Duplicate electronic professional diploma

For other educational levels, the center where you completed your studies will collect your application with proof of payment of the fee and will inform you of the specific procedure depending on the date you completed your studies and the curriculum you followed.

Once the diploma has been issued, you will be able to pick it up at the school upon presentation of your identity document. If you are unable to attend in person, someone else can pick it up in your place if you present your written authorization with a copy of your identification document.

The payment of the fee can be done online, either by generating a pdf document, printing it and taking it to the bank to pay it, or by making the whole payment operation telematically (by visa or direct debit) as long as you have an electronic certificate. Follow these steps:

Choose the one that corresponds to you and a window will open with the form in which you will have to enter your data; as you will see, the code of the managing center, the epigraph and the amount have been automatically filled in according to the selections you have been making.

What to do if I lost my title?

What can I do if I have misplaced a document that I have been asked to provide, what can I do? You should go to the institution that issued it and request a replacement or duplicate, since certified copies are not accepted.

What is a duplicate title?

– DUPLICATE TITLE: In cases of loss, theft or robbery of the original or duplicate in use and total or partial deterioration of the original or duplicate in use, when the degree of deterioration allows doubts as to its authenticity, a new copy of the Title will be issued as automatically established by the system, …

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How much does it cost to duplicate a university degree?

The reasons for which a duplicate title may be requested and the requirements are as follows: Loss. Before requesting a duplicate title due to loss, a notice of loss of title must be published in the Official State Gazette. The approximate cost in 2018 ranges between 90 and 100 euros.

Duplicate title

To request a Duplicate Degree, after making the corresponding request through the Electronic Headquarters and before the issuance of the corresponding payment letter, the original degree must be presented (except in case of loss) at the secretary’s office of the Faculty/School/Center.

– Deterioration. The deteriorated diploma, once the request for a duplicate has been made and before the corresponding Letter of Payment is issued, must be submitted to the secretary’s office of your Center/Faculty/School. It is an essential requirement that the characteristics of the deteriorated diploma do not prevent its correct identification and that its authenticity is not in doubt. If this is not the case, it will be considered a “lost diploma”.

Once processed by the department responsible for the issuance of degrees and registered in the National Register of Official University Graduates, the provisional supplementary certification referred to in Article 14.2 of Royal Decree 1002/2010 will be issued ex officio, which will be made available to students in the electronic file.

How do I know if my title is legalized?

To check the authenticity of professional licenses, you may access the following web page: www.ses4.sep.gob.mx where you must look for the link to General Directorates; then the General Directorate of Professions, where you will find the National Registry of Professionals.

What do I do if I lost my professional title in Mexico?

– Loss and/or misplacement: File a report with any agency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office containing all the correct information of the original title, signing authorities, date of issuance, registration, page and date of registration.

Where can I download my professional title?

Procedure for downloading the degree and professional license online. Once the student’s degree is generated electronically, the graduate may request his or her professional license in electronic format directly from the federal government portal www.gob.mx/cedulaprofesional, in just four steps.

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Duplicate of professional title

NOTICE: Do not forget to check your personal data. Their validity affects the issuance of certificates, DEGREES and other documents. For example, your name (including accents) or your place of birth must be spelled correctly.

Please note that exemptions and bonuses are applied in some cases in the fees and you must communicate and / or prove, where appropriate, that you are in any of these circumstances, prior to making the payment.

In case of any anomaly, you must request its modification at the Undergraduate Students Office, at the Graduate Students Office, or at the Doctoral School Office before making the payment of the fees.

By means of the online application, all the processing of the file is carried out, including payment by virtual POS and obtaining the accreditation or receipt without the need for you to go to the University.

> In the “PE” status, the Undergraduate Student Offices, the Postgraduate Information Office or the Doctoral School will send, as soon as possible, a communication to the student with the instructions for the withdrawal of the degree/SET. It is not possible to deliver it until the indicated notice has been received.

How to order a duplicate of a university degree?

As a first step, the interested party must send an application to the rector to request a duplicate. Subsequently, he/she will have to publish an announcement in the BOE (Official State Gazette) in order to make the loss known. The cost of the advertisement is around 150 euros, which must be paid into a bank.

How long does it take to duplicate a college degree?

In addition, the process to request a duplicate may take six to eight months. In that time, a certificate is issued. Getting it costs sweat, tears and years of study, but losing it can be a matter of a minute.

What happens if I lose my college diploma?

You must go in person to the educational institution where you completed your studies, and explain your case, some universities require the request in writing. One of the indispensable requirements to obtain a copy of the diploma is the identification document with an enlarged copy at 150% legible.

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Duplicate American car title

Currently there is a record of almost 200,000 formats, seals and signatures in the file of the General Directorate of Professions, a situation that makes it difficult to know with precision the characteristics of the documentation issued by the educational institutions.

For this reason, the SEP and the state governments agreed on the need to give total certainty to the processes of issuance, control and validation of academic documents, in order to allow the decentralization of the process in the medium term and to promote a better coordination among the educational authorities.

The SEP acknowledged that the educational authorities of the federal entities face obstacles to carry out the validation of academic documents, especially those issued by another state.

This situation, the federal agency points out, causes the authentication process of academic documents to be carried out until the end of the educational process, that is to say, when the interested party has already obtained a professional degree.

In view of this situation, the General Directorate of Professions has set up a professional license consultation service, which can be accessed through the National Registry of Professionals (RNP).

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