What is a pen licence at school?

Tips for writing with a pen

As we have already seen in previous articles, our handwriting says a lot about us: the inclination of the letter, the oppression we exert when writing, etc. can tell a lot about our personality and temperament. In this article we are going to see what the color we choose to write can say about us.

In order to determine this, we can base it on the color that is usually used or on the free choice between several colors when writing a text. Graphologically, this choice or habit can indicate data about emotional, affective, labor, intellectual, etc. behavior.

The use of blue is traditionally associated with stability and depth. It is a color linked to calmness, tranquility, consciousness, wisdom and intelligence, representing truth, loyalty and trust.

Black symbolizes elegance, power, death, formality and mystery. It is, by tradition, the most enigmatic color and is associated with the unknown and fear. Black represents intransigence, authority and strength. But it is also associated with seriousness and prestige.

What does it mean to write with blue ink?

Writing with blue ink

It is a color linked to calmness, tranquility, conscience, wisdom and intelligence that represents truth, loyalty and trust.

What is the function of a ballpoint pen?

“A writing instrument with a special ink tube inside and a freely rotating metal ball at the tip.”

What were the pens like in the old days?

It was a crude object that was intended for marking bales, cotton bales or any other merchandise. It did not eliminate the steel tip, which it retained, and despite improvements, it could not compete with the pen in normal writing.

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Phrases for children who are starting to use pencils

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Which is better, blue or black ink?

The basic difference is that black ink contains carbon and is therefore more difficult to flow. In fact, if we look at pen sales figures, blue ink pens are twice as popular as black ink pens.

What does it mean to write with purple ink?

The color of the ink we choose when writing also reveals aspects of our personality. … Violet or purple are spiritual colors, and are related to dreams and magic.

What needs does a ballpoint pen satisfy?

Force: is the force needed to hold the pen steady for writing. Pressure: this is what is needed for the pen to work, since it allows the tip to go in or out. Movement: this phenomenon is indispensable in the pen because when we write we have to move.

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Writing with a pencil or ballpoint pen

A ballpoint pen (boli),[1] spherographic (esfero),[2] biro,[3] pencil,[4] pencil,[4] pen,[5] ink pen or atomic pen[6] is a writing instrument consisting of a charging tip, containing a sphere, usually of steel or tungsten, which in contact with the paper, is dosing the ink as it is rolled, in the same way as a ball deodorant. The pen can be fine point, medium point or diamond.

The company formed by Biro and his partners went bankrupt, suffering from lack of financing and new inventions that were not commercially successful. A former supplier, Francisco Barcelloni, independent of Bich’s developments, tried to enthuse Biro to manufacture a low-cost ballpoint pen. He failed to convince him and set up on his own; he improved the ink flow and tested a triple-hard ball. Barcelloni subsequently hired Biro to run the new factory, whose trade name was Sylvapen.

Mace is the most prolific artist in his use of the ballpoint pen. His work is exhibited nationally in the United States, and regularly in Japan. His ballpoint pen illustrations have also appeared in international publications such as The New York Times.[19][20][21]

What was the first pen?

Biro presented the discovery of the birome in 1931 at the Budapest International Fair and finally patented it in 1938.

How did the pen originate?

It all started in Hungary. In 1936, László (as he was also known) worked as a journalist. Tired of smudging his Pelikan pen, he sought a solution to the problem: create a ballpoint pen so that he could write without inconvenience and the paper would immediately absorb the ink.

What was the world’s first ballpoint pen?

Name. In Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay it is known not only as “lapicero”, “lapicera” and “bolígrafo”, but also as “birome”, which is the commercial name under which the first ballpoint pens in the world were sold, manufactured in Argentina in 1943.

Advantages of writing with a pen

Despite the enormous variety of pen colors, it is indisputable that one is the king, blue, even over black, which is the traditional color for printing books or magazines, but where does this custom come from?

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There are several explanations circulating on the web. One of them points to the fact that both inks have different compositions. Black ink contains carbon, so it is more difficult to flow and in order to work properly it is important that it reaches the right viscosity and does not dry out.

He goes on to tell me that, as we have all experienced, blue clearly prevails in the school world and has become a tradition. In the schools of Europe people learn to write with fountain pens and also with ink rollers, in both cases it is the blue ink (or “royal blue” to be more specific) that can be perfectly erased with ink erasers, but not the black one.

It should be noted that red ink pens are usually used for correcting exams and underlining or writing notes in the margins of any text, due to their visibility. The same happens with green ink pens, but to a lesser extent.