Certified natural gas installers

The Royal Decree 1027/2007 is the norm that contains the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings and, therefore, is the one we have to go to in order to know what conditions our installations that work with channeled natural gas or LPG must fulfill, that is to say, those that provide us with heating, air conditioning and hot water. Once the installation is completed and after being carried out, with satisfactory results, the tests prior to its commissioning that are indicated in the Technical Instruction 2 of the Regulation, the installer is already qualified to sign the gas installation certificate.

The RITE obliges the authorized installer to carry out controls on:- Reception of equipment and materials, which must bear the CE marking (a specific European Union quality seal).- Control of the execution of the installation.- Control of the installation already ready for use.Finally, we must tell you that, for its commissioning, both in new installations and in those of reform, it is necessary to register the certificate of the installation in the competent body of the Autonomous Community. For which, the installing company will present the following documentation:- Project or technical memory of the installation really executed.- Certificate of the gas installation.- Certificate of initial inspection with acceptable qualification.

What is the gas certificate?

The certificate certifies that the installation of natural gas, butane or propane in the home or business has been carried out correctly, or that it has successfully passed its revision. The certificate of the individual installation can also be called gas bulletin or IRG-3 model.

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Who certifies a gas installation?

Chileatiende – Certification and inspection process for indoor gas installations (CIIGe)

How to get the gas installation certificate?

To obtain the gas installation certificate, it is normal to contact an authorized gas installer, since this type of installation must always be done under safety regulations.

Rd 115 2017

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When is a gas bulletin required?

The gas bulletin is required before starting up any type of natural gas, propane or butane installation. It is the IRG-3 model that must be completed by the authorized gas installer.

How long does a gas certificate last?

Expiration of the gas installation certificate

Once we know the cases in which we will have to request the gas certificate, it is important to know that it expires after 5 years. Therefore, after this period

How much does a gas bulletin cost?

The Gas Installation Certificate (known as gas bulletin) is the document that certifies that the installation of the gas supply (natural, butane or propane) is safe and complies with the regulations. The average price of a gas certificate is

Ue nº 517 2014

Royal Decree 115/2017, of February 17, regulating the marketing and handling of fluorinated gases and equipment based on them, as well as the certification of professionals who use them and establishing the technical requirements for facilities that develop activities that emit fluorinated gases.See consolidated text.

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Halogenated hydrocarbons have been commonly used in many sectors as refrigerants, solvents, foaming agents or as fire extinguishing agents, due to their special properties with undoubted benefits for society.

However, among the characteristics of these substances, it is worth highlighting their contribution to global warming, as well as the high destructive power of stratospheric ozone of those compounds containing chlorine and/or bromine, which has forced a large part of these substances to be regulated by the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases and by the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

How much does the Rite certificate cost?

In addition, it is necessary to include the mandatory administrative fees to obtain any RITE certificate, which vary according to the Autonomous Community. For example, in the Community of Madrid they are between €3.12 and €52.04 (for installations with a budget of €60,000 or more).

What is the Gas IRI?

The IRI is the Individual Gas Receiving Installation. This is the installation necessary to connect the house to the necessary gas supply, whether it is natural gas, butane or propane. … This is the element that allows connecting the installation to the gas supply, and must be done directly by the distributor.

How much does natural gas installation cost?

For 2021, the connection and service charge will be $483,764 and the meter $193,512 for a total of $677,276, which can be paid in 60 months through a monthly installment of $677,276.

Gas regulation

To obtain the gas installation certificate, it is normal that you contact an authorized gas installer, since this type of installation must always be done under safety regulations. To give you an idea of how much a gas certificate costs, the range you will find is between 60 and 120 euros for a house; in the case of industrial premises, it could cost you more than 200.

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The person who is going to dedicate himself to this task, as an installer, can be a senior engineer, technical engineer or graduate in vocational training in an area related to engineering or, at least, have a certificate of professionalism that gives him the aptitude to obtain the license of authorized installer, for which he has to be included in the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications.it is clear that performing the measurements and tests that this entails is impossible, if you do not have specific knowledge in the field.

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