How do you sell a house without building regs?

Housing and Urban Planning Regulations

In our country there is a system of laws, regulations and norms that govern the way in which a house must be built, and that responds to structural conditions of safety, above all.Being a country conformed by sovereign states, in each one of them there is a Construction Regulation adequate to the geographic, orographic, climatic conditions, among other things, of the region. These documents describe the rules for building a house in Mexico, the do’s and don’ts of construction:

The first rule of construction is that, before making any earth movement on the property when building your house, it is necessary to have the construction license. What is the construction license?The construction license is a document that is processed and endorsed by the offices of Urban Administration and Cadastre of the locality and that endorses the quality and safety of the project to be built, considering materials, structural calculations, measures, construction systems, etcetera. The license involves submitting a series of documents that are reviewed, calculated and authorized or returned for verification, ranging from plans of the executive project to calculations of soil, rubble, structural loads, land use studies and urban pluvial, hydraulic, sanitary and road solutions.architectural and engineering firms and offices generally offer this service along with the executive project.Types of construction license:There are two types of construction licenses:

How many meters can be built without a permit?

Up to 120 m2 of construction surface. Minimum lot frontage of 6 m. Maximum height of the building of 5.5 m. Clear spans no greater than 4 m.

How do I know how many floors I can build in my house?

If you want to know up to how many stories you can build on the lot you have purchased, this information can be obtained from the respective municipality of your district.

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How many meters should I leave to build a house?

Spanish regulations establish that for a minimum living area, 30 m2 are needed, but if we are talking about how many square meters we need to build a house, we should, as a minimum, have an area of 60-70 m2 or more.

Separation of abutments building regulations

There are things that must be taken into account for a house under construction. Whether to expand our house or to build a house from scratch. There are rules in the housing construction regulations that correspond to the municipality or locality where the work is to be carried out, and they must be respected. Failure to do so can mean one or more fines and even suspension of the house under construction, so it is important to observe them and get advice or hire the services of an architectural professional, an engineering firm or a real estate agent. Things that we overlook, such as the lowering of a door or the collection of rainwater, are some of the details that we overlook and that it is important to know so that we are not surprised by a notification for which we must pay a fine and, in addition, reform the project but, above all, put our heritage at risk.we invite you to know some of these points and to take note if you have in mind to build a house.

What happens if it is built without a permit?


If the fine does not exist, the owner of the building will be fined for building without a municipal permit. When the work is already fined, a series of unforeseen expenses are added to the budget.

How much is the fine for building without a permit?

The delegation charges a fine of 5% of the value of the construction, carried out without a construction permit, and this value is determined by an appraisal performed by an expert registered with the Mexico City treasury.

What do I have to do if I want to enlarge my house?

To extend a house, a project, an architect and a building permit are necessary, no matter if we are talking about a villa or an apartment in a residential building. In most cases, in order to make an extension we need to intervene in the structure.

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Can I sue a neighbor for a window overlooking my patio?

The rights and obligations of the condominium owners are established in the real estate condominium property laws of the federal entity in question, in their respective regulations, in the applicable civil code, as well as in the articles of incorporation of the condominium regime and in the internal regulations of the condominium in question.

The condominium owner is the individual or legal entity that owns one or more units of private property. For example, the condominium owner is the owner of a house, apartment, floor, lot or premises of the condominium.

The general assembly is the supreme body of the condominium, which constitutes the highest decision-making body to express, discuss and resolve condominium matters in accordance with the provisions of the condominium property law of the state in question, the articles of incorporation and the condominium bylaws.

The internal regulations will establish:Explanatory note: The assumptions foreseen in the case of condominium ownership of real estate are diverse and their configuration in reality may vary and therefore give rise to different legal consequences. What is mentioned in this space is merely informative and illustrative.

How far away should a window be from the neighbor?

The law prohibits the opening of windows or balconies over the neighbor’s property if there is not a distance of two meters, in a straight line, between the wall on which they are built and the neighboring property. Likewise, no side or oblique views may be had over the neighboring property if there is not a distance of 60 centimeters.

How many floors can I build in my house in CDMX?

The number of levels that can be built in Mexico City, according to the rules and regulations of the Public Works Law, and depending on the land use, are 4 to 5 levels. According to regulations and soil mechanics, 5. In your property ballot you will find the type of house and levels you can build.

How many floors can I build in my house in Medellín?

In 617 articles were defined the rules of the construction model of Medellín until 2027. One of them limits the height of buildings; in sectors such as Laureles and El Poblado, buildings may not exceed 12 stories.

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How many meters away from the street can a building be built?

Decree 2114/1968, of 24 July, approving the Regulations for the application of the Law on Officially Protected Housing, rewritten text approved by Decrees 2131/1963, of 24 July, and 3964/1964, of 3 December.

Having approved the revised text of the Law on Officially Protected Housing by Decrees two thousand one hundred and thirty-one/thousand nine hundred and sixty-three of July twenty-fourth, and three thousand nine hundred and sixty-four/thousand nine hundred and sixty-four, of December third (rectified), it is necessary to issue the Regulations for its application.

By virtue thereof, at the proposal of the Minister of Housing, in substantial conformity with the opinion of the Council of State and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting of June fourteenth, nineteen hundred and sixty, it is necessary to issue the Regulations for their application.

The regime of official protection for the construction of housing, the use, conservation and exploitation thereof, is regulated by the prescriptions of the rewritten text of the Legislation on Official Protection Housing, approved by Decree 2131/1963, of July 24, modified by Decree 3964/1964, of December 3 (hereinafter referred to as the Law on Official Protection Housing), in compliance with the final provision of the Law of December 23, 1961, and by those contained in these Regulations.