Questions that come up in the theoretical driving test 2020

Are you preparing for the theoretical driving test for driving license B? Yes? Well, here’s a challenge: half a dozen really complicated questions. We present our top 5 of particularly difficult questions that not all drivers or future drivers are able to solve. Think back, apply logic and dare to answer this driving test.

The DGT has taken action on electric bicycles and scooters, two forms of transport that are increasingly present in cities like Valencia, but not everything is going at lightning speed: pedal-assisted bicycles -or motorized bicycles- with power not exceeding 0.5 kW as an aid to the muscular effort of the driver must stop when the driver stops pedaling or the speed exceeds 25 km/h.

The answer to this driving test question is a). Let us remind that only drivers, when reversing or parking, persons with a certificate of exemption for serious medical reasons or disabled or persons during frequent delivery of goods in a short period of time can drive without belts or other approved restraint systems.

How many questions can be failed in the theoretical exam?

But, how many questions does the theoretical exam have? The DGT sets 30 questions, and no more than 10% of mistakes in the answers are allowed. In other words, only 3 mistakes can be made. Each question has between two and three answers, and only one will be correct.

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What happens if I do not pass the theoretical driving test?

If I fail the exam, how long will I have to wait to take it again? There is a 25-day period to retake the theoretical exam free of charge. If you fail again, then the license is denied, and you can apply again after one month.

How many tests do I have to take at the driving school?

And this is with a multiple-choice test of 30 questions, for which you have 30 minutes, and you will pass if you have, at most, 3 failures.

Driving License Examination Questions 2021 Argentina

The date of the DGT exam is one of the key dates to obtain the driver’s license. But surely, as it approaches, the question of how to know if I am prepared to take the test is always on your mind.

When a driver knows how to drive, one of the first signs that this is happening is precisely the performance of certain maneuvers automatically or acquired as a natural process.

The date of the DGT test should be the moment you have to keep in mind as another process within the learning process itself. In this way it will not be a constant stress, but something else that you have to do within the process of obtaining the license.

How many times can I fail the theoretical driving test?

The law does not impose a maximum number of times to repeat the theoretical and practical exams, only time limits that must pass between one attempt and another.

How many questions can be failed in the Costa Rica 2021 theoretical driving test?

To pass the driving license theory test, it is necessary to take a test of 30 multiple-choice questions in which we cannot have more than three failures.

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How many questions can be missed in the Costa Rica theoretical exam?

The exam consists of 40 single-choice questions and is passed with a minimum score of 80, i.e., only eight questions can be failed.

Theoretical exam for class b driver’s license

But, how many questions does the theoretical exam have? The DGT sets 30 questions, and no more than 10% of mistakes in the answers are allowed. In other words, you can only make 3 mistakes. Each question has between two and three answers, and only one will be correct.

The time for the exam is half an hour, so on average you have to spend one minute per question. With 4 or more failures, the test will be failed. The final result will be known soon: the next working day or from 17:00 hours if it has been done by computer.

When do I take the theoretical exam?

Regarding when, either by yourself or with a driving school, you can take the theory test when you are 17 years and 9 months old and not before that time. That is to say, you can take it before you turn 18 years old. However, in order to take the practical test, you must be 18 years old.

How much time do you have to pass the theory test?

The deadlines in case of success in the theoretical exam are as follows: As soon as you pass the DGT Test you have a period of two years to be able to pass the practical exam.

What is the 2021 theoretical driving test like?

The exam consists of 30 questions and you are only allowed to fail a maximum of 3 to pass. According to the statistics of the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), the percentage of people who pass the theoretical exam is 64%, of which 71% pass the test the first time.


Part of the test consists of 14 videos that include 15 developing hazards. Each of these developing hazards has a maximum mark of 5 points, you must score 44 out of 75 to pass your Hazard Perception part before beginning the hazard perception. You will be shown a short video on how it works.

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This is where our goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to be able to make the right decision. We understand that everyone likes to learn in their own way and we will do our best to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for the test. We can offer guidance to help you have the right attitude to take your test.

As well as teaching driving lessons in London, we can also provide theory support for all our students. If you are looking to improve your driving skills and ensure you are fully prepared for your theory test, our highly qualified and highly experienced instructors can help you prepare for the exam.

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