What is covered by Minor Works Certificate?

How much does a building permit cost

Painting the walls, changing the electrical installation, renovating doors or windows… These are just some of the interventions that some people have thought about carrying out inside the home at some point. The idea is very tempting.

But beyond what it can suppose for the whole of the home to arm oneself with roller and paint or to start to chop a wall to unify the space of kitchen and living room, it is necessary to have clear that, in not few occasions, it is necessary to give account before the administration. Building permits or planning permissions are the permits required by the institutions in order to undertake these and other projects. Depending on the size of the intervention, we can distinguish between the minor works license and the major works license.

In this regard, it is worth noting that work can be carried out both inside the house and on the facade or roof, for example, as long as the structure is not modified. That is one of the essential conditions and, together with it, also that of being a simple and low-cost intervention. Major renovations would imply the need to apply for a building permit.

How much does the City Council charge for the building permit?

In general, the price of the building permit usually ranges between 2% and 6% of the total budget of the work to be executed, without taking into account the VAT. Taking as an example a work whose budget is about €20,000, the cost of the building permit could be between €400 and €1,200.

Who has to apply for the building permit?

The building permit must be requested by the owner or tenant of the property, the builder may be in charge of the processing, but the applicant must always be the owner or tenant of the property.

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What works do not require a permit?

As we have already mentioned, the works that do not require a license are very small and among them we can find: the replacement of welds, sanding of parquet floors, replacement of the internal electrical network, painting inside the home, replacement of tiling, replacement or repairs of electrical connections, etc….

When a building permit is required

Are you thinking of undertaking a major refurbishment of your apartment? Have you bought a plot of land and have to start building your new home? Are you thinking of refurbishing the building in your community of neighbors? Are you going to set up a store and have to completely refurbish the premises?

Anyone who gives a “yes” as an answer to any of the previous questions should be clear about what a major building permit is, how it differs from a minor building permit, in which cases it must be applied for, where it is processed, how much it costs and some other issues that provide peace of mind and security when facing a reform.

A fundamental requirement to be able to request the permission is usually the presentation of a project of work elaborated by a professional of the sector (architects, engineers, technical architects or quantity surveyors). The application for this urban planning license entails the payment of a fee, the purpose of which is precisely to verify that the work complies with the regulations and is safe for people. Although the payment does not imply the approval of the project. Nor does its refusal imply the return of the money.

How much do I pay for a minor construction permit?

The price of a minor works license will depend on whether it is an extension or a modification, and may be between 3% and 5% of the budget, depending on the municipality, with exceptions for low budgets. This cost is due to the payment of the municipal rights.

How much does a permit to build a house cost?

In general, building permits, including the municipal tax and ICIO, represent between 2 and 6% of the Material Execution Budget (PEM). Thus, for a €20,000 renovation, the building permit may cost between €400 and €1,200.

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How to apply for a building permit for my house?

The building permit is requested at the Town Hall. You will have to inform them of the type of work you are going to carry out. In addition, you must prepare some papers because, in order to be granted the permit, you will be asked to present the architect’s or technician’s report on the work you want to carry out.

How long the building permit lasts

The application for planning permission is the document by means of which the owner of the right requests this Municipal Planning Department for a license or authorization for the execution of any of the actions described in the “Description” section.

NEW CONSTRUCTION, ENLARGEMENTS IN EXISTING BUILDINGS AND LOCATION OF PREFABRICATED HOUSES (including auxiliary constructions that compute occupation or building), the specific documentation presented is the following:


WORKS ON BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES IN OUT OF ORDINATION SITUATION (only the works contemplated in art. 362.3 of Law 4/2017), and PERIMETER AND PROTECTION ENCLOSURES AND FENCES, the specific documentation submitted is as follows:

EARTH MOVING, DISMOUNDING AND EXCAVATIONS (may not be granted without prior approval of the basic project of new work as a minimum), the specific documentation submitted is as follows:

What happens if I don’t have a building permit?

When doing a work without a license you may receive a complaint from your city council. The fine for doing work without a license can range from 600 € to 6,000 €, although it depends on the municipal legislation on urban infractions.

How long does a building permit take?

For building permits, the most common resolution period is three months. However, the term of the building permit may vary depending on the workload of the Town Planning Department of the corresponding Town Hall.

Which reforms require a license?

With this license you can make a reform of an apartment in Madrid, as long as you do not touch the structure of the house. Thus, you can put windows, a new balcony, raise all the floors, put new plumbing, remove a partition wall, divide a room, change the entire kitchen, make a new bathroom, etc.

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Works that do not require a building permit

In this case, you would already be facing a major work and, therefore, it would already be necessary to have a building permit. For example, if you are working on the structure of the building or home, as well as other elements such as those intended to protect the building against fire, you will need a major construction permit. Neither will we be in front of a minor work if we decide to modify the surface or height or if it is a total reform of the construction. In this case, we would need a major construction permit.

As a rule, the competences of Urbanism are municipal. Therefore, if you want to make work at home and you want everything to be in order, we recommend that you visit the offices of your city council to request the documentation that you will have to complete and deliver in that same window. The licenses of minor work are granted by the local Administration to control all the activities of the urban development field, of the importance that they are, that are developed in the city. It does not matter where they are carried out: a plot of land, a single-family house or a block of apartments or offices. The city council will grant you this permit according to certain predefined requirements that you will have to comply with to the letter. Otherwise, you run the serious risk that it will be denied and, therefore, you will not be able to carry out the work you had planned.