How long does a commercial gas certificate last?

Gas Certificate Model

To request our service you can go to the office of Alcanos de Colombia S.A. E.S.P. closest to your location or call the toll free line 018000954141 to schedule the visit of a commercial advisor in your home.

Note: Service requests will only be accepted when it can be evidenced that there is an external distribution network and availability of Natural Gas for the property for which the service is requested.

Once the connection charge has been built, commissioning depends on the Distribution Company having the Certificate of Conformity of the installation, granted by an Accredited Certification Body or by an Inspection Body accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Colombia-ONAC.

The user may choose the certifying firm of its preference as long as it complies with the provisions of Resolution 90902 of 2013 and has current accreditation issued by the National Accreditation Body of Colombia ONAC or by an Accredited Certification Body.

What is the gas certificate like?

The installation certificate or gas bulletin is a necessary document to carry out the procedures related to the supply of any gas: natural gas, butane or propane. It is the official document that certifies that the installation is in perfect condition to receive gas.

Who certifies the gas?

Chileatiende – Certification and inspection process for indoor gas installations (CIIGe)

What is the IRI certificate?

The certificate of the individual gas installation is the proof of the revision that the installation has to pass both when the work is carried out and after each revision.

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Gas certification

It is important to emphasize that if modifications are made as we have explained in the previous section, this certificate will also have to be redrafted. The alterations will have to be communicated to the competent body of each autonomous community within 15 days, but if the changes are not substantial, this can be done within one month.

On the other hand, each autonomous community can introduce more requirements to regulate gas installations. Both the deadlines and the situations mentioned above may vary, so it is not the same to request the gas bulletin in Madrid than in Malaga.

If you fail to comply with the regulations, the sanctioning regime set forth in articles 30 to 38 of Law 21/1992, of July 16, 1992, on Industry, may be applied. Thus, there are minor infringements with a fine of up to 60,000 euros, serious infringements with a fine of up to 6 million euros, and very serious infringements with a fine of up to 100 million euros.

How long does a gas certificate last?

Expiration of the gas installation certificate

Once we know the cases in which we will have to request the gas certificate, it is important to know that it expires after 5 years. Therefore, after this period of time, you will have to renew it.

How to get the gas installation certificate?

To obtain the gas installation certificate, it is normal to contact an authorized gas installer, since this type of installation must always be done under safety regulations.

Who certifies gasfitters?

An authorized gas fitter has complied with a series of requirements demanded by the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuel (better known as SEC) to obtain the authorization that certifies him to perform his work.

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Natural gas certification

The natural gas installation certificate is a necessary document to be able to register the supply and to carry out different formalities with the gas contract. Find out how to request the gas certificate, what is its price and what is its validity.

The gas installation certificate, also known as gas bulletin or IRG-3 model, is a document that certifies that the natural gas installation is in good condition and complies with the regulations.

It is a guarantee that the installation of a home, business or company can be supplied safely. In addition, it is a necessary certificate to carry out different procedures related to the supply of natural gas, butane gas or propane gas.

The IRG-3 model or natural gas bulletin contains information related to the gas installation and its different components. The structure of each gas bulletin may vary from one autonomous community to another, but the sections it contains are always the same:

How much does a gas certificate cost?

The Gas Installation Certificate (known as gas bulletin) is the document that certifies that the installation of the gas supply (natural, butane or propane) is safe and complies with the regulations. The average price of a gas certificate usually ranges from 60 € to more than 200 €.

How long does TC6 take?

The approximate processing time for TC6 is approximately 21 days.

What is the gas opinion?

It is an official document issued by a Verification Unit which determines the degree of compliance of the L.P. Gas utilization facilities with this Mexican Official Standard. In other words, it guarantees that the verified facility, vehicle or tank complies with the NOM.

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Where to get a gas certificate

The Gas Installation Certificate (known as gas bulletin) is the document that certifies that the installation of the gas supply (natural, butane or propane) is safe and complies with the regulations.

Don’t forget that these prices are mere approximations and that the figures may vary depending on each case. Therefore, if you want a tight budget, the best thing to do is to ask for gas report prices from authorized installers and compare several offers.

The Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) is especially important when talking about gas installations. We find a specific reference to certificates in Article 23, included in Chapter IV, on the conditions for the execution of thermal installations.

Each Autonomous Community can establish its own certificate model and, in order to put the installation into service, it is necessary to register it with the corresponding body, which is achieved after the installation company submits the relevant documentation.