How does independent legal advice work?

Legal counsel’s manual of functions

But in addition to these basic, almost descriptive, questions, we ask ourselves today whether the distribution of competences is effective and, if not, what factors work against it and whether there is a way to make it so.

Sovereignty, understood as the concrete execution of powers, rights and duties whose holder should be a person, was granted to the State, of which all the protagonists of political life are organs in charge of its functions and therefore of that execution. 2

If sovereignty presupposes that its holder is separated by a fiction, it is nevertheless difficult to separate the physical persons who create or serve it and the legal person of the State created.

Therefore, at the national level, the State is organized through a general principle of territorial, institutional and functional distribution or fractioning, so that the distribution of competences among its various organs is the basis for the fulfillment of its purposes.

This implies discerning that when we refer to the State we must place it in relation to the legal system in question, in order to recognize the legal personality it employs, whether internally or externally.

What is the role of legal counsel?

Paralegals help to prepare the client’s defense (with a lawyer or solicitor or with the client’s own legal advisor). … For each case, they analyze the laws, regulations and the main reference codes, in order to be able to substantiate the information that will be provided during the trial.

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What does it take to be legal counsel for a company?

Ideally, he/she should have a law degree and a master’s degree that provides him/her with the specialization we are most interested in: labor, commercial or tax law. In short, we can opt for a legal advisor who is not a member of the Bar but who has the appropriate knowledge to guide us in our actions.

What is a Victim Legal Counsel?


Legal counsel in a company

Company mergers are a way of joining two or more economically independent companies. In this union, the parties decide to join their assets in a single company in which to develop their business. Below, we explain some more details regarding mergers of companies, what their motivations may be, and the advice needed to carry them out.

For business mergers to be successful and to meet the expectations of the partners or investors, it is essential to have excellent prior advice.    For example, to ensure that the distribution of capital will be fair for all partners, or to reach an agreement to manage the new company.

But problems can also arise that need to be anticipated.    In fact, we read in a report by a major national consulting firm that two-thirds of the mergers that take place “fail to generate the expected value”. One of the main problems seems to be the cultural integration as well as the integration of the employees in the new company, which generates complexity in the integration.

What studies does a consultant have?

Necessary Studies

There is no single training to become a consultant or business advisor, although there are several university degrees that will pave the way to a good position: Business Administration and Management, Economics and Law, above all.

How to differentiate an advocate from a legal advisor in the process?

A lawyer is in charge of solving problems and a legal advisor is in charge of preventing them. The latter sees areas of opportunity in the company and provides greater legal soundness to avoid inconveniences, always taking into account the needs of the firm, since he knows its philosophy, principles and values, while a lawyer does not.

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What does a Victim Advisor do?

The function of the legal advisor is to represent the interests of the victim at all times and can make up for the deficiency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office if he/she considers that the victim’s rights are being violated. … The legal advisor shall intervene on behalf of the victim or offended party on equal terms.

Legal counsel on an organizational chart

The most common areas of specialization of legal advisors are civil procedural law, family law, criminal procedural law, constitutional law, tax law, banking and securities law, international law, economic law, administrative law, those related to particular crimes and inheritance law.

They help clients prepare for trials. They interview them and consult all the necessary material to gather the details of each case. They do not always have to go to court, or have to go to trial.

What is the role of a technical advisor?

His main function is to implement noticeable changes in the company he works for, analyzing the critical points and in coordination with management to make those changes according to priorities. His function is to solve problems, not to create them. In addition, he must train the technical staff working with him.

What is the best career path to become a financial advisor?

First of all, to become a financial advisor you must have previously studied a degree related to the economic-administrative area, such as: Economics, a degree in Business Administration and Management, a double degree in Business Administration and Management + Law, Accounting or Finance. These are some of the degrees that must be studied if I want to become a financial advisor.

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What does it take to be a consultant?

To be an advisor in Spain you do not need any specific qualification. However, it is advisable to have some experience or degree, which allows you to have the necessary knowledge to be able to work as a consultant and set up a consultancy.

Legal advisor who is

A&A is oriented to people, both to those who are part of our firm and to our clients. The values that form the basis of the firm are closely aligned with those of the Firm.

One of the characteristics that defines us is to offer our clients a human and close treatment, which translates into a particular and detailed study of each case taking into account the circumstances of each client.

A&A has a firm commitment to practice the profession contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN in 2015 (Agenda 2030). We focus our efforts on SDG 16 through the way we practice and understand law.SDG 16 is to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, facilitate access to justice for all and build effective and accountable inclusive institutions at all levels.