What is a Practising certificate law?

Law 2043 of 2020 summary

Free economic competition may be violated through a series of practices that limit or prevent competition in the markets. Colombian legislation establishes, among others, the following:

An anticompetitive agreement is any contract, agreement or concerted practice between two or more companies, which restrict or distort competition. According to article 45 of Decree 2153 of 1992.

Cartels seek to eliminate the pressure to compete among companies, resulting in a low variety, quality of goods or services and an increase in prices, thus harming both consumers and all the actors participating in the markets.

What is an internship certificate?

The certificate of completion of the internship is a document issued by the company to the student who has completed the internship at the end of the period.

How to certify practices?

The Educational Institution must issue a certification of previous professional experience, which must state: name and identification of the parties, start date, termination date, activities performed, schedule in which such activities were carried out, and the type of relationship or contract performed.

What does the law say about professional practices?

There is no national internship law or system in Mexico. However, the labor law establishes that when a company has more than one thousand workers it must incorporate three interns. For this reason, many companies have agreements with universities in order to comply with this regulation.

Labor Practices

In this article we are going to know all the benefits of incorporating an intern in an organization. But do you also know what are the requirements for hiring an intern? We explain them below.

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Let’s start with the basics. It is important to understand the figure of the intern or trainee. In principle, one of the frequent doubts of employers about this role is whether it is a worker. If they are, they would have the same rights as other employees. But in this case, we must say that he/she is not just another employee.

The Federal Labor Law clearly establishes what an employment relationship is. “Employment relationship is understood to be, whatever the act that gives rise to it, the rendering of subordinate personal work to a person, through the payment of a salary.”

As for trainee definition, in principle it is a university student. He or she may be in the second half of his or her career or have recently graduated from his or her studies. What defines a trainee is that he/she enters a professional internship program in a company. There he/she obtains complementary training to his/her academic training and this is usually his/her first approach to the labor market.

How long is the internship period?

This type of program usually lasts for a period of approximately 6 months or 480 hours, attending the place you work for a total of 4 hours per day, which should fit in with your school schedule.

Who issues the internship certificate?

The preparation of the certificate of university professional practice is the direct responsibility of the tutor of the company or institution, who, after having received the student’s application and having verified the data issued by the student’s university or study center, will have to draw up a certificate of professional …

How to obtain a work experience certificate?

How to obtain a Labor Competency Certification? In order to obtain the certification, two evaluations must be taken, a knowledge test and a performance test on the trade being practiced. In this stage, the competencies, attitudes and skills of the applicant will be determined.

Internship Law in Colombia 2020

3.1 To contribute to the training and development of skills of students and graduates of universities, institutes of Higher Education, schools of Higher Education and Technical Productive Education Centers.

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12.1. The period of professional practices may only be developed within twelve (12) months after obtaining the status of graduate from the university, institute or school of higher education or Technical Productive Education Center. Upon expiration of such term, the agreement and the internship shall automatically expire.

5. To grant a fifteen (15) day break duly subsidized when the duration of the training modality exceeds twelve (12) months. The regulation determines the granting of a proportional economic compensation when the duration of the training modality is less than twelve (12) months.

The monthly financial subsidy may not be less than the Minimum Living Wage when the trainee completes the maximum working day foreseen for each type of training. In the case of training days of shorter duration, the payment of the subsidy is proportional.

What does a company need to release Internships?

1.7 The Letter of Release of Professional Practices must contain at least: a) Letterhead of the Company where the Professional Practices were carried out. b) Full name of the student and his/her registration number. c) The start and end date of the activities. d) The total number of hours that the student covered.

What is the professional practice?

The internship is usually a student’s first step in the labor market. It is a stage that combines issues typical of a job (the need to reach a certain level of productivity, the obligation to obey the orders of a superior, etc.).

How long can I do a pre-professional internship?

4. For how long and how many hours per day should the pre-professional internships be performed? Interns must complete a mandatory one academic year, i.e. 10 continuous months, minimum 10 hours per week, at least 40 hours per month.

Law 1780 of 2016

In this regard, Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, on Qualifications and Vocational Training establishes in paragraph 1 of its Article 8 that the certificates of professionalism are official and valid throughout the national territory, accredit the corresponding professional qualifications to those who have obtained them and shall be issued by the competent labor administration. The expedition of the certificates of professionalism will correspond, in accordance with the regime of distribution of competences in the matter in which the present royal decree is incardinated, to the competent organs of the Autonomous Communities. The General Administration of the State will issue the certificates of professionalism in those cases in which the legislation in force has reserved to it the executive competences in the matter of vocational training for employment or when there is no transfer.

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In the same section of Article 8 of the aforementioned Law, it is established that both the vocational training titles and the certificates of professionalism will have the corresponding effects in accordance with the regulations of the European Union relating to the general system of recognition of vocational training in the Member States of the Union and other signatory States of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. These titles and certificates accredit the corresponding professional qualifications to those who have obtained them.