Rationale for the position of assistant professor

Once the application review period is over, the list of candidates admitted and excluded from the process will be published on this website, specifying the reasons for their exclusion. However, the status of applications can be consulted on Profex.

Approximately 834 vacancies according to the distribution of Annex I of the call for applications. There may be modifications depending on the health situation or the needs of the educational authorities of the destination country.

The language assistants will receive the financial compensation indicated, as a guideline, in Annex V of the call for applications, charged to the budgets of the country of destination, for room and board expenses.

IMPORTANT: Registration of applications in Profex ends on December 28 at 2:00 p.m., as does electronic registration (see section 5 of the Resolution). If registration is not done electronically through Profex, it is possible to submit your application until the closing time of the registry offices or by certified mail on December 28.

What is a teaching assistant?

The duties to be performed by the teaching assistant with responsibility, punctuality and timeliness are as follows: Guide individual and group work of students. Support the professor in tutoring activities. Support students who show poor academic performance.

How much does a teaching assistant earn?

The average national salary for a Teaching Assistant is $20,760 in Argentina.

How to become a fen assistant?

If you want to be an assistant professor, you must enter the platform: https://pregradold.fen.uchile.cl/Pregrado/DocenciaWeb/default.aspx?Opcion=MisCursos with your username and password and the available professorships to which you can apply will appear.

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Teaching assistant

The next step in the academic career is the figure of the contracted doctor, which is the intermediate step between the temporary figures of assistant and assistant doctor, and the bodies of university teaching staff of full professors and university professors. These contracts will be held with doctors who have received a positive evaluation from the ANECA or the AAC, with the aim of carrying out teaching and research tasks with full capacity. The requirements to pass the positive evaluation of ANECA or AAC are different and more demanding than those required for those who aspire to the positions of assistant doctor, and coincide with those required to be accredited as a private university professor. The contracts are, or should be, indefinite and full-time.

How much does a teaching assistant at UBA earn?

A teaching assistant can teach an average of one or two classes per week, so “their total monthly salary would then be 2,000 or 2,500 pesos, depending on how many classes they teach per month”.

How to become a UNC teaching assistant?

Requirements for assistantships

Be a regular undergraduate student. Have passed the course with a final grade of at least 7 points and an overall grade point average of 6 points including deferrals. To register exclusively with your e-mail address extension @mi. unc.

What does a student assistant do?

From his role, he will be able to contribute to the greater circulation of communicational flows, dynamize the intervention of student participation in the progressive construction of knowledge, outlining his profile in terms of articulator between the students and the teacher in the process of construction of knowledge….

Teaching assistant salary

If you have completed a doctorate and you are thinking about your future, you should know that, in order to be a university professor, you must have the Aneca Accreditation. We tell you what it is and what you have to do to get it. Keep reading and don’t miss it!

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Thus, if you are trying to start your career as a university teacher, you should know that obtaining the Aneca accreditation is essential for any professional who wants to work in this field.

To apply for accreditation, it is a prerequisite to hold a university doctorate degree and, at the same time, be able to demonstrate a track record as an academic. Based on this, an evaluation is carried out that assesses different aspects such as scientific publications published by the candidate, participation in research projects, presentations at conferences and other professional merits within the academic and research career.

The Aneca Accreditation is processed telematically through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Education. This procedure is permanently open, so it is not necessary to wait for periodic calls.

How much does a student assistant charge in Argentina?

The national average salary of a Student Assistant is $13,259 in Argentina.

How much does a teacher earn per hour in Argentina 2021?

The average teacher salary in Argentina is $90,000 per year or $46.15 per hour. Entry-level positions start at an income of $89,400 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $476,040 per year.

How much is a university professor’s teaching hour worth?

208, divided into 160 of $45,426 and divided into 192 hours gives $37,855, which is the minimum to be paid per teaching hour for teachers thus hired, plus social benefits.

Assistant Professor

Article 63 – In order to be a Regular Professor, the candidate must have a university degree. The university degree and the highest degree may be dispensed with in the event that the conditions of the area or subject, as well as the quality of the applicant, justify it and with the approval of the Board of Directors of the respective Faculty or the Higher Council in the corresponding cases.

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1. By open competition of qualifications, background and opposition. The competition shall be held in accordance with the ordinances and resolutions issued by the government of the University. The respective regulations shall ensure:

2.        Within six (6) months before or after the expiration of the term of the appointment mentioned in the preceding paragraph, at the proposal of the H. Boards of Trustees, the Superior Council shall appoint a Committee per area that shall evaluate the academic merits and teaching activity of the Professor. The criteria for the designation of the Evaluation Committee, the guidelines for the evaluation of the academic activity, as well as the rules that shall regulate the procedures to be followed in these cases shall be dictated by the Superior Council and shall guarantee:

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