This growth has been accelerated with the construction of two more warehouses and their subsequent expansion. The result is a modern, large-scale plant. With nearly 30,000 m2, it consists of four buildings that have been equipped with the most cutting-edge technological advances in the fields of electronics, robotics and automated control, thereby enhancing production reliability.

One of Normagrup’s most ambitious projects has been the commissioning of a 7 m high automated warehouse with a storage capacity of 8,000 boxes. The function of this warehouse is vital for the development of the other operations of the production plant: storing, dispatching and distributing raw materials to the production area. For this purpose, four autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs) have been installed to connect the three production lines.

The locations have been customized to handle 800 x 600 mm boxes, with a maximum unit weight of 50 kg and three different heights: 220, 420 or 650 mm. Higher boxes are placed on the lower levels of the racks and lower ones on the upper levels.


The need to provide Safety Services in buildings and special areas is regulated by national regulations, including Emergency Lighting, Elevators, Fire Fighting Equipment, Emergency Supplies, etc. along with Electrical Installations, with their protections, wiring and conduits.

Safety services should be separated from other services and installed in such a way that the safety services are not affected by any faults occurring in the non-safety services and mitigate the effects of a fire. An example of cables installed for safety services is shown in the figure:

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Une-en 12193

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Light output (lm)TypeWeight (kg)Code SAPPOPPACK LED 11000-840 HF L18007410900900LED1.8096631570POPPACK LED 1700-840 HF L600111700LED0.7496634320POPPACK LED 2300-840 HF L600172300LED0. 7496634321POPPACK LED 3000-830 HF L1200243200LED1.4096631574POPPACK LED 3000-840 HF L1200243350LED1.3096631538POPPACK LED 4500-830 HF L1200364450LED1.4096631575POPPACK LED 4500-840 HF L1200364650LED1. 4096631542POPPACK LED 5000-830 HF L1500364700LED1.7096631578POPPACK LED 5000-840 HF L1500364900LED1.7096631554POPPACK LED 6000-830 HF L1500536050LED1.7096631579POPPACK LED 6000-840 HF L1500536400LED1.7096631558POPPACK LED 6500-830 HF L1800546450LED1. 8096631580POPPACK LED 6500-840 HF L1800546800LED1.8096631566POPPACK LED 7000-830 HF L1200526900LED1.4096631576POPPACK LED 7000-840 HF L1200527300LED1.4096631546POPPACK LED 9000-840 HF L1500649100LED1.7096631562▼

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Light output (lm)TypeWeight (kg)Code SAPPOPPACK LED 11000-840 HFI L18007410900900LED1.8096631572POPPACK LED 1700-840 HFI L600111700LED0.8396634322POPPACK LED 2300-840 HFI L600172300LED0.8396634323POPPACK LED 3000-840 HFI L1200243350LED1. 4096631540POPPACK LED 4500-840 HFI L1200364650LED1.4096631544POPPACK LED 5000-840 HFI L1500364900LED1.7096631556POPPACK LED 6000-840 HFI L1500536400LED1. 7096631560POPPACK LED 6500-840 HFI L1800546800LED1.8096631568POPPACK LED 7000-840 HFI L1200527300LED1.4096631548POPPACK LED 9000-840 HFI L1500649100LED1.7096631564▼


Thus, this new royal decree is intended to determine the safety equipment, in the field of rescue, navigation and fire protection, and prevention of pollution of the marine environment, particularly by dirty water, in recreational boats; as well as the obligations of owners and skippers and the requirements to be met by such equipment, which, in its essence, come from European regulations.

On the other hand, regarding the sanctioning regime, specifications and graduations are introduced to the table of infractions and sanctions established in Title IV of the third book of the Revised Text of the State Ports and Merchant Marine Law, which, without constituting new infractions, nor being exhaustive or altering the nature of those that the Law determines, contribute to the most correct identification of the typified conducts and to the most precise determination of the corresponding sanctions, all this with the purpose of facilitating the application of said regime in the aspects exclusively regulated in this Royal Decree.

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