What is FLT certified?

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No, if you feel you already have a lot of experience with certain course content, you can go directly to the assessment to earn the badge. If you fail the assessment, you can review the content and then retake the assessment.

To earn a badge, you must pass the assessments for all courses included in that badge. If you do not pass with a score of 80% or higher, you may retake the assessment. You must wait 24 hours to retake the badge assessment.

Yes, all content is available for both those who want to earn badges and those who want to study “on-demand” (just-in-time learning method). If your goal is to earn the badge, you must complete a pre- and post-assessment and pass all course assessments in order to receive the badge. If the badge is not your ultimate goal at this time, you can refer to the content or look for specific best practices, instructions or advanced tips through the on-demand courses.


The graduate will obtain his certificate as UAS Operator, once he has acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, according to the requirements established by the Civil Aeronautics of Colombia (RAC91, Appendix 13). The certification has a duration of 30 days and an intensity of 94 hours, of which 74 hours are theoretical and 20 hours are practical.

The wide availability of technological tools that facilitate the learning process and the current circumstances that humanity is going through, has given us the opportunity to reinvent our training processes, so the use of technology is not alien to the development of our courses offered. The student has the opportunity, from the comfort of his home or any other place, to access the contents of the courses and advance according to his abilities and possibilities, evaluate his learning and appropriate the knowledge he needs to be an excellent UAS Operator.

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Pedro Castre

The certification plan, which describes the methodology for demonstrating that all regulatory requirements are met, is among the first documents to be submitted in a new program. It details what will be validated in analysis, laboratory testing, ground testing and flight testing.

Long before an aircraft flies, the chief pilot will have thoroughly reviewed the form, function and suitability of many of the aircraft’s details, from cockpit layout to systems behavior, plus many details in between. The data generated by the chief pilot is part of the documentation that makes up the dossier submitted to apply for certification.

As chief pilot of the 737, Commander Jennifer Henderson is in charge of overseeing the entire fleet, and ensuring safe operations and on-site support. The responsibility is immense, and she acknowledges that the position encompasses every aspect imaginable.

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German two-seat aircraft manufacturer Flight Design reported last December that its CTLS aircraft has received “full” certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) under CS-LSA regulations, making the aircraft eligible for pilot training in many countries.

The aircraft’s certification was recently modified to include several improvements, including new Dynon SkyView HDX avionics and Dynon autopilot. The aircraft is now available with the Rotax 912 iSc Sport engine, which also required a new noise certification test.

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