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Like the rest of the training activities framed in the program, this course will be taught entirely online, so that it can be followed by all members who wish, after registration. The first session will focus on the analysis of “The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, through the presentation of the PhD in Law from the University of Valencia and Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, as well as patron and curator of Congresses of the Law and Disability Foundation, and director of the Chair of Disability and Employability TEMPE-APSA of the UMH, Antonio Luis Martínez. The eight sessions will be held throughout the month of September.

The training activity will begin next Monday at 4:30 p.m., and any lawyer from the Valencian Community can register free of charge, whether or not he or she is currently a member of the Public Defender’s Office.

Study dental hygienist for free

With the dental hygienist course in Ica you will learn to analyze the techniques and methods of oral hygiene and participate in prevention and health promotion activities. Contact us by phone 854701254, whatapps 644702701 or https://www.neptunosformacion.com Prefix (+34)

With the dental hygienist course you will learn a basic training according to the job functions in dental clinics. A complementary training to your curriculum vitae where you will learn organization and management of a dental clinic, how to attend the patient, what techniques and functions an oral hygienist performs (x-rays, curettage,…) and hygiene activities in the community.

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The dental hygienist does not only work as a dental clinic assistant, there are many socio-community activities where the work of this professional is essential. Today, it is making its way as one of the most demanded professions in the health sector, specifically in the area of dentistry. If you wish to enroll in the training program, please request information in the form.

Registration for customs broker 2021

To provide the student with the necessary knowledge to: Interpret and apply the different grain marketing regulations in force. Determine the quality and commercial and industrial value of grains. Recognize types and varieties of grains and seeds. Handle the reception and delivery of grains. Knowing the structure of grain trade. Storage, conditioning and conservation of grains. Aimed at: COURSE OPEN TO ALL PERSONS AND AGES.

The expert is the person in charge in a company to make the quality control of the cereal, in a port his work will be to classify by types of cereals and conditions of the same, in an analysis laboratory his development will be the quality control, type, number of samples, etc.

I.c.a. customs training institute

A practical introductory course that will allow you to properly understand the main issues related to compliance. Suitable for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of the compliance and regulatory environment, as well as those considering a new career in this sector, as a basis for training at a higher level.

Fees include a downloadable certificate that you can print out. If you require a hard copy to be sent to you, the fee is £50 plus VAT, if applicable. Membership fee: £75* (student) *Only if you are already an ICA member.

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