EDpodcast 2 – How to become an AWS Certified Architect?

We were talking about this topic the other day with another well-known architect. He was of the idea that certification processes for architectural firms were not necessary, indeed, he was giving us to understand that “could be detrimental to put certain corsets to our creative process”.

What we architects call “the creative process” is a fundamental part of our work, it is true. It can even be a truly differentiating part of our proposal compared to the competition. However, once this phase is finished, we start to implement all the others that are necessary for the development of the project and the final execution of the work. From that moment on, we enter an extremely complex production process. We start up a lot of operations (many of them very complex) and coordinate a lot of tasks and people (internal and external).

We believe that the production process of a building project and its subsequent execution is a very complex task, which requires a management and control that is effective, systematic and transparent; that avoids incidents, errors and deviations; and that guarantees the result and the satisfaction of our clients.

What is a construction certification?

Document issued by the director of a work in which it is accredited that the work has been executed and completed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force and the contract signed for that purpose.

What is LEED Architecture Certification?

WHAT IS LEED? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is an internationally recognized certification system for sustainable buildings created by the U.S. Green Building Council (U.S. Green Building Council).

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Who makes the work certifications?

Its elaboration is in charge of the facultative direction of the same and in order to be valid, it must be properly endorsed by the corresponding professional association.


The final construction certificate is a document that certifies that the works for which a building permit has been requested have been completed. This document must be signed by the construction manager and the construction execution manager. Usually, in building works, the construction manager is an architect and the construction execution manager is a technical architect.

In any case, this final work certificate must be signed by the technicians who have been part of the project management, since this certificate is not an independent document but belongs to the work of project management and project execution management respectively. This document must be endorsed by the corresponding professional associations, namely the architects’ association and the technical architects’ association.

In some cases, some municipalities require that when the construction manager is a senior engineer, the construction manager must be a technical engineer, in order to be on an equal footing with architects and technical architects. In case of doubt, the best thing to do is to contact the town planning service of the corresponding town hall to ask who are the competent technicians to compose the project management in each specific case.

What is Conarc certification?

CONARC shall grant the corresponding credential to each certified architect who obtains his registration. 9.2.2. The certification will maintain its validity when the certified architect attends the renewal process at the end of the period granted for its validity.

What does LEED certification measure?

Leadership in Energy in Environmental Design (LEED) is the world’s most prestigious sustainable building standard. It is based on a scoring system that measures the level of environmental friendliness and health of buildings, and was developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

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What is LEED certification and what categories are there?

LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the world’s most widely used certification system for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of sustainable buildings. … LEED is recognized worldwide for being a symbol of excellence in sustainable construction.

Certificate TOGAF in the First Attempt

It is a type of housing created to maintain ideal atmospheric conditions inside, achieving energy savings of between 70% and 90% compared to conventional housing. They are constructions that must have optimum thermal insulation in their exterior walls, thermal bridge breakage that prevents the interior and exterior face of a window from coming into contact with each other to eliminate heat loss, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and high performance windows and doors.

The advances made so far in the development of passive houses or passivhaus have been focused on single-family houses. However, its usefulness is much greater, since this type of construction is applicable in hotels, offices, government buildings, educational centers…

How are the work certifications paid?

And how are they paid? By means of partial certifications or at source. It consists of paying as the work is being carried out, certifying it “by parts”; therefore, it is usual that each item of the budget becomes a certification.

What qualifies LEED certification in terms of the construction site?

LEED Platinum: for buildings that score 80 or more points. LEED Gold: for buildings scoring between 60 and 79 points. LEED Silver: for buildings that score between 50 and 59 points. LEED Certified: for buildings that score between 40 and 49 points.

Who awards LEED certification?

LEED, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is an international rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to encourage the development of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

The EDGE Standard for building certification

1. The director of the execution of the work is the agent who, being part of the optional direction, assumes the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and of controlling qualitatively and quantitatively the construction and the quality of the built.

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a) To be in possession of the academic and professional qualification and to fulfill the conditions required for the exercise of the profession. In the case of legal entities, designate the technical director of the execution of the work who has the enabling professional qualification.

When the purpose of the works to be carried out is the construction of buildings for the uses indicated in group a) of section 1 of article 2, the academic and professional qualification will be that of technical architect. This will also be the qualifying qualification for the works of group b) that were directed by architects.

c) To direct the material execution of the work, checking the staking out, the materials, the correct execution and arrangement of the construction elements and the installations, in accordance with the project and with the instructions of the director of the work.

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