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The rifle fires by means of a hammer and has a trigger mechanism with a 3-position fire selector, which is also the weapon’s safety and prevents accidental firing (in position “E” or “1” – semi-automatic mode (“Einzelfeuer”), “F” or “20” – automatic mode (“Feuerstoß”), “S” or “0” – weapon secured (“Sicher”) and the trigger is mechanically deactivated). The weapon can be equipped with an optional 4-position selector, illustrated with pictograms and an ambidextrous lever. The fourth position of the selector activates the short burst mode (3 shots).[6] The weapon is equipped with mechanical sights.

The weapon is equipped with mechanical sights consisting of a rotating barrel rear sight and a covered front sight. The rear sight, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, has an open notch used for shooting up to 100 m and three apertures used for distances of 200, 300 and 400 m.[6] The receiver has grooves for attaching HK pincer mounts, used for mounting day or night optical sights.


ASESORIA G3 FINCASA Quality advice based on experience.ASESORIA G3 FINCAS is formed by professionals who are constantly updated. Their experience and their spirit of commitment, based on quality and trust, are their best assets.

ASESORIA G3 FINCAS was born with the mission to provide our clients with support solutions for the management of their businesses or companies. We offer comprehensive advice covering tax, accounting, labor and financial areas of business management, not only preventing negative incidents but also planning optimally its management in order to take advantage of opportunities.

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We offer experience, commitment and guarantee of quality so that the businessman can dedicate himself to the development of his business or company being calm and confident that his advisor takes care of the taxation, accounting and labor area of his company offering him a plus of effectiveness and efficiency that will have an impact on the results.

Our staff is formed by a team of professionals who bring their long experience in different fields of expertise. This allows us to assist you in an efficient and interdisciplinary way in all matters related to tax, accounting, labor and financial advice.

GAC GS3 2020 Full Test

The new Powerheart G3 Elite allows rescuers of any skill level to respond to sudden cardiac arrest emergencies simply and intuitively. RescueCoach™ guides users through the resuscitation process with step-by-step voice and text prompts, and G3 Elite offers the industry’s most advanced features, such as automatic shock delivery* and pre-connected defibrillation pads, to give rescuers the confidence they need.

Powerheart G3 Elite uses STAR® biphasic technology to deliver an effective shock – a patented technology proven in successful resuscitations around the world. If another shock is needed, Powerheart G3 Elite will deliver an increasing amount of variable energy to deliver a higher dose to the patient.

Each day, the Powerheart G3 Elite AED performs a complex series of patented automated tests throughout the device’s circuitry to verify not only that the medical-grade battery, patented non-polarized patches and critical components are connected, but also that they are still fully operational for the next day. Many other AEDs test as little as once a week. The Rescue Ready indicator, located in a highly visible location, makes it easy to know the status of the Powerheart G3 Elite at a glance. If your Powerheart AED detects an error in an automatic test, the indicator turns from green to red and sounds an audible alarm to indicate that the AED needs to be serviced. Cardiac Science offers a robust indemnity policy that covers the AED, patches and battery for added peace of mind.

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VW goal Power CV joint replacement

G3 Technologies, Inc. is a wireless telecommunications organization that provides customized tools and solutions that address the needs of fixed/mobile wireless carriers, Fortune 500 companies and humanitarian service organizations.

G3’s exceptionally high software quality standards require a static code analyzer tool capable of comprehensive and efficient code analysis. With an expanding development team and growing code bases (a code base exceeding 11 million lines of code), G3 required an automated and scalable static analysis tool capable of helping them find and correct defects at the earliest possible stage.

G3’s exceptionally high software quality standards required a static analysis tool capable of comprehensively and efficiently analyzing code. With an expanding development team and growing code bases (a code base exceeding 11 million lines of code), G3 needed a scalable, automated static analysis tool capable of helping them find and correct defects at the earliest possible stage. G3’s proactive approach to catching as many bugs as possible early on enables the company to quickly deliver the high-quality software its customers expect.

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