What is death certificate list?

Death Certificate by Name

A death certificate is distinct from and subsequent to the medical death certificate issued by the physician certifying the death of a person. This medical certificate is the one that allows the registration of the death in the Civil Registry, generally of the place where the death occurs.

The certificate requested in this way will preferably be sent by ordinary mail to the address indicated in the request. However, the interested party may pick it up in person, provided that this is expressly indicated in the application.

In the case of certificates where the delivery method chosen by the interested party is in person, it will be the Civil Registry itself that will indicate the date from which the certificate can be picked up at the Civil Registry.

Where do I get a death certificate?

To request a death certificate, it is only necessary to go to the Civil Registry of the locality where the death is registered, either in person or remotely.

How much does a death certificate cost?

How much does the death certificate cost

Requesting a death certificate is free of charge if it is done directly at the Civil Registry, in person, by mail or telematically on the Civil Registry website.

Who keeps the medical death certificate?

The medical certificate of death must be delivered only to the person who has legitimately requested it, or to the person who has been authorized for that purpose by the patient. The Civil Registry Law provides that no burial license shall be issued without the medical certificate.

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Death certificate examples

It is the means by which the death of a person is attested. The death produces civil effects as soon as it takes place, but for the full recognition of the same it is necessary its inscription in the Civil Registry. Funeral agents, on behalf of the family, are usually in charge of carrying out these formalities before the Civil Registry.

The Civil Registry Regulations require that the declaration, verification and registration of the death be carried out within twenty-four hours of the death, and must be carried out before the burial. As long as the registration has not been made, the burial license will not be issued.

If you wish to carry out the procedure in person, it will be necessary to go to the Civil Registry where the death is registered. Although the delivery by this means is immediate, it is recommended to make an appointment through the electronic office of the Ministry of Justice.

How much does the death certificate cost at the Reniec?

RENIEC charges S/ 10 soles for a certified copy of the death certificate.

How to obtain a RENIEC death certificate?

To obtain a certified copy of a deed, go to www.reniec.gob.pe / Online Services / Certified copies of deeds / partidas.

Where do I get a death certificate in Lima?

You can request a certified copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate online, in the corresponding online service, or in person at any of the Reniec Registry Offices, at the Multi-Service Virtual Platform (PVM) in Lima and Callao or at the MAC Centers.

Birth Certificate

This is why in the following paragraphs we will try to help you simplify the procedure for registration and obtaining the certificate, as well as provide information that will be useful during your procedure.

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The death certificate certifies the date, time and place of death of a citizen. Through a folio, the State officially certifies that the person in question has ceased to exist.

Unlike other procedures for the Civil Registry, the death certificate is much simpler to process, since you only need the RUN of the deceased person to carry out the process.

How to obtain a birth certificate online Peru 2021?

How to request a certified copy of the birth certificate? To obtain the virtual certificate, you must first enter the official website of RENIEC and look for the option called “Online Services”, which will redirect the user to a series of services available by the state entity.

How to obtain a birth certificate online Peru?

You must enter the web page www.reniec.gob.pe. First you must verify that the record is in the Reniec database, by accessing the Online Services option and then the Registry Record Consultation option.

How to obtain a birth certificate at the municipality?

Go to the Civil Registry Unit, hand the completed form and your receipt of payment to the Civil Registrar. Immediately, you will receive a copy of the birth certificate.


Objetive: specify the level of knowledge about the correct completion of death certificates in doctors who start the rural urban marginal health service (SERUMS). The study: descriptive cross-sectional design. Population: attending the SERUMS induction course: 86 recent graduates. Instrument: questionnaire with questions based on the “Technical Guide for the correct completion of death certificates 2018”. Ministry of Health. Findings: 23% of the total have a terrible level, 41% bad, 34% fair and 2% good; the majority do not know how to specify the basic cause of death and 98% do not consider the accident circumstance as the basic cause and 85% do not know about SINADEF. Conclusions: The level of knowledge about the correct completion of the death certificate is very low with great ignorance to locate the basic cause of death.

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In our Lambayeque region there are studies that demonstrate the quality of completion of the death certificate, in one of them carried out in 2006 in the National Hospital “Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo” of Chiclayo, it was found that the frequency of errors in the quality of completion of the death certificate was high, which is a condition that affects the analysis of the health situation. Of the 287 death certificates reviewed, only 33.8% were well filled out and 44.6% were poorly or badly filled out, distributed among the different service areas, which led to the conclusion that it was necessary to implement training strategies for physicians in the filling out of death certificates(6).