s mind a certain quality of the product or service, as well as brings some emotion to the consumer. Therefore, it is the perfect means to project the image of the entrepreneur, his reputation and even his business strategy. Specifically, a brand:

The first thing recommended to classify a product or service is to verify its location within the classes by going in its order to the list of classes, then to its explanatory notes and the alphabetical list of products and services.

Letter of good conduct for a prisoner

Therefore, security should be placed at the top of the pyramid, since we must not forget that we are working with sensitive information that can be stolen and cause serious consequences, both economic and reputational, for the company and our customers. A website that does not provide confidence will result in a negative experience that will generally have an economic impact on the company, as well as on the perception that users have of it (reduction of sales, negative image, security incidents, fines for non-compliance with the law, etc.).

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The certificates prove that the domain holder or company is who he/she claims to be and that there is no identity theft, since it is a recognized certifying authority that performs the validation.

In case we have a high traffic of visits and the budget allows it, we can resort to the most secure and reliable certificate nowadays, called SSL EV (extended validation certificate). It is so called because the verifications carried out by the certifying authority are more specific and require more information from the company, which means that it takes a few days and not a few minutes to obtain it. These certificates validate that the company is who it claims to be, in addition to verifying the ownership of the domain, so the guarantee is double.

Letter of good conduct example

A criminal record certificate is required for various transactions: employment, housing, education and licensing, among others. The difficulty in obtaining a certificate of good conduct “clean” of criminal convictions prevents many people from being able to develop and rehabilitate themselves in society.

It is the Court that determines whether or not to grant expungement of the offense from the record. The Superintendent’s decision is reviewable in the Court of Appeals. In the case of a felony, the decision of the Court of First Instance may be appealed to the Court of Appeals.

Certificate of Compliance

Why salesperson reputation is importantReputation is a great customer traction tool and boosts sales. How to achieve and sustain an optimal (green) level. Keys and tips.MERCADO LIBREREPUTACIÓNWhat is the reputation of Mercado LibreReputation is essential because it speaks of your quality as a seller and is a data that generates confidence in the buyer. We represent it through colors, in a range that goes from red (which would be the worst qualification) to green, which takes the podium.For your sales to increase and your business to grow, it is essential to build and maintain a good reputation. It is your best letter of introduction because it assures your potential buyers that other users had a good buying experience with you.

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If a sale had a complaint and a subsequent cancellation from your buyer, it will only impact your reputation as a complaint. If a sale was cancelled directly by your buyer, it will not affect your reputation either.Learn more about how to avoid cancellationsExceptions when calculating your reputationAt Mercado Libre we take into account some exceptions when calculating your reputation because we know that there are situations that need to be treated differently:

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