Is lawful development certificate the same as planning permission?

Construction licenses Colombian regulations

Each municipality has the authority to grant or deny a building permit. In most cases, each local administration has its own municipal ordinance, approved by its plenary session, which describes the actions related to the procedure for granting building licenses throughout the municipality, including all the necessary documentation that must be submitted to apply for the license.

We have already pointed out that the Madrid City Council licenses have a two-month resolution period. On the other hand, for example, for urban planning licenses in Zaragoza, it depends on the procedure. If it is a simplified procedure, which does not require a Fire Prevention Service report nor does it affect structural elements in the municipality, the maximum resolution period is set at one month. In the abbreviated procedure, if it requires a report from a provincial or municipal cultural heritage commission, the maximum resolution period is set at two months. And in the same abbreviated procedure, if it requires a report from the Fire Prevention Service, or affects structural elements, the maximum resolution period is still two months.

Who grants planning permission?

Urban planning licenses are granted by the City Councils, which are in charge of controlling that building and land use acts are in accordance with urban planning.

How long does it take for a City Council to grant a building permit?

How long will it take to get my building permit? In order to receive a response to the building permit application, the most common resolution period is three months from the time the application is filed at the Town Hall’s Registry Office.

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Who issues construction licenses?

The holders of principal rights in rem, the owners of the right of ownership by way of trust and the settlors of the same trusts, of the real estate that is the object of the application.

Activities that require an environmental license

Technical Opinion for Interventions for Construction Manifestation Type A and Works that do not require Construction Manifestation or Special Construction License in Properties Affected to Urban Cultural Heritage.

Technical Opinion for the Merger/Subdivision/Relotification of Premises, Heritage Condition and Feasibility of Demolition and/or Project, in Properties Affected to the Urban Cultural Heritage and/or Heritage Conservation Area.

Article 193 Fiscal Code – No amount is established (For the granting of administrative, temporary revocable permits for spaces for advertisements in the advertising nodes, in which a natural or legal person is granted the use or exploitation of a real estate property of the domain of Mexico City for the commercialization of propaganda and commercial, civic and/or cultural information, the provisions of the Outdoor Advertising Law of the Federal District shall apply).

Registration of Interventions for the Type A Construction Manifestation and Works that do not require Construction Manifestation, Special Construction License in Premises or Properties Located in Heritage Conservation Area.

When is an urban planning license required?

What is an urban development license? It is a previous authorization to urbanize, parcel, subdivide or build a property. For existing properties, a license is required to reinforce and modify it, expand it or adapt it to another use; likewise for the enclosure of any property.

How long does it take to grant a building permit?

For building permits, the most common resolution period is three months. However, the term of the building permit may vary depending on the workload of the Town Planning Department of the corresponding Town Hall.

What law regulates licenses?

If the procedure is initiated ex officio, the Institute will publish in the Official Gazette an extract of the mentions and requirements established in sections III to VII of Article 159 of this Law.

Decree environmental licenses

(1) A technical project is understood to be the set of documents that define the actions to be carried out, with the content and detail that allows the Municipal Administration to know the object of the same and to determine if it complies with the applicable town planning regulations. The technical projects must be signed by competent technician or technicians. They must meet the formal requirements demandable in accordance with current legislation. They must be compulsorily endorsed in the cases contemplated in Royal Decree 1000/2010, of August 5, on compulsory collegiate endorsement. In the remaining cases, the collegiate endorsement will be optional for the applicant of the urban development license.

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When a construction, installation or work is carried out, the ICIO must be paid, whether or not the required municipal license has been obtained. The Tax for the Provision of Urban Development Services must also be paid when applying for, declaring or communicating the actions. Except if the procedure is processed through an Urban Development Collaborating Entity (ECU), in which case the fee must be paid.

How long does it take for the City Council to issue the minor works license?

In the case of major works the license can take between 8 months and a year and in minor works the delay is 4, 5 months. The employers’ association APCE (Asociación de Promotores Constructores de España) states that at national level the average time to obtain a building permit is 12 to 14 months.

How long does it take to obtain a building permit in Colmenar Viejo?

In approximately 2 weeks (depending on the Town Hall of Colmenar) we will receive the documentation and the corresponding license.

How much does the City Council charge for a minor construction permit?

The price of a minor works license will depend on whether it is an extension or a modification, and may be between 3% and 5% of the budget, depending on the municipality, with exceptions for low budgets. This cost is due to the payment of the municipal rights.

Difference between permit and environmental license

The Previous Communication of Works (not subject to urban planning license) is the document by means of which the interested parties, under their responsibility, inform the Municipal Management of Urbanism of their identification data, state that they comply with the requirements established in the current regulations, provide the documentation that accredits it, in addition to committing to maintain their compliance during the period of time inherent to such recognition or exercise.

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A. Terraces and slopes of up to 4 meters in height, from pre-existing terraces; or newly built terraces of up to 1.5 meters in height from soil with an unmodified natural slope, provided that the land has a natural slope of less than 20%.

B. Sorribas that require leveling by means of clearing and embankment, and the addition of a maximum of 80 centimeters of topsoil. The retaining wall of the sorriba, if applicable, may not exceed 1.5 meters in height.

D. Prefabricated water tank installations or waterproofed earthen ponds with sheets for water storage, provided that they do not exceed 1,000 m in capacity, up to 5 meters in total height, and may not exceed 3 meters in height above the level resulting from the leveling of the land. A maximum of one installation will be allowed for each farm or organic unit on which there is an agricultural operation, justifying in the report the need, proportionality and linkage to the cultivable area or livestock units. The enclosures may only be made with non-opaque or transparent materials and may not exceed two meters in height.