What are the 4 types of degrees?

What are securities

Participation securities, also called equity or personal securities, incorporate the right to receive sums of money, in addition to vesting their holders with certain powers (César D. Gómez).

Securities representing merchandise are documents which, by way of possession, certify the receipt of personal property or merchandise by a person who delivers the security and is obliged to return it to the legitimate holder thereof (César D. Gómez).

The legitimate holder of titles representing merchandise has the exclusive right to dispose of them and, in case of rejection of the title by the principal obligor, to exercise the right of restitution of the value fixed in the title for the merchandise.

In case of alteration of the text of a security, the previous subscribers are bound according to the original text, and the subsequent subscribers according to the altered text. When it cannot be ascertained whether the signature of the creator of the instrument was affixed before or after the alteration, it is presumed to have been affixed before.

What are securities and how are they classified?

What is the classification or types of securities in Colombia? … Obligatory securities are those that incorporate a commitment, such as a debt of an amount of value (a sum of money). Exchangeable securities are those that incorporate a credit right, such as a check or a bill of exchange.

What are credit securities?

Credit instruments are those that incorporate the right to a specific sum of money, either originated in a payment order, as in the case of the bill of exchange and the check, or in a promise to pay, as in the case of the promissory note.

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What are the types of receivables?

The following negotiable instruments have been recognized by the Law on Negotiable Instruments and Credit Transactions: bill of exchange; promissory note; check; debentures or bonds; certificates of participation; certificates of deposit; bonds and pledges.

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A security is a document containing a right (right to payment, collection, etc.) that is essentially transferable, since it passes from one person to another. Have you ever been paid with a check or a promissory note? These formulas of payment have a specific legislation that calls them securities.

Therefore, if your intention is to make a quick payment for a car, a check, for example, is a good option. As we have said, a security incorporates a right, which has a series of characteristics:

The securities, evidently, are documents of necessary presentation. If the car dealer does not present the check, he will not be able to receive the amount of money on that check for the cashing of the car.

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When is a security used?

What is a security for? It is used to conduct business when it is not possible to have cash or large amounts of money are involved, where these documents temporarily supply such amounts that are expected to be obtained or made effective within a certain period of time.

What are securities on demand?

Securities to Order in Mexican Doctrine

Titles to order are those that, being issued in favor of a certain person, are transferred by means of endorsement and delivery of the document itself. The endorsement in itself does not have transfer effectiveness; tradition is needed to complete the transfer business.

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What are the characteristics of the different securities?

What are the characteristics of a security? Securities are movable property, susceptible of possession in the strict sense of the word and of transmission by means of the methods recognized by law. … Whoever possesses the document has the power to keep custody of it and to preserve its economic value.

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Not all negotiable instruments have arisen at the same moment in the history of commerce, so that their study and regulation has taken place at different times. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, jurists have made great efforts to elaborate a unitary or general theory, within which the whole category called negotiable instruments is included.

The title of credit is a document that incorporates a right, so that the right is intimately linked to the title and its exercise is conditioned by the exhibition of the document. Without exhibiting the instrument, the right incorporated therein cannot be exercised, and the reason for possessing the right is the fact of possessing the instrument.

The incorporation of the right in the document is so intimate that the right becomes an accessory of the document. Generally, the rights have existence independently of the document that serves to prove them, and can be exercised without strict need of the document. However, in the case of negotiable instruments, the document is the main thing and the right is the accessory. The right neither exists nor can be exercised, if it is not in function of the document and conditioned by it.

What is a security and examples?

Examples of securities to order, since the law allows such possibility, are the bill of exchange, promissory note, check, bills of exchange for purchase and sale and transportation (they can only be to order), bill of lading, bill of lien, merchandise deposit certificate (CD) and pledge bond.

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What is a high value security?

They are documents signed by the debtor, where a right is recognized to the holder. They have an economic value, since the ideal is that they enter into the economic circulation with the other goods.

What is the importance of a security?

A security can be the support of an economic transaction, therefore, it can help to achieve justice in cases of bad faith in the business world. In conclusion, a security directly helps a country’s economy by facilitating economic transactions.

Securities on demand

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